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When 90% of us failed, it isn't that we didn't try, it's just you are a terrible teacher.

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When you're at school and you have to walk by the bitches you hate.

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This morning we had this mesyuarat agung thing for our society (co-curricular activities). And i wore my prs uniform today so i sat at my line, getting used to the life of being controlled by the other prefects. Oh did i tell you guys that i might be resigning from being a prefect and will be a full-time-prs? lol. So, yeah.
Since we started sitting at the compound, all of us smelled something shitty. So, we were all checking our shoes and we thought maybe the school used some animal's waste to plant the trees or something? So we ignored the smell. And then when i was at the chinese society meeting, i still smell something shitty and i think i checked my shoes for the 100th time already but REALLY, THERE'S NO SHIT THERE.
Later, when i went back to class, the smell was still there. It was everywhere! Or at least, wherever i go, it's there. Edora came in and,
she asked me: 'Did you smell something shitty?'
I was like, 'Er, yeah. LOL'
And she called me again, so i turned back and i saw tissues stuffed under her nose. LOL. I think i laughed kinda loud, plus the teacher's there, but who cares right? :P

And FINALLY, we found out who actually stepped the shit and i think i better not say it here. :P Oh and the worst part was, she actually cleaned her shoes along the corridor. Like, rubbing her shoe all over the floor around the school to clean it. :S
Gosh, so a friendly reminder for you guys: Better be careful while you're walking in school tomorrow. :P

LMAO A POST BOUT SHIT. A day to be remembered :3

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Sweet 16? Honeymoon year? I'm not so sure..
Being 16 isn't as easy as what I've expected it to be. New subjects, new teachers, new friends, new classmates, new format for the exam: All in subjective, NOT.COOL. , and the one i found worse: LEARNING SCIENCE AND MATHS IN BM.
Whenever i open the bm textbook and saw those malay words, i can't help but just, close it back. I meant, it's sort of like learning science and maths all over again. You know, the terms, it'll take you a few minutes to think about what actually the word is and ended up as a really simple word in english.
Honestly, i think it's more like ourselves. We had this mindset that, we are SO learning these subjects in english, so we wouldn't try understanding those malay words. But, still, i hope they'll just change it back to english. :)

Okay, so, our teachers are pretty good. Of all of them, i love Puan Sadhna the most! She rocked socks man! Oh, she teaches my class English anyway. :) I like the way she teaches. But the assignments and activities she gave sent shivers down some of my classmate's hands. Chill guys. :) Way more to go. Eventually, you'll get used to it. Or should i put it in this way: You HAVE TO get used to it :) So, go guys! Have faith in yourselves. :)

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I don't express much of my feelings but that doesn't mean i don't have any. Just saying. Nothing personal. :)
Just that, I'm not feeling good bout a few things lately. But at such a hard time like now, at least i saw something that made my day. Thanks, Dian Ning baby. <3
You know i need you more than anyone else in my life.....WAHHHH YOU BETTER BE TOUCHED. :P

Of course, not forgetting my other girlfriends. <3 Just that i saw dian's blogpost so she gets a special post :DD