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so yay, i made it to the 190th post. :D
i was totally into facebook n i TOTALLY forgotten bout my blog. im sorry bloggy! >.<
well well well, these days been awesome! (:
yesterday i went to drum class, as usual, the teacher gave me the song hatin in club by rihanna n suddenly monday by mel C to play.
omg, i really like my drum teacher's style. he is freaking cool in drums. n i like the songs he gave me, too. :D
after that, supposedly, im going to have a haircut at aunty mariane's. but oh wells, she was too busy so i'll go next week.
then mummy brought us to ou.
1st shop we went in was jaspal. there was a sale. so mummy bought me a friggin cool pants n shirt.
so yeah. then we had dinner at sakae sushi. awesome dinner. (:
then we came home n DAMN, i forgotten my homework for this morning's BM tuition.
so i was forced to stay up till 3am to finish it up. gah!
was kinda sleepy in class but still, i can concentrate. (:
n i think that's bout it. n so, i'll like to post this picture up for you guys.

ciao! (:

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hey there sweetie pies!
god, my blog's been dead. x)
sorry, i just don't have the time to blog.
hmm, my relatives from china just came.
at 1st, i was kinda scared to talk to them as they have their chinese slang, which i don't have. but slowly, it's not that bad. it's just that, i have to speak proper chinese to them, n i gotta mock a bit of their slang if not i'll sound weird. x.x
LOL, so stupid lah.
nothing much's up.
just having tuitions even at weekends is really, really tiring. X.X
sighh..gotta get use to it larh.
2mrw's monday. so back to school.
i just hope i could find my pencil box back! *fingers crossed really tight*
hmm, n
you are the only thing that turns me up n you are the reason why i turn up in school. i love you. (:

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i think my blog has something missing recently, which are PICTURES!
so i think i will post more pictures n write lesser. (:
better still for me. :D
so i went to genting with my family 2day. these r some pictures of it. (:

my sister did this star with toothpicks without using glue or stuff. just stacking on each other. i think it's pretty cool. (:

hahah, so yeah.
so now, don't complaint i dun have pictures in my blog, okay? :D

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AAR's totally cute!

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SPAIN FTW. *forthewin.
i slept at 11pm yesterday n my sister woke me up at 1am. there's 1 n a half more hours to go, so i TERsleep back again.
luckily, during 2am, me daddy woke me up.
so i went to his room n we watch the match together.
i was really tired though, but it's worth it.
n guess what, SPAIN WON PEOPLE! :DDDD
i was probably shouting n jumping around when they score their goal IF my mum was not there sleeping. hee.
but still, IM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! <3
hahaha, im just getting crazier n crazier on football. (:

alryte, cut that out, let's see what am i up to yea?
yesterday sin yee, nick, yu xin n dian came to my hse after scouts.
well, dian, yu xin & i were planning to stay back because we wanna finish up our sivik folio.
n sin yee, nick wanted to join. so we fooled around. HEEHEE.
then my mum give us all a treat at mcd. umm, yummy breakfast for yesterday! totally.
after that, we were finally getting back on our work.
dian were the one typing. HAHA.
in fact, she did most of the work. sorry dian!
yu xin & i just gave her inspirations for what to write. n guess what, WE FINISHED IT, YO! ;D
we actually have 1 month time. but we finished it up in 1 day. easier what..
then i brought my camera to take pictures for 'gotong-royong'.
yeah, "gotong-royong". we're just taking fake pictures of us arranging the tables, picking up rubbish, sweeping the floor, etc.
well, who cares bout it? everyone does this, am i right? (:
so yeahh. n that's bout it.
oh yeah, we're spliting up for our duty during recess. this is NOT COOL. :(
but sigh, what to do?
prefect's life sucks. plus, that biatch. ugh. she's getting on my nerves. ARGH.
i actually have the right tell the whole crowd, but we didn't. because it's just gonna be a waste of time. n i freaking know you're just gonna freaking deny what we said, am i right? YEAH, I AM FREAKING RIGHT.
GOD knows what we're all doing.
felt much better after i expressed my feelings at my bloggy.
sorry bloggy. i just wasted your space writing bout her. i promise i won't do this anymore. just, once. yeah, once. :)
alryte, i guess that's bout it. hearts to you guys! byee.

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last sunday went to curve.
sis wanna get some guitar strings for her guitar.
then we were all starving.
so had tea at hometown kopitiam.
after that, me n sisters wanna go check out euphony at ikano.
on the way, we cant help but we bought some waffles.
i bought chocolate deluxe, which is, so effing nice, yo! :D
u people should really try it! xD
then after that i went to cineleisure to check out the nike shop over there coz i rmb they sell shoes at really good price.
but i went there. i think the promotion was over already. so no more cheap shoes. :(
199's the cheapest of all.
i really like the free run shoe with a combination or pink n grey color. it's friggin nice! but well, 349 bucks weih.
then dad called up n he said he saw some cheaper ones at al-ikhsan.
so i went there n check out instead.
there's one's like, black + pink. but it's the last pair. n it didn't really fit my leg.
sooo, sad. then i saw one white+red one.
i love it. tried it. n bought it! ;)
thanks daddy n mummy! <333

this is LOVE..people. :D

n this is brought to you by,

HAHA. totally love it, yo!

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ish! the pictures on the left of my blog just won't show!
i think the owner deleted the picture or something. -.-
im really lazy to change a new one again. PLUS, i like the header. it's really cool.
so people, don't mind the photobucket thingys you see on ur left yea. :)