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 It's been one looooong month. Can you believe it? For one whole month, not getting proper sleeping hours, feeling guilty while doing anything else but eating and studying, having to recall everything every night before I sleep, forever worrying bout the upcoming exam. And it's FINALLY OVER. I still remember the day I got my exam schedule and it occupied the whole A4 paper. Before this, my exam schedule was always half the A4 paper. So, it's scary enough just by looking at its size. And you won't wanna look into it. First thing I did was to look at the last day, which was stated there: 31st of October. YOU'VE.GOTTA.BE.KIDDING.ME. And that's when all the worrying starts. More pimples, day by day.

SOOO, it's over. I can't stop mentioning it. Hahaha. 
But I still gotta share my thoughts on my first time trying on Sejarah Paper 3. Idk is it just me but when I wrote ''Sejarah Paper 3'' on my question paper, I felt like this was all so ridiculous. An 'open book' test. We're allowed to refer to all the information from any book. So what's the point? It's not testing us on our memorizing skills. Not on our knowledge, either. (my point of view) And there were like 8 compulsory questions. FYI, essay questions and each question carries about what, 10-15 marks? But the whole paper actually occupies 20% of the overall results only. So, after I've wrote 1 page full of words to get the 10 marks, in the end it's just gonna contribute 2 marks to my overall results. PROVIDED, if I get all my points correct. I actually had the urge to not do the rumusan since the full marks for it is just 5 marks which will only  deduct 1 mark from my overall results. Yes, it may make a big difference or may not. Lastly, I decided to not take the risk, and just write whatever I found in the textbook and just try my luck. When I was at question 4, my hand was hurting so badly already. I didn't stop massaging it, but the moment I put it back down to continue writing, it started to hurt again. Later, I decided to stop having random massaging session since the more I stop, the more frequent I'll feel the pain. So, I tried not to think bout the pain and kept going. Thank God, I pulled it through. Looking at the pages of words I wrote, the feeling of success stroke me. The feeling was good. xD

We finally finished this final paper at 12.20pm. Didn't feel THAT excited, since after chemistry last wednesday, it was sorta over for us. :P So yeah. Cai Yan ajaked to go mcd for lunch the other day, so I was thinking, why not? It's been a long time since I last hung out with them. So yeah. We were planning to walk there and luck wasn't on our side, it rained. AND, I left my umbrella at home. Just when I thought I'm gonna have to walk in the rain, Diana appeared like an angel with her umbrella in her hand. Awww. I could've been wetter if it wasn't her. Thanks babe!

Finally, we still get to go mcd, by car. My craving for spicy chicken mcdeluxe was satisfied. Chit-chatted, camwhored, polluted the whole place with our laughters. Had a great time. Thanks guys. xD

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My maid, she comes from Cambodia. Whenever she gets to talk to us, it's hard for her to stop. Ahh, honestly, at times, especially when I'm busy, I find it kinda annoying. But I regretted for feeling that way. Come to think of it, if I were her, being so far away from home, having problem to even contact her parents, working all day long, having to bare these all alone, I doubt I can do it. This is also why she gets so excited when she gets to talk to someone, because at least she has someone to talk to, and get to feel like she's home. I would try to give her more time. 

And here's to all the maids in the world: *SALUTE!* You guys are so strong. Stay strong!

A picture of us at genting. Oh and you have no idea how fun she is. :P

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Oh well, my school's always best at starting exams when other schools' have finished theirs. But look at the bright side, more time to study! But longer time to suffer. ): Anyways, finals this time sucks. We have like 12 days of exam but the duration is like one month. You must be thinking, how is that possible? Of course it's possible. We have breaks in between. Good thing, more time to study :P
So, Chinese down, Biology down and Additional Mathematics down. Addmaths today was, um, at least I get what the question wants from me. Compared to the previous months, if it wasn't Puan Goh's help, I would stare at the question and sing 'whataya want from me?' I'm really thankful to have Puan Goh, love her. :D

Oh and idk what's wrong with me and my tables and chairs. Due to the ongoing PMR exam, we're not using our own classes and we're using different classes almost every day. I didn't have a place to sit on the first day of exam itself. So guess what, the teacher had no choice but to let me use her table. LOL. I had allll the space to myself xD But it was embarrassing enough, when everyone stares at you with that ''awww'' face when you don't have a place to sit. And then on the second day, i had no place to sit, again. I need to get my own table and chair from the class beside. And when I came back, someone claims that the place is hers. Omg wtf weyh. Thanks to jian chuan and pei yii, I had a place to sit. Thanks guys :)

So, yeah. Till then. Maybe a new post next wednesday when most of the important subjects are down. :) ciaooo.