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Looking back at all the pictures I'm tagged in..I'm both glad and sad at the same time. 

I'm glad as I love my life right now. Getting closer to my cool classmates and creating a lot of epic and sweet memories with my buddies. Glad that I'm actually enjoying tuition as I'm starting to click in. I'm also happy to have really sweet juniors. I strongly believe that this year's gonna be an awesome year. 

Sad because I started to think what would I do without them..You know we've been together since primary school and some of them are even my friends since elementary school. Aware that we're going separate ways in less than a year. They've been here all my life. 

And there's this specific someone, I don't know why but you're just such a pain in the ass as getting over you is harder than climbing Mount Everest. But well, a lot of people made it to the peak, so there must be a way. And yeap, it's gonna be one of my biggest regrets if I don't get to confess my feelings towards you. This is like an open secret but no one talks about it. I'm pretty sure you must have an idea about it. You matter so much that I'm so afraid of having you out of the picture. What if our feelings are not mutual? And we see each other every day. The situation's gonna be..I don't want to imagine. But WHAT IF, our feelings are mutual, and I only tell you all about it at the end of the year when we're going separate ways.. 

Lol. I know this sounds a lil pathetic. Life goes on and people move on right? I meant, I'm just saying I'm gonna miss them, the memories, or even school, a lot. 

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Now everyone can laugh at the 2012 movie, that I personally didn't believe since day one. So people, we survived 2012! :D
Which means, school started. Well honestly, I wasn't looking forward to this year but as I was told, a lot of my seniors said I should appreciate this year because I'm gonna miss high school like heck the moment I graduated from there. So...

2013 Resolution:
1) Drive ;) muahahaha

2) Enjoy senior year

3) Get on some serious work.

4) Camwhore a lot, and I meant, A LOT. You kidding me? It's senior year!

5) Start to enjoy tuition. 

Yesterday I went to ace's place to tryout this new home tuition with Mr Loo. When I saw him at the doorstep, hmm, he was younger than I thought. Yeap, so he told us the way he teaches his students and we got all the details clear. I think he's quite entertaining. He does a lot of movement with his hands, and uses a unique way to touch his fringe, especially when he's in deep thought. Since it was my first day with him, well, idk why but I couldn't really hold my laughter. So you know, when we are trying to hold our laughter, we tend to do deep sighs, to make it less obvious. Acey said I was sighing all the time, which she knew I was actually holding my laughter. Hahahah. That's why I said this year's gonna be entertaining. Woots :D