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sooo..school was bored..
its always bored when school starts..sigh..
ever since school starts, i felt very tired whenever i came back from school. dunno why..
2day's recess, as usual, i'll go to the stairs 4 my duty.
n i have a bunch of friend with me.
so diana was like,
" eh, ur husband #1 coming.."
then i was like,
okay lemme explain..
according to diana, i have 15 husbands.
n i dun even know who is that.
like hello, i dont even have a boyfriend okay? lol.
actually, she meant victor.
he came 2 me n ma bunch of friends to give us invitation cards to his party.
its this sunday..imma go after my drum class.
victor said ppl who is special to him will get a msg at their invitation cards.
so i had a msg. wehehe!
diana read it n keep joking around.
isshh budak ni! nakal betul! lols
so 2day im goin 2 the trial class at "virtuoso strings" 4 the drum class.
i told u readers that i wanted 2 chg my drum teacher ryte? so, yeah.
my aunt told me the teacher is 20 years old.
i hope he's the really, fuyohh type of drum teacher. xD
im looking forward to the trial class 2nite. hehe!

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when i was in my sweet sweeeet dream, suddenly the song "five minutes to midnight" by boys like girls rang.
it was my alarm...grrr!
i slept around 2.30am last night coz i was so into my storybook. so interesting. lol
i changed ma alarm to 9.00am.
at least i can sleep half an hour more.
then when i woke up by the second alarm, it was already 9.30am. i overslept. hee! :D
so i woke up n i went to the bathroom n wash up..
then i hit ma drums for a while n i went downstairs for my breakfast. =)
so i switched on the tv n started watching.
i watched until it was around 12. (i noe i've watched for a long time but the programmes r really great! xD)
then i switched off the tv n went changed my uniform n since puasa ended, i have plenty of time coz school starts at 1.10 pm. whee!
so i grabbed my storybook, 'wish you were here' n continue reading from where i stopped last night.
so i was reading, while talking to ma grandma.
then suddenly the thunder stormed. i was like, noo..
1st day of school gotta walk in the rain..
after that, like i said, it started raining like cats & dogs..!!
so i called me grandpa to fetch me 2 school..
coz i dun wanna get wet.
so im lazy 2 take out my umbrella when i reached school coz later i gotta stuff it in my bag again when it's wet.
so i just walked under the rain..at last, im wet also. what's the point of coming 2 sch by car? just to be nt THAT wet? lol
when i put down all my stuff at the canteen chair i saw dian, zhi xin n seow ting.
their hairstyle was like, kinda different. they kinda changed their hairstyle.
looks kinda cute on them. xD
1st n 2nd period my maths teacher was nt here. luckily i brought my storybook n read, halfway i was doing sum geography exercises with yu xin.
forgotten most of the thing i read. sigh......
so after that went for moral n it was super bored!
when its recess, the place im on duty changed. weehoo! coz i hate the canteen. so stuffy.
then i was chatting with my besties.
n i was keep saying "sowie larh seow"..dun ask me why..secret between us..=D
so it was kh period...we're sewing the "sembat susup" 2day n i SUCK in sewing!
then finally i finished sewing..n teacher said it's nt nice so i have 2 do it again..god!
so science..nth much..just copying notes.
n it was assembly. we haven been attending assembly for the past 5 weeks coz it was keep raining..
after a bunch of ikrar, song n all..its prize giving time.
then my group won 2nd prize for the project competition..
truth be told, actually we was kinda sure that we will get the prize.
coz there's only 3 groups handed in their projects. n that's the 1st, 2nd n 3rd's groups. xD
n then i went home, n im here onlining.
what a bored day i had.
i swear i hate school! :(

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as usual, i had my drum class at curve.
wanted to change my drum teacher but me mummy said i'll only change my drum teacher if i found a new teacher. sigh..
so after that i met me parents n sisters at winter warmers.
so we ordered mixed fruit cocktail n afternoon tea set.
i heart the scones! <3
then i had burger from subway 4 dinner.
yesterday i went to ma cousin's house 4 dinner.
my aunt's cooking was so nice. xD
then my another aunt came n she brought some yams here.
i took a picture of 1 of the yam, it's like so damn big. so unique.
n the day before, i went downstairs 2 eat sum stuff coz i was kinda hungry.
n, oh ya! check the bread out! it's nt rotten but it's called charcoal bread.
so these r the pictures i took these 3 days. LOL
oh ya, the book "wish you were here" is the book im currently reading.
nt bad..quite interesting. bout romance. xD

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i went swimming again 2day. hahahhaha!
i woke up damn early 2day just to practise my piano.
i always do that, just to make sure i wont get scolded. =D
i had piano class at 11.30pm.
so after piano class, i was so sleepy.
wanted 2 have sum sleep but it's already noon.
then when i was going online, my sister told me mum's coming back n bring us to go cut our hair.
so she was asking whether i want to follow or not.
i was like, sure.
anyway, im nt gonna get a new hairstyle again. dun worry. lol
its just that the length of my hair is not the same.
the 1 on the left is shorter than the 1 on the right. so, yeah.
gtg cut it so that it wont look weird.
so after cutting me mummy brought me n my sisters 2 go have our tea.
we had our tea at kluang station located at the shopping mall in desa parkcity. yumm!
so we came home n wanted 2 go swimming, again. lols
mum fetched us 2 club at 7 n she waited 4 my dad 2 go swim with her.
so she went back 1st.
swam 600 metres 2day.
i used to swim horizontally. n sum people likes to swim vertically, n its kinda exhausting.
so i suggested that we swim 100m vertically so my sis was 50m faster than me, she was waiting 4 me to finish my last lap n reach 400 m.
then, there's this guy, he's kinda old, he's swimming vertically.
so he stopped n suddenly scolded my sister.
he said we blocked his way when we're swimming horizontally.
like hello? we're stopping 4 him 2 swim 1st n he's nt even stopping.
n we're nt even mad at him.
when i finished my last lap, my sister told me bout this.
i was so fcked up with this stupid guy.
i mean like, there's no rules saying that, we cant swim horizontally ryte?
so i said, okay..we swim vertically 1st, then we continue swimming horizontally. HAHHA!
i noe im evil, but who cares. i just wanna make him hate us. lol
so after that he went to bathe.
then me n my sis was like laughing away. Hahaha!
i think im going swimming 2mrw again.
gonna go darker, so that i looks hotter. LOL
( people who noes me, noes that im super perasan! )

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haih..nt really great 2day.
celcom system kinda break down..or i think is sum maintenance goin on..
cant really call out.
anyway, me mummy n daddy started working already =(
no more shopping, lols
so 2day i woke up at around 1pm. LOL
coz i was really tired after the hang out. u cant blame me, ryte? =D
so i went downstairs n straight away had my lunch.
n damn! i forgotten 2 drink the alpha lipid milk thingy, again. im just so forgetful.
then i watch the mtv programme, MADE.
after watching, i was planning 2 use the computer n when i came upstairs, my sister was using already. damn it!
then i went downstairs n continue watching tv..
then it was 5..victor kinda ajaked me 2 go swimming.
so i asked my sister 2 go club with me as well.
then she said her new swimming suit is nt washed.
so the plan call off.
then i was sitting at the couch doing nth.
an hour later, i go ask my sister again, whether she wants 2 go swim or not.
n this time she said yes. she said she's just gonna wear the new swimming suit.
she should have do that earlier. =.="
so me grandpa fetched us there.
suprisingly, there's lots of ppl swimming 2day.
i took off my specs n started swimming.
cant really see clearly, im used to it anyway. n if im nt mistaken, vic's nt there.
n i swam 500 metres.
so i bathed at around 7 n went home.
then, my sister was using the computer, again. argh.
but anyway, there's my favourite tv programme so i watched it until 10.30pm.
then, i begged my sister 2 let me use the computer.
when i was using, my sisters were like, looking at every word i type.
like hello? i need privacy okay? ish!
so after that they went off, n finally i had my own time.
chatted with vic n it was kinda fun. lol
viewed his blog, n i think he likes to camwhore ever since he had a blog. am i right? hahahah!
btw, dun kill me.
chatted with nick too. n he said he gtg coz there's piano class 2mrw.
when i saw that, i was like, shit! forgotten there's piano class 2mrw morning.
really gotta thank nick..if he just said gtg, bye, i think i will just oversleep n totally forgotten bout the class. LOL

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haha..2day was greater than monday...
went 2 1u AGAIN, with ma darlings, kah yi n winnis.
ma mum fetch us there n pick winnis up at kfc..
we went out about 10 n reached around 10.20am.
we went there so early in the morning coz me mummy had an appointment at 11am.
so me daddy brought us 2 go eat breakfast then we're on our own.
1st thing, i buy movie tickets for the movie "where got ghost?"(4 me n ma buddies) n "g-force"(4 y sista n her friend)
then, we booked room 4 karaoke.
since we're early, we watched the earliest session, 11.45am, n ended around 1.40pm.
the movie was super funny, kinda scary & kinda touching too. watch it if ur brave enough. x)
then we passed by crossfire n we went 2 neway, which is located in a very deserted place.
then we started singing at around 2 sumthin.
this is our 1st time going karaoke by ourselves.
so we're nt used 2 the system there.
keep clicking the remote control n finally we figured it out.
we sang almost all the english latest songs.
i almost got sore throat, especially when i sing avril's song. so damn high pitch.
i was searching 4 the song by the all american rejects n guess what? they have nt even 1 song of theirs. =( suck!
so we sing the others..
im nt gonna list out all the song we sang, as we sang 4 hrs n we sang like, few hundred songs(exaggerating..lols!)
so they served us nuts n there's a waiter, keep coming into our room n ask for student card, identity card n all.. kacau!potong steam betul!
n then, we sang "boom boom pow" n the raps n all..we was like, mumbling away n the loudest words r the "boom!boom!" LOL
when we sang the song 'your love is just a lie', we came across the word 'fcks you'..n we're like laughing away..lol
then all the high pitch songs we're changing their pitches lower n it sounds so weird.
time flies! it's already 5.40pm.
we asked 4 da bill n the waiter told us that our package hav 6 more drinks, n we didnt ordered.
so he packed 6 mineral waters home 4 us. coz i ask him 2 do so. XD
so after that, i texted my sister n ask her what's the matter just now n she said she bought me AAR concert's ticket!
i was like, OMG, R U SERIOUS??
she bought 2 digi numbers n got this 2 ticket for rm 8.50.
she showed me da ticket when she reached home. i love you jie! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_njCLl0iI2hk/Sroq06sH5HI/AAAAAAAAATQ/ZifDa2otbss/s1600-h/DSC07186.JPG">
took some pictures on the car too. x)
victor said he'll be there too 2day but unfortunately, he was in the cinema for 4 hrs.
didnt bumped into him.
so, yeah.
we didnt go shopping at all. usually, we will go shop from old wing 2 new wing then back 2 old wing.
2day was like, keep at the 4th n 5th floor.
just went for movies n karaoke. scream n laugh like shit! LOL

P.S. thanks 4 everything kah yi & winnis!! <3

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2day's great..
i begged my mum 2 bring us out n finally, she brought us 2 1u..
we went there around 4 pm n we started shopping..
when mum inserted her onecard 2 the machine n the card stucked inside..
she nvr tried this before..lol
so gotta go 2 da information counter 4 help. n they got it back for my mum.
then we went 2 DELICIOUS for our tea..
we had fried calamari, pastas n mushroom soup.
n then we went home..didnt really shopped.
so when we're home, my aunt said she's gonna bring us out again.
coz we've been begging her 2 bring us out too, lol.
so we wanted 2 go for movies. but i checked on the internet, all the nice movies are 18PL.
so we decided nt to watch n go shopping, again.
i've been to the curve every sunday so kinda got bored of it.
so we went 1u, AGAIN. lol
so many 'again's.
then i bought sum earrings at diva.
the shops closed at around 10, n it's really early, to me.
so we're on my aunt's car, n she's like,
"so, where r we goin now?"
we're like, "oh, let's go drive around kl."
"okay, we'll go see sum happening places"
so she drove us around kl, bukit bintang , bangsar..
there's lots of pubs n we passed by hard rock cafe..
its really crowded, wanted 2 join. hahaha.
then at around 11pm we went back home.
2day was really tiring but fun.
pic's up!

i bought this strap too. i hung it at ma purse. lols <3

da earrings. hee!

just half of it, coz i xsempat to take the whole klcc.

me n my sis. hehe

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2day once i wake up in the morning, im sneezing like shit weyh!
so i thought it just last for a while...
after that, im much betta.
n then, i go swimming coz its kinda windy..
so, when i reached club, i forgotten 2 bring my goggles..i was like, damn!
no choice, gotta close my eyes n swim..
nt even 5 minutes, the thunder came..
so me n my sista scared we kena electric shock, we stopped swimming.
so we sit there n wait 4 the rain 2 stop..we was like,
"rain, rain, go away..
come again another day..
jean n yenny wanna play..
rain, rain, go away.."

we waited until it was 3.40pm, n we gave up n go bathe.
n when we finished bathing, the rain stopped..as in, its still drizzling..but, can swim..
so we went 2 the cafeteria n had our lunch..lol
n then, i think when i was waiting at the poolside for the rain to stop, i caught cold.
im sneezing non-stop, worse than morning..
so i came back n went 2 my sister's room n she taught me how 2 play the song by green day, "wake me up when september ends" on guitar..
she just bought an accoustic electric guitar yesterday, so im kinda interested 2 play. lol
n then she used the laptop 4 a while n after that, i used it, while she sleeps.
the sky is getting darker n darker n i cant even see the keyboard coz im using the laptop in her room, without oning the lights. so, yeah.
after that, i gotta wear long sleeve shirt coz my mum call me 2 do so.
hmmm..currently nt having any plans for this freakin holiday.
maybe will be goin 2 1u with ma buddies..
im currently waiting for pc's reply, n we can start planning bout the outing.
but she's nt on these days. so gonna call her up 2mrw. =D
n dad took the wrong food i guess..so his leg damn pain.
hope 2mrw his leg will recover, so that we can go shopping..WHEE!
i think im a real shopaholic. n i think im addicted 2 shopping. what to do, ryte? Hahaha!

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1st of all, i wanna make a bday wish 2 kye mun, my best cousin!
HAPPY BIRTYDAY! may all your wishes come true..
she's soon migrating 2 nz..sob..
i will miss you soo sooooo much n will always luv you! mwah! lol
her bday cake is the same as my sister's 15th bday cake..
honey bee..cute huh?
n we kinda celebrated her bday..
we bought kfc n pizza..lol

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to all my malay friends, selamat hari raya aidilfitri!
hope u guys will enjoy ur raya.
n here comes our 10 days holiday...yippee!! =D
im sure most of my malay friends will balik kampung n they will nt be turning up for school on thursday..
few friends ajak me to ponteng sch..but y'noe, im a good girl what huh? HAHA! (yeah ryte..)

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2day me n ma family checked out the hotel at around 1pm n went all the way down 2 kl from genting.
bye bye genting! bye bye the freaking cold weather! xD
so we're in kl n we're looking for a place 2 have our lunch.
we're all starving.
this is like, the 1st time we go around damansara n hav no idea what to eat.
so we looked at the GPS for restaurants.
n finally we went 2 the chicken rice restaurant.
nt bad. haha.
den after that we went home. rush weyh. my drum class is at 4.30pm.
so after having a very short rest then we went 2 the curve.
gosh, im soooo freaking tired.
i did not get enough sleep.
so went into the studio 2 hit the drums. it really wakes me up! lol
im currently playing a song name 'hotel california'..
its kinda difficult, but its nt THAT fast though. so i still can handle it.
this song is around the 7o's, if im nt mistaken. (=
so after that, went 2 look for me mummy n daddy at metrojaya n we went to 'winter warmers'
my sista joined us too after her guitar class.
so we ordered 2 jars of mixed fruit cocktail. damn nice. lol
after that, i suggested 2 order scones. n we ordered a set. its tasty! yumm!
my grandma decided nt to cook on sundays.
so we're gonna eat outside food.
all of us was so full so we didnt want to eat.
so me n my sista went 2 cold storage n bought sum hotdogs, pizzas n all 4 our dinner.
then, we cooked the instant noodle n we fried the hotdogs 4 our dinner.
after that i went upstairs n hit on my baby, drums!
i downloaded the song 'hotel california' n i on it loud n started hitting.
im really into it. lols
im thinking of changing drum teacher, coz my drum teacher is nt really good in teaching. =D
so, any suggestions?

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2day we went all the way up 2 genting highlands...lol
i planned to go to the outdoor theme park but my sister didnt want to..
at last, i didnt get to go..sob
so we arrive here around 11 sumthin in the morning n we checked in the awana hotel.
so we took a rest n went 2 the genting skyway n sat the cable car up 2 genting.
2day's quite cooling here.
we went outside of the genting hotel n its kinda foggy.
so our outdoor theme park plan changed 2 shopping at first world.
so we went shopping n i bought a pants from padini. whee!
then, we passed by famous amos shop n as usual, i bought 200g of the 'chocolate chip no nut' cookies. yummy!
around 7, we went back 2 the genting skyway station 2 go back.
then, all of us were so tired n full so we didnt want 2 eat our dinner 1st so we had a rest at our hotel rooms.
around 9 o'clock we're starving so we went 2 our all time favourites-'chuan kie' restaurant 2 have our dinner.
still, the food there is the best. lol
dunno wad plans we having 2mrw. looking forward.
will post sum pictures we took.

ma boots. lol

the fog blocked our view when we're in the cable car. look how foggy is it.
this is me camwhoring when im wearing a scarf. lol

the scenery n me! lol

me mummy n me! <3

actually, in this picture i was pointing sumthin on the notice board 4 my dad 2 see n my sister snapped it. lol
it looks kinda funny, ryte? LOL

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What grade is the last person you texted in?
same grade

How did your day go yesterday?

Last time you were called cute?
erm..when i was a baby? i guess..hahaha!

What should you be doing right now?
sleeping, coz im really sleepy now

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
hell yes

What are you looking forward to in the next couple of months?
my bali trip..WOOT!

Do you miss the way things used to be?
er...nt really

Are you wearing a ring?

Do you like your hair?

Are you a patient person?

When is the last time you were hugged?
2day..my sista hugged me. is that counted? =D

Are you jealous of someone right now?
hmm..i dun think so..why should i?

Is anyone mad at you?
i guess so, i hope not

Who are you talking to right now?
my grandma..lol

Today, would you rather go forward a year or back?
back, duh..

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?
i dun think that's counted as big fight..just, sum misunderstands

What's the biggest annoyance in your life right now?
exam..it kills me!

Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?
yup..i will die..lol

What color are your eyes?

Last thing you dropped?
my phone

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
i hope not

Have you ever had a best friend?
hell yeah!

Are you tired right now?
im nt tired, but im DAMN tired..

Do you have a job?
nope, currently a student

Do you drink sweet tea?
not really

Have you ever wanted to just run away and start over?
nah..dun think so

Does your mom like to burn candles?
no, what's the point of doing that?

Have you ever done something really embarrassing in front of your boyfriend?​​
hmmmm..nope..i never had a boyfriend, how am i gonna do that? LOL

Did you buy any clothes/shoes recently?

When's your birthday?
18 january

Have you ever watched the show 'FRIENDS'?
guess so..nt sure

What do you currently listening?
move along by AAR

How many hats does your dad own?
dun think he owns any hats

Do you plan on going to college? If so, where?
yup, maybe taylor's or tar college.

Would you rather be a police or fire fighter?

Are you a hard person to get along with?
nah..i dun think so..

Do you love someone rite now?
yeah, so badly. lol

Name 7 friends to do this.
Eunice chew
Jia anne
Kah yi
Sin yee

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luckily it's puasa now..
starts sch at 12.30 n ends at 5.30pm. WOOT!
on fridays, 2.15-5.30pm. this is da best man..
however, its just for 1 month.
after that, its back 2 normal again. NOOOO!
nowadays, nth much happened.
whenever i see my friends, i will be like waving like mad. im just too used to it.
but unfortunately, some of them were so cool n didnt wanted 2 wave back. FINE! *egoistic* =D
im busying with all the corrections for the papers i got back n tons of homeworks.
n now all the non-islams gotta jaga the canteen during recess.
the canteen was like, so damn quiet, n there are just 19-20 person every day.
so, we will just sit there n chit-chat.
yesterday, my maths teacher suddenly gone mad n she checked our homework.
she called the students who didnt finished her hmw 2 stand up n after that she's like,
"main-main dengan saya eyh?" *slaps the students*
i was like, whoa..what's wrong with teacher man! :O
since that day seow texted me n ajak me 2 ponteng, she has not come to school until today.
i missed her already. =(
nth much, so till then!

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my look 2 jaya one shopping mall.
this is my 1st visit 2 jaya one shopping mall.
the main purpose 2 go there is to eat japanese food.
actually, my parents planned 2 bring us 2 go eat seafood at around klang.
they said the restaurant is located beside the sea, probably, is around port klang.
i wanted 2 go so badly. coz its so gonna be a nice view there.
but my younger sista wanted 2 go eat japanese food, n she's having her upsr, so my parents said after her upsr den we go eat the seafood. DAMN!
anyway, the japanese food were nice!
i ordered a set which contains california roll, udon, the egg( i forgotten wad its called), tempura n sum japanese mashed potatoes. there!
i ate the wasabi with the udon, n i felt like something is disturbing my nose n i sneezed.
n oh ya, there's sum fruits too! LOL

after eating, as usual, me n my sis snapped a picture.

n i camwhored. lol

i love the lightings along the path...
n we walked around this place.
its a nice place.
there's lots of pubs around here.
how i wish i can go in there. LOL
but too bad, im just 13. x)

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hahaha..i had my haircut..
i cant tie my hair to school, its still too short.
so i think im just gonna go cut it shorter! WOOT!
n, i kinda cut my fringe.
its just a tiny change in my hairstyle.
nt really obvious change, xD

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haih...i just think school sucks!
i prefer holiday man..
but when it is a holiday, i wanna go school..
wad's happening 2 me these days man!
friday i didnt go school so some of my friends got their paper that day..
haih..monday i got back some of my papers..
1st day i got my papers, i wanted 2 cry..
i got 3 b's...OMG!
i've nt got such bad results before man! SUCKS!
but i love my friends larh..
during sivik period, the teacher teach 4 a while n she set us hmw..
me n my friends finished, n the teacher went solat..
so yay! we're FREE! WHEE~!
we r too bored so we go play sum childish game..lol
they are so fun! n they make me laugh like shit! xD (trust me..they are really good in making u laugh)
<3 u guys man!