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It made me wanna say,
Oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh

The heck winnis! You really gave me a shock. For one second, i really thought that was the real him. LOL. Anyway, i know Johnny loves me more xD

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Everyone has got some real cool GIFs to express what they're thinking in their blogs. I assume those are from tumblr. And i don't own one. ):
But anyway my favorite one was the latest post of winnis'. She was describing how shallow the guys in the class are and you know what...Followed by a GIF of a guy with a bitchy face saying



But well, screw GIFs.
I have my very own GIF which doesnt have to move and it can already melt hearts.

John May may may MAYER!

:D *inserts troll face*

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Soooo, I have a few things i wanna update about. Quite a lot, actually :p

I bet you guys have heard of the bookfair in KLCC convention hall right? Yeap, so i went twice. First with winnis and today with my sister. Never get bored of the place. :3 So i bought 4 books the other day and 1 more today, since it's today's special, and it's Mitch Albom's book!
10 bucks for his book! Hard cover somemore! You kidding me? :P
And these, plus one more which is with my sister: Thirteen Reason Why < the first book i held up the other day and the next minute, i made it mine already! xD

I've been listening to John Mayer recently. There was once, I was just browsing some YouTube videos. I did not know how but YouTube sorta linked his live videos or i just suddenly felt like watching them. And there it goes, my body won't stop shaking till the end of the video no, i was still shaking after the video ended. :3 Previously on February, I bought his Continuum album for Winnis. Before giving it to her, i actually ripped the tracks into my computer already. :P And I was wondering, how could i miss such a classic..I meant, it was there all the time, in my computer, but i wasn't listening it to it. So yeah, listening to it almost every day now :)
John Mayer is legendary. I'm serious and I'm not even gonna bother taking that back. Especially his song 'Vultures''. It makes you feel like..having sex? Yes, sex it is. JM's sex, according to winnis, and i already agreed to that statement :3
Oh and i borrowed his concert dvd from winnis. Gonna watch it later and start....(think for yourself) :3
New wish on my list: John Mayer' concert. :3 For him to come here, i think it's sorta impossible, since he wants to keep a low profile, i guess. But well, i don't care, i think i would fly to some other countries. For him, yes it's worth my time and money. :3

Thirdly, (is there even such a word?)
Yesterday my grandparents said they wanna bring us for meatballs near Petaling Street since they promised us that. Lol so cute. So we wanted to take public transport but it was our first visit, and i doubt they know the direction there from the station since they always drive there. Initially, we actually decided to just knock our way through and try finding but mummy was feeling kinda worried for us. So finally, we picked her up at her office and she drove us there. The meatballs were good, but the meatballs noodle wasn't THAT good la. Haha, still..a picture of it:

Fourthly, (im pretty sure this word doesn't exist)
I'm so happy lately coz i have a lot of blogs to read. Unlike last time, where everyone was busy with their facebook status, number of likes on their photo or even, pet society? Come on, blogger is way cooler! xD Alright, so, keep blogging!

some pictures i took while being in the city. Was actually kinda excited to be there. See? That's the problem with us living so far away from town. -.-
Heritage building.
Random skyscraper.

The very first Isetan? Lol. Anyway, they only sell cloth and baju kurung there i guess. ;)

So yeah, I'd say this holiday was well spent. xD

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It's been sooo long since we last went out. And we were all so eager to watch Step Up Revolution. So we went last Sunday. It was, as usual, great. Flash Mob style, 1 hour and 45 minutes of plain awesomeness. Though the storyline was the same, but well, the main thing about the movie is the dancing and most importantly, hot actors and actresses. :D
And so far, it think this was the best outing yet. Laughed like shit, ate breakfast and lunch together (which we seldom do that for hangouts). :D

Speaking of outing, I'm gonna spare one day for an outing with my baby Jia Anne. Missed her soooo much. The last time i saw her was last year end? or beginning of the year, i'm not sure. Either way, YOU'RE SO GOING OUT WITH ME THIS HOLIDAY. >:)

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Me and my tuition friends had always wanted to go to the ramadhan bazaar just opposite our tuition centre. Since last year we have been wanting to go but failed for 4 weeks. LOL. So this year we were determined to not miss it and we did it! xD
I think we went to the bazaar every friday. Oh and i went with my sister too. Yes, we're seriously like the sesat chineses over there. LOL.
So far I've tried the murtabak, and it's real good. And the tepung pelita, which ace call it 'white licking thing'. We bought it to eat at our tuition centre so we had to suck and lick it from the pandan leaf. Unlike at home, i'll put in the refrigerator and eat it with a spoon later. Lol. So yeah, that's how the wrong name was created. And i tried the nasi rempah, really good. Oh and surprisingly, the currypuffs weren't that good. Maybe currypuffs isn't their specialty there, and they want us to try other more awesome food instead. xD
So yeah, im so gonna miss this month. The bazaar, shorter school hours.. :)
So here are some pictures of us at the bazaar, credits to acey xD

Thanks for being a part of my sweet memories, guys :))

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I just have the thing for guys who spike their hair. Just, a simple spike will do. Idk why, but really, it's attractive. :3

I'll give you an example.

Steven Lewis from Great Britain. Qualified for the Olympics Pole Vault Final. Ended up in 5th place. His little spike on his hair just made him look more attractive. :P

Admit it, you're drooling. :3 (because i am, too :P)

Oh and when i said a little bit will do, i really mean DO NOT OVERDO IT like this:

Lol. Just my opinion. :P