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sorry bloggie, neglected you for a while, was busy with schoolwork. (busy with twitter actually, does that count? hee! )
SO, dragged my body to the bathroom at 6.30 this morning and continue sleeping while sitting on the toilet. HAHAHA.
then, washed up, ate my bread and off i went to school.

Diana: I wish i could appear offline in reality.
Me: Omg, i know right!

lately, i've kinda get used to the life of keeping quiet most of the time.
don't talk much in class, during my duty im ALL ALONE. ):
sometimes, i just felt like crying and realize it's a bad idea.
seriously, for what? HAHA IDK.
okay, gotta go now. bye!
oh yeah, wish me luck for my oral tomorrow! *crosses fingers*

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currently having my exam. luckily form 1 and form 2's syllabus is not included. ;D
so yeah. today's paper was okay. (positive thinking :D)
and am gonna study for science, chinese and english now.
just wanna keep you guys updated.
so, ciao! :)

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Most adorable thing in the world! :)

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random bloggers going around people's blog promoting their websites are annoying. -.-