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I should be composing this post since like last month? hehe sorreh people, kept you guys waiting. :3 So it was around a month or 3 weeks ago, on the 18th of january, it was on a wednesday. :D As usual, i think this would be what everyone would do, staying up till 12 am to receive wishes,even though i was feeling really tired that time. So then i went to sleep around 1am i guess.

And finally, i woke up in the morning and mum and daddy gave me an angpau as my birthday gift. Honestly, i would prefer them giving me money instead of buying things for me as I'm really lazy to crack my head and think what do i want for my birthday. Plus, i didn't have anything in mind that i wanted really badly, so, yeah, $$ :P

Then went school, wishes from close friends, friends and even acquaintances. I was shocked that some of them knew it was my birthday but come to the think of it, if it wasn't Facebook, I think i would get way lesser wish. Haha, just saying but still, im really thankful for all your wishes! :D

The first one who wished me in school was winnis, and she bought me accessories as she said, accessories is me and I'm accessories. Haha, I had gotta agree with her on that because i just have an obsession over them. lol. So, yeah, thanks babe. <3

And then this was from yu xin <3

And there were my classmates, they sang me a birthday song after the english class. *awkward moment* lol. Thank you so much guys! <3

I received a gift from seow too, that day. Thanks babe! <3

And also a handmade birthday card from asyrul. (His mum actually :P) Hehe, thanks asy! :D

Oh and during recess, edora treated me to nasi lemak. Aww, that meant a lot to me! Thanks E! <3 I'll treat you when you're back for your birthday too :D

And when the school bell rang, i went back home to prepare myself for the co-curricular activities which would begin an hour later. So, went back, mun mun tang wished me, and gave me my gift, HOLY COW, EIFFEL TOWER NECKLACE! <3 Thankssss mun mun tang! <3

Before i went back home, pei yii called me to go to school earlier like around 2 pm at the counseling room because there were stuffs for us to do. So, I went there and i saw them preparing, probably for my surprise party. So, they called me to go out from the room and go back again. Lol, okayyyy. And they lied to me that they only have one match and i have to light those candles up myself. Well, idk if they knew i was a bad match lighter or what, so that was a great challenge to me! Of course, i didn't succeed the first time. So they took out the second one, i succeeded but when i blew out the candle's flame, i kinda blew out the ones on the cake, too. LOOOOL FAILED. And then the third match, i broke it but i can still use it but i couldn't remember what happened to this 3rd one but i remembered that i think i finally succeeded lighting those candles with the 4th match. Lmao, sucked at lighting matches. :P and so they wanted me to take out one of the candles with my mouth and i did. Later when we're about to cut the cake to eat, cake fight! I meant, a mini one. :p Then it was pictures session! Oh man, they were asking was I disappointed that my sweet 16 was just going to pass like that, and honestly, i wasn't. But the surprise party just went beyond my expectations! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I realllly appreciated it! <3

And then it was scouts meeting. I was hanging out outside of the classroom almost all the time and i leaded them for the break clap session. After that, xi yu called me to follow him to look for the scouts teacher so i was like, sure. And he brought me to the canteen and he saw teacher sitting there on the bench, he asked her a freaking lame question: "cikgu, so, sudah confirm setiap minggu pengakap rabu kan?" And i gavehim with a 'wth?' look. Then when we went back to class, here goes another birthday song by my fellow scouts. :') Awww, then only i realized what was xi yu's plan. Looool. And they actually called the birthday girl to lead the other scouts for the persetiaan. I was like, shiiiit. I wasn't even concentrating! So luckily, yu xin baby helped me out, she held the book beside and i just followed whatever that was on the book. The meeting ended with a 'woo' by all the other scouts. Thank you guys! Love y'all. Once a scout, forever a scout :)

So i went back home and i found out that, no one in the house actually bought me a cake. I was feeling damn sad and i thought it'll be kinda incomplete without a birthday cake, so, finally Jeanny, Jen, Mun and I went to Chocolate Delight to get a cake. A classic cheese cake. Nom :3 And i treated them one McDonald's sundae cone each.

After the birthday song by the family, we took pictures and chatted. And then i called it a night.

And below are the belated ones :P <3 you guys too. :D

On friday, i thought Kah Yi forgotten bout my bday ): And she actually hid my gift under my file which i didn't realize until she told me bout it. Lol. Aww, thanks bitch! <3
Always wanted something like this! <3

From cai yan! <3

From jojo, the one that i thought she really forgotten my birthday :P Love you <3
From nick! Damn cute. Thanks man! :D <3 (oh this one is the last gift i received. It was like one month late? :P) still, thanks :D

From acey! Aww, so sweet of you :') <3