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hey there! don't blog that often already nowadays..
well, so MUCH stuff im up to lately.
almost every day i gotta wake up for koko.
well, the days that i could sleep a lil bit later, i still gotta wake up for tuition. :(
i decided to not go koko on tuesdays so at least i could sleep for at least ONE DAY. (:
its been so much stuff for me to do these days. i tried to finish it all up.
soooo, 2mrw im going to FRIM for mountain climbing.
its been a plan for weeks, and finally jadi 2mrw morning.
haih, gotta wake up early at 6 in the morning again. sob sob sob.
and after that, i wanna go shopping!!
then at nite goin to aunt's hse and ready to eat 3 bowls of rice.
i don't care if i get fat or something..its just so damn delicious! *YUM!*
its gonna be cool, so i guess that's all. cya!

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its a great day yesterday, EXCEPT for the part that i have to attend the PRS course.
i was forced to attend it.
its 7.30am-1pm. D:
course, what do u think we do?
of course, teachers did slide shows and presented it.
there's still some games and activities. so it's not that bad after all.. (:
and i have to stay in school since im participating in the singing competition which is held in the afternoon. if not i will be at home sleeping. hahah..
so they set up all the stuff and all, and then baru started at around 2pm i guess.
this year's there's much more contestant than last year.
we spent the whole afternoon for this thingy y'know..-.-'
i was like, towards the end! plus i have to leave early so i asked husna to let me go 1st, and she did it, thanks husna! <3
sang dirty little secret ;D
and im glad that all my budds enjoyed it. (: or didn't you? ):
i was going to wait for the results but dad came n picked me up already, so gotta call my friends to tell me the results..
then i went home, washed up n stuff. n its mama's annual dinner! :D
after bathing, dian texted me n she said, IM THE CHAMPION! WOOHOO!!
for the english category, while dian won the chinese category's champion! congrats babe!
there r 7 places for each category. am not too sure bout the other placing, but to me, all of you did great! ur already the champion! (:
so then i put on a tube dress, brown in color, and its my 1st time wearing it. i love it! (:
was thinking of wearing the new jaspal heels but im singing, and i gotta move around, so i wore my brown boots. btw, that heels is also brown in color. lol. i don't know what's with brown, seriously.
so i went there and mummy's hairstylist styled my hair. :D
i hope he doesn't style my hair like last year. lol.
so its kinda normal btw, but, simple and nice.
check out my facebook for the pictures!
its been a really great day for me! (:

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OMG! everyone's starting to update their blog.
which means i have more choices of blog to read. woot!
i don't know why am i so excited about such stuff. Lol.
2day when i was at school, some students made an announcement about, the singing competition is freaking on THIS SATURDAY! D:
im begging the teacher to change the date.
1st thing, mummy's annual dinner is on that day itself and im performing, so i gotta go there early for preparation.
2nd, not much people turn up on saturdays, its darn boring when ur singing up there on the stage and no one's gonna cheer for you. isnt it? :(
but the 2nd one, im gonna make all my friends come on saturday, nyiahahaha! x)
just kidding, but i'll still beg teacher to chg the date.
please, please, pretty please teacher?

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dian's birthday party was awesome! :D
the party started at 12pm but i only reached there at 8pm. heh.
just hanging around, doing cool stuff and chit-chatting.
these are the stuff teenagers do what, huh?
after all, it's really cool.
thanks dian, for the party. <3
lastly, happy belated birthday, dian ning and happy birthday, dian rui. (:

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  • mid-year exam
  • piano theory/practical exam

what's next? GOD, like vic said, exams spoilt the fun..like, TOTALLY! -.-' okay, well, school's been bored lately. but there are still upcoming events which turn me up, which is, dian's party & movies on sunday. at least some entertainment. and koko is such a bitch.

oh yeah, i forgotten to blog about dian's birthday on monday. (12/4/2010) i've got no time to even blog about it. so let's make it a short one. i made a A3 sized birthday card for her. i printed a big picture of her n sticked it on the front page. and i printed all the pictures we took before all these while. there's A LOT. well, anything for my babe. :) we received our certificate for the prefect thingy and we were all given a break. so we sang birthday song for her and winnis bought her a mini cake. its so cute. lol. and when i gave her the card, she's touched. HAHA! glad that she liked it. :D plus, her secret admirer gave her some really expensive stuff. or maybe it's just the box? ahh, after all, its still touching. hahah! after that, we were supposed to go back to the hall for some speech thingy, which i don't even know what's that guy talking about, but we managed to escape from that thing. woot! :D

so i think that's about it. will not be blogging that much now, because, time is running out. but i'll still try to find time. okay, bye, love.

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well, im sure everyone knows about the incident in our school today.

even the my school's ex-students..

and its all over facebook.

you're considered outdated if you dunno bout it.

but im just gonna tell the story for my friends from other school to see.

not to spread the news but to give them an alert.

during maths period 2day, suddenly everyone ran out like crazy and watch the building across.

well, at first i thought its just some small matter but after that, i think there's something not right. so me n my friends went out and check out.

all of us were like, :O! =O! O.O!!

there's this girl sitting at the highest floor and she wanted to jump down.

of course this caught everyone's attention. we all wanted to see but the teachers stopped us from doing it.

but then, after 2 periods, finally the fire fighters team manage to pull her down. everyone were like, whoa, salute malaysia's fire fighters, yo! (:

i think it's about some family problem but i don't think she have to commit suicide. nothing in this world that's cannot be solved. that's from my point of view.

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but im not gonna leave it abandoned, so that i won't disappoint you guys.
i have to admit, im not really into my blog lately, well, because there's nothing much recently.
alryte, so its a saturday 2day.
saturday is the ONLY day i can wake up late.
well, monday-gotta wake up early for preparation to school.
tues,wed,thurs-koko, sighh. sometimes its kinda bored though.
fri-piano class in the morning.
sun-pn sharifah's class, like, 8 in the morning?! oh come on, its a sunday. but its an opurtunity to get her tuition, so i appreciate it! :')

so i've got no idea why once i woke up 2day, it felt like, everything is solved.
and im having a sore throat. gah.
i went down, and i dun felt like eating. but still, i eat.
and just then, i saw the smile on their faces. :')
this tells me that its solved?
like, finally!

so went drum class, played mirror mirror by M2M.
i was like, O.o? what's with this song?
its so random that my teacher gave me this piece. because, its definitely not my thing.
but well, just as a revision? :|

heading to 1u later. to get some stuff.
alryte, so i think that's about it. (: