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malaysia's 53 years old today! :) (oh, why do i sound like im so excited where i don't even care.)
so the best thing is, we have holidays, yeah. HAHA!
woke up damn early 2day coz my elder sis fetched me n family to mcd for breakfast.
well, she had tuition this morning, so we accompany her for breakfast lor.
then after that, mummy n I were too tired so we went for an afternoon nap. then we woke up for lunch.
after that, suggested mum to go 1u. then she said yes, yay! :D
so awesome right?? :D
plus, there's this tiny sharpie shaped handphone strap included. SO DAMN CUTE I TELL YOU!

and and, i bought this book, the last song!
the movie is releasing soon, or is it released already? damn, idk. but i heard from my friends that it's a cool story n its not really some cheesy love stories. so im interested. :D

so i think that's all? alright, made a short update n toodles!

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(n i noe ur reading this asyrul.) xD

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i've neglected my blog, once again.
sowie bloggie, im just busy with work.
im just gonna blog a simple post.

i just got a new haircut. which is something like this. :D

exam's over. i mean like, FINALLY over. time for some hangout babes. :)

just found out shirtless drummers r ZOMG COOL. i shall really, really try being one of them yea.

went to cousin's concert at confucian. didn't know he was that good. :D

craving for lee hom's autograph so badly later! gahh. xD

piano exam's around the corner. n what should i do? STUDY AGAIN. -.-

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG. tyson's so hot. hahahaha!