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Or shall i say blog stalking? :P
I really think I'm a great stalker. I bet there must be some people out there that are quite afraid of me. Whether is it good or bad? I leave it to you.. :D

Alright so i was reading nick's blog and i saw this..

Aww..Stay cute my lovelies :)

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At a quiet Saturday night, listening to Lee Hom's music, catching up and seeing updates from your friends who have went to boarding schools, just make you do so much thinking. The feeling when you just want to burst into tears all of a sudden. I miss our good times together. Do come back and visit your fellow friends here. :)

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Found this at Acey's blog and decided to post it up. Unfortunately, she wasn't in the picture. Failed camwhorer :P
Anyways, congrats to all of them! They did great! :D

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Well, the graphics were very nice. I could see lee hom's face very clearly. (i meant from the screen, at least) :P
Oh, but i did get to see him in quite a near distance! He was standing on a thingy which was something like a car but it was a shape of a boat, i guess. So, the use of it was for him to go around the stadium and have some interaction with his fans and get to see our faces in a nearer distance. WORDS COULDN'T DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED ME AND SOME OF HIS BIG FANS WHEN LEE HOM WAS ABOUT TO REACH OUR PLACE. BUT sad, he didn't looked over here. Oh wells, i was looking kinda retarded also with my raincoat on since it was raining. Come to the think of it, I should be relieved that my idol didn't have a retarded first impression of me. :P
So yeah, the overall performance was, heaven.

No kidding. He was really good. Even when he had to dance while singing, he still managed to sound good and I couldn't spot any difference between the live version of him singing and his recorded version. I had a greaaaat time. Screamed till i lost my voice that night. I couldn't help it.

Actually, going to Lee Hom's concert had always been my dream. I've been to most of my favourite bands' concert, like The All American Rejects and The Click Five. Just his missing. And yeah, my dream kinda came true. Oh btw, the concert was two days before the school exam. But, who cares? It's just a test and I'm so not missing his concert for the second time. :D

Oh the graphic was REAL GOOD. I think i mentioned that. Yeah, good job Galaxy! :)



And these are some of the graphics i was saying. Really good ones.

Most of all...

If there's a Best Dad Award, it would definitely be yours, daddy. Thanks, for everything. Hope you enjoyed the concert too and hope you weren't annoyed by my screams that whole night, hehe. Sorry. Love ya!