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ARGH. winson's house warming party yesterday was friggin awesome!
kah yi n I lied to everyone saying that we're not going to winson's.
n we ended up turning up as a surprise.
HAHA. i know we're lame, but oh wells, awesome people do awesome stuff. n we have a living example, which is, US! :D
thank god the guys were not bballing throughout the party like they ALWAYS do. :)
we spent almost the whole night at winson's room.
so some of us were drinking carlsberg. my face turned red but i was okay. at least i still remember my own name. :D
some of them got really drunk. but thank god everyone was okay after a short nap.
i was kinda dizzy n i decided to get something to eat downstairs. i ate chilli n after that, i was okay! :D
so yeah. then when we finished with the drinks, we switched off the lights n winson has got himself this really cool speakers.
so were partying along with the songs. ZOMG-AWESOME.
it was totally like a disco, despite the disco ball missing. :)
went home like around 12.30am.
had a blast yesterday night! (:

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thursday was one hell of a day. x)
the picture explained it all.
well we had this competition to sing patriotic songs n we're supposed to wear our own race's traditional clothes right?
but that's so boring so we tried to exchange. different races with different races' costumes.
n so that's what i get, A SAREE. :)
i kinda love it, though the skirt down there was kinda loose. but still, thanks shree for borrowing me this, sharvena n kasturi for helping me tie it. (: LOVE YOU GUYS.
so our group consists of, me, yu xin, winnis, dian, sanjeeve, pei yii, mei yen, er zhao, jin yuen n of course, shree. (:
we sang jalur gemilang n thought of some other moves to modify it. and we wear all having fun.
eventually we were the 1st runner up's.
well, parvathi's group won.
oh wells, they practised for so long, they really deserved it.
ours, we just started to practise a few days before the competition. LOL. that's us.
really had fun.
n so its holiday, having piano theory exam on monday, wish me luck! >.<
im really scared...after that, srsly, i can start planning outings. (: