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what can i say? she's just an awesome girl. and of course, I LOVE HER LOADS. ♥

love, yenn.

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guess i just lost my passion for blogging. -_-
but i'll try to find it back. :D
soooo, im so damn busy with all my school work nowadays. aww man..
its like, 1 homework it can take me 1 week to have time to do it.
plus, all my papers were given back, so corrections to be done.
AND, sejarah project.
i FINALLY completed it man..phew~ what a relieve!
but my notes for history is also to be done.
damn man. -.-

so 2day i was trying my best to finish up the essay i borrowed from yu xin.
halfway, nick called n winson wanted to borrow ma tie. so i took my sis's for him. :D
then i went to look for teacher tan coz i wanna get something from her for my project.
and she called me to give out the newspapers. so i was like, alryte..COOL!
so went back to class n such a coincidence, it's teacher tan's period.
so yu xin & I went out to give out the papers.
we walked the whole sch just to find a class and it ended up to be just right beside our class. -.-!
really tired man. but had a great time walking n crapping with her. LOL! <3
and then, recess. as usual, hung out with besties. with them, its like, full of craps to talk bout.
love you guys lah. <3

after that, gone back to class.
class was bored. -_-
but chatted with yu xin & dian. laughing like hell! :DD
they really made my day. :)
love you guys too! <3

hmm, i guess that's all for today!
joey's party 2mrw nite. CANT WAIT MAN! :D

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i knew i'll delete that post. -.-'

alryte, so just came back from my family dinner.
and i wore a dress. i like it. n this is it.

ate like, so much. x)
omg, like winnis said, im gonna be a pregnant mom with 3 months baby.
so mean larh she. -.-
but it's hillarious at the same time. i love you lah. :)

joey's birthday is around the corner. i think im going out 2mrw to get her present.
gonna crack my head and think what should i buy for her? hmm..

the song thunder by boys like girls just inspire me, a lot..
i really like that song. <3
sometimes, i do not know why. that just freaking bothers me.

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i have to, but, i know it's gonna be hard.

i chose to move on?

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imma blogskin changer, i know. heehee.
so as you can see, i've just changed my blogskin again. yeah, AGAIN.
nowadays im just attracted to some simple and white blogskins to change.
it's nice to see and read.
so the only thing that attracts me to change this blogskin is, the header! :D
it's really cool to me. sooo yeah. xD



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hey there peeps!
so it's friday today.
woke up damn early 2day coz im goin to mid valley with winnis, soo yuen, yi jin, yam n er zhao by train.
gonna catch the earlier train coz it's gonna be like, sardines if i were to go later. FTW.
arrived there, we collected the ticket. then we went to mcd to have our breakfast. after that, rock corner. winnis wanna check out SUJU's latest album. it's released today. and just as our expectations, it's not here yet.
well, it's released at korea. but not here yet. few more weeks kot. kesian winnis. Lol.
then bought some tid-bits n we asked for the gsc plastic bag so we can bring it in. :D
oh yeah, we're watching the prince of persia. ;)
we missed the front part. sigh..but well, it's just some explanation i think. hope i didnt miss that much. :
overall, it was really, really, DAMN AWESOME.
when i 1st saw the trailer, i was like, this must be some myths and wars stuff. it turns out to be, yeah, it is. just an AWESOME VERSION of it! :D
we were like, felt like watching it again. LOL
then met the guys. they came later. so since yi jin booked extra tickets so we watch another show, a-team. :D
it was awesome too! :D really. it's 2nd ranking at GSC's.
then we went to shop around. guys' went arcade i think. what else can they do right?
while we girls shopped around the place. got yi jin's present. then went window shopping. well, because of my freaking broke purse. :(
this holidays is seriously, making me spend. movies, drinks + popcorns, food, bowling+shoes. damn this man. so broke that you can hardly even see a penny in my purse. gosh.
then we met at the station. taking ktm back. n this was like the worse thing ever of my day.
as usual, sardines. suffocating man. was sweating in an air-conditionered train. can u imagine?
whenever we arrived at a station, everyone will be like, oh god. because there were just like, 5-6 people going out n tons of people coming in. they are terrible man. fine, MALAYSIANS ARE.
it's seriously, no space at all among ourselves, they can still push themselves in until they fit. GOD.
n finally it was a bit looser, but we're already at our station already. x)
you have no idea how thankful i am when i FINALLY hear them saying sungai buloh station, n get out of this damn sardine train.
then yi jin's dad fetched me back. thank you so much uncle! :D
had fun today. forgotten to even take a picture. whooops!
alryte, till then. (:

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turquoise, turquoise, how i love you so..
i just paint my nails this colour. and i like it. heehee.
i wanted to paint the other one but, *sobs* that one dried up. :(
so i tried this one instead.

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girl: he's hot.
boy: he's gay.
boy: she's hot.
girl: she's a lesbian.

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woke up at 11am. dressed up.
we're having a primary friends gathering at mcd 2day. it was supposed to be at 12pm. i only picked kah yi and go there at 1.30pm. i was having my lunch, sorry guys! (:
so winsy, nick, yam, jin yang, er zhao, yi jin, yu xin, wai yee, joey, kah yi, eunice, suet ying, xiu yu & pei yii were there.
we kinda gone out of topic. Lol. so joey, kah yi & I had a brilliant idea, PLAYGROUND! :D
we always didnt dare to go in but this time we really did. we played with the kids there. the kids and JOEY just can't stop screaming! Lol.
after that, the others decided to join us there too. so we were fooling, playing, laughing, high-5ing. *coughs* winson, nick, yaron *coughs*
then there's this malay boy. i was playing with him. we were shooting each other with our fake guns, which is, guns which is made by our hands. HAHA. for the 1st time, he pretended to die. then for the 2nd time, to be fair, i pretended to die. when i was lying down. luckily i saw him running towards me n wanted to kick me. i quickly ran away from him. GOD, he's um, scary. D:
we actually knew the people over there in mcd were kinda annoyed when they see us inside. i mean like, seriously, we're 14 okay. but we just didn't give a damn bout it.
but after that, there's this aunty, she's like, eh, you guys finish eating already, then call ur parents to fetch u guys lah. don't play around. (something like that) so we came out. and we were shouting, GOAL, GOAL..instead. when we're watching FIFA.
I KNOW RIGHT, we're just bunch of retards but that's the point of it! :D
then we decided to go to joey's hse. so we walked there. like, FTW, walk.
we finally made it there. chilled at joey's. then fun time starts again. we went to the playground near winson's place. we were playing the swings and battling on the see-saws. after that, kah yi & I were the base, we lifted joey up. we tried lots of times. it was really hard actually. but we also did it. and finally..(pictures on top)
all of us, FTW! (for the win*) xD
then we went to winson's. god, his room is so freaking big man. i didn't took picture of it. was too tired to. so yeah..
went home at around 6.30pm. (:
really had fun 2day. but yet, tiring. GAH.

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so its 11pm my sister woke me up. i was friggin tired. well, guess what? i've not been getting enough sleep even on holidays! yeah, so me aunt came n pick me n my sisters up. we went for breakfast 1st with daddy & grandpa. saw dian & diana over there. (: after that, my aunt, me and my sisters went to 1u. my aunt went to london last year n this guy brought her to this restaurant n she tasted this creme bule. it was so good so she was looking up n down where to eat this in malaysia. n eventually she found. ITALIANNIES! so we went 1u. the point of the day is just to eat that dessert. Lol. so we went to watch KILLERS. it's so nice. ashton's hot. n i like katherine. she's hillarious. HAHA. but i dun really get the ending. i was sitting over there, thinking what's the deeper meaning in it, n i still dun REALLY get it. fine, it was nice, that is. :D so after that, we went shopping. bought a tee from viva. i like it. we had our dinner at italiannies. like, ohmygodCHEESE. HAHA, i ordered a dish. it looks nice. instead of fishball, its CHEESEball. god, it tasted like, shit? and finally, after that, our creme bule were here. hey, it's really nice man. go try it next time. i think you can only get to eat this dessert in italiannies. we've done research, dun worry. n trust me, it's really finger lickin' good. :D

woke up by a phone call from winnis. n shit, i was still in bed. forgotten she's coming to my hse. she came n i opened the door for her in my pyjamas. then i was like, literally spending almost 1 hour to dress up. i cant make up my mind what to wear. finally after that, i was done. winnis's like, FINALLY! hehe, sorry lah, i noe im slow, but girls mah, what do ya think? heehee. so we walked to kah yi's. her mum fetched us there. really gotta thank her mum so much! (: so we pick up our movie tickets. luckily winnis did booking. the queue was, WTF long! after that, we went to neway. we're planning to go for karaoke. the last time we went there, the bill came, n we were like, wthell, freaking expensive! so i did booking for 1pm-4pm. i always hated the service over there in neway. the workers r like, freaking NOT friendly. with the stares n all. -.- he took my number. n we went for our movie. we watch karate kid. i tell you, you must seriously, WATCH THIS. it's a MUST WATCH! it's DAMN AWESOME! :D halfway of the movie, i forgotten to switch off my phone. dad called. lol. the i saw the time, 1.30pm. SHIT! we're like, not even half of the movie. we totally forgotten bout the karaoke man. but they didnt even give me a call. what for he took my number? -.-' but well, we're not going there already anyway. so after the movie, had lunch at sakae sushi. yum! bowling after that. i freaking sucked at it man. winnis's leading. we just played 1 game. we wanted to play another game but no time already. so we went walking around. i bought a burger memo pad for me daddy as father's day present. the burger contain the smell also ya know. so cool n cute! HAHA. daddy likes it. LOVE. :D then we bought XXL chicken. it always tasted like heaven..xD after that, ky's mum pick us up n fetch us home. thanks aunty! (: really had fun with them. love you guys! ((:

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holidays this time was not THAT bored like it supposed to be. (:
well, i've been working for my mum. yeah, without salary.
oh wells, its better than going online like, 24/7. right?
but me mummy went to vancouver 2day already. she's coming back only at next sunday. :(
im so gonna miss her and miss working for her.
im just gonna practise piano like crazy throughout next week. piano exam! GAH.

  • outing with babes on monday, at 1u.
  • primary friends gathering on wednesday at mcd.
  • outing with my other babes on friday, midvalley. we're taking train there. (:
  • father's day and grandpa's birthday dinner on sunday night. n mummy's coming back on that day! :-* heee!
  • outing with BFFS next monday. (not sure yet. hope so. *fingers crossed*)

oolala, sounds fun. x)

this holiday i just have 1 day out with my family. which is yesterday. at sunway.
well, last weekend i've been to the camp. so by the time i came back, im working for my mum already. then mummy's off to vancouver for the whole week until sunday. sooo, another day's gonna be sunday.
gonna wait for the coming holidays to spend more time with them. (:

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hey sweetie pies!
so im currently reading this book.
this is actually an assignment for ace ed-venture. this year im doing this book. its kinda cool y'know. it's about some computer geek playing really cool computer games. FYI, im ain't a game freak! but i think it's getting interesting as i continue reading it..oolala~! (:

so im at my mum's office. i dunno what's with facebook. or maybe it's internet explorer. i can't log in facebook. i can log in everywhere, EXCEPT facebook! like, what the hell? we know we can't do without facebook right?seriously, if facebook was not invented, what will we be doing? i wonder..
lol. so i shall repair the connection in a short while hope it'll be okay by then. :D
so yeah. will help mummy for he paper work & stuff.
will be goin to sunway pyramid later i think, mummy wanna get a luggage bag for travelling. and maybe will meet up with daddy 2nite. they're probably going for a massage around centrepoint. so i'll just call them to drop me at 1u and i'll walk around. i wanna go there so badly. xD
so i guess that's all? hmm, shall continue with the tasks im assigned with. alryte, toodles! <3

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HAHA, sexybacks?


all the hot workers in their unique suits at the fashion show.

pose for the camera, yo!

right after the exam on friday, i went to a camp.
well, it's really fun.
yu xin, me and a girl from another school were in a same room at our hostel.
every nite yu xin & i will go to soo yuen, winnis, and dian's room to go fool around. pei yii as well.
our sleeping time is like, every nite, 1.30/2am-5.50/6am. gah, TIRING!

so 1st day, checked in at the hostel. settled down at my room. chged the shirt they gave us. it's white. (: then we sat the bus to a hall. all our activities r held over there. everyday we stay there from morning to nite then only we go back to our hostel for supper and sleep. get to know 2 guys in my group. they're really experienced students. get to know 2 girls as well. they're really nice. :) and of course, all my group members. great members i had! i miss you guys already. :'( so we learnt the theme song for the camp, including some moves too. we're all sick of the song at the 1st day. then some talks going on. they get to invite a malaysian singer for one of the activities. her voice's like, O.O FABULOUS! :D then, at nite, went back, had supper, bathe, played cards, sleep. and my cleanser FREAKING STUCKED at the bottle. i can't use mine, so gotta use winnis's. sigh.. 1st day was kinda okay.

2nd day, as usual, woke up at 6am, i think? washed up. we queued like hell, then only we got our food. lol. went to the hall. we started to like the theme song. after everytime we sing, we said ENCORE man. really nice song. (y) so we had our talks and games as well. the talks was kinda bored. i almost fell asleep, akibat of sleeping too late. -.- then we have a performance nite. i joined the cheer group. we cheered for our own country. lol. our group's choir, advertisement & short skit was awesome! can't stop shouting for them. sang along with the choir too. :') then we all had an emotional moment. it's our time to share out thoughts for the whole camp. they cried, n made me cry too. :'( such a touching & sweet moment. well, after that we're all tired, so we all went back. this day was one word, TOUCHING! :')

last day, done all the stuff like what we did every morning. then off we go to da hall. (: i sat with xin yi 2day. she's nice too. and at the last day, only i get to know some of the girls. haih, they're really nice. i really regreted for not sitting and talking to them man. then i called them to sign at my back. i mean the back of my shirt, lol. didnt get to let all of them sign. but well, all my closer friends i called them to sign. took our certificates & sang the theme song. there was a touching moment too at this day. well, didn't really cry. because i cried the nite before. plus, all my members didn't cry. -.- dunno how they hold their tears man, srsly! i get to hold a bit of it, but i did wiped my tears. gah. :( and it's finally 6pm. chee seng was a form 5 guy. he showed me the sad face, and i asked him whether is he coming back or not next year. he said maybe not. :((( then i said why?? he said he's already 17. so yeah. i hugged him. really wanted to cry. but i didn't. then he patted my head. :( so touching man. hugged some of the members too. so touching..but we still had to leave, right? so i said bye and took my luggages. when i went upstairs my tears suddenly flowed down my cheeks. i really had a great time with them man. :'(

alryte, its pictures time. (: