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Was face-timing with kahyi yesterday night. I missed her so much. We're from different school but we're still as close. In fact, we're closer than before :) Before this we get to see each other every week during tuition, but not now. She's moved to Setia Alam which is located like a million miles away from here. And well, right now, this is the only way that we can keep in touch? And so, she told me about her 'promprosal' where a guy asked her to prom. As I was told, it was one of the hugest 'promposal' yet in her school. Details, I shall not say much :p I find it really really sweet, though. This guy has got some balls (Y) YOU THE MAN, mate. :D Anyway, really happy for the both of you. So, have fun in prom, together ;D 

Just a random post I decided to write about since I really have not much to write lately :p 

So, till then x

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I woke up yesterday morning feeling kinda paranoid. I knew there was something up and then I remembered, oh right, we needa see the principal during recess. Yeap, I knew there would be stuffs like this while organising such events. And yes, I already see this coming so all I had to do was to be optimistic and to tell myself everything will be alright because really, we did nothing wrong. We went to see the principal during recess and it went well :3 I was expecting that she will give us a lecture before we explain ourselves but she was being really understanding. It was just like a chatting session with her. We even gossiped with her and she was like 'full stop. It's Ramadan month and I shouldn't talk bad about others' Hahah! She was cool. And yeap, thank god everything went well and LAST FRIDAY NIGHT IS STILL ON PEOPLE. :D 

I would like to clarify, LAST FRIDAY NIGHT is NOT affiliated with the school in any way so if you have questions, come to the organisers, NOT THE SCHOOL. THANKS! 

Do pay up ASAP because the early bird discount is gonna end really really soon! So we'll see you there! :)) 

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Let's start off with what happened on..

It was finally the day. The 联欢会 a.k.a. Chinese Society Annual Dinner was held on that day. We were all there since 8am. We have been staying back for the past 2 weeks for practices and it was finally here. During the past 2 weeks, yes I was so stressed up about everything. Due to the change in dress code, a lot of them didn't want to attend. You have no idea how much energy and time I spent just to convince these people. So finally we made it to 233 person (I guess). And then there were the money collecting, trailer video, dance practices, choir practices, singing practices. I really did thought of pulling out, not kidding. But then I thought of the reason why I held on so long. So, I told myself: Let's make this work and prove their statement 'no nice clothes, no fun' WRONG. Those sleepless nights. Man, now that I thought of it, I wonder if I would do the same if there's a second round. Yeap, back to the topic.Reached there at 8 am and started to worry about the whole event again because we had less than 24 hours. And the day before, it was still all a mess. Ain't nobody got no time to waste, so we started working our asses off. Practices after practices. Finally we started the real thing at 5.15pm? The crowd seemed kinda inactive and that made me worry more. Thank god as the night grew older, the crowd was getting better. Let's start off with the 再出发 performance where I taught them. It turned out to be much much better than what I thought it would be. And so, that was a good start. The first half was running smooth, but the second half was the one I have been worrying all day. So, during dinner, we ate our dinner, equipped ourselves with the most energy we could and we started off with the second half of the night. The crowd went crazyyyy when the girls danced to the k-pop songs. Lol, especially the guys. They were like the people who just got bailed out of jail and they looked like as if they had never seen girls dance. Hahaha, yeap, they were THAT crazy. I screamed a lot for the girls too actually, and I forgotten I had a performance after their dance. Almost lost my voice but thank god, I managed to sing. :P And then there was Er Zhao and Jin Quan's 相声 performance which turned out to be really good too, which was kinda unexpected as we expected the worst to happen. Finally, it was the surprise we threw for the crowd. My friends and I danced to PSY's gentleman + gangnam style. And we threw glowing sticks when the lights were dimmed as it really suits the situation well. And we started out 'çatwalk' performance where we immitated a few celebrities and catwalked to its theme song. We had the Wonder Girls dancing to Nobody, cowboy, Carly Rae Jepsen(call me maybe) where Kah Mun did the 'omg hoottt' thing to chuan, Willow Smith's whip my hair, Bruno Mars' Grenade, Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend and much more. We also got a few AJKs to act as zombies. They came from the back of the crowd and they were freaked out :P Finally, we ended it with Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. We ended earlier than we thought. So we just continued with the 'Macarena' dance and 洗刷刷. This was the best part of the night. We also did the train thing. Finally, we ended the event with a sharing session where we shared our thoughts and feelings. I was really surprised because a lot of them said this year was the best year yet and we proved them wrong about the dress code because the clothes really did not matter. And when Lily started crying, I lost it too. Tears of joy, though. I couldn't believe we nailed it. I really have to thank each and everyone who attended the event and those who weren't chinese society's ajks who were willing to help too. I was really, really touched. And grateful to all of you. I would mention all of your names, but there are too much of you I would like to thank. So, just take note that, I LOVE YOU GUYS :')

It was Joey's birthday. Winson sounded desperate in his message. So yeah. We planned on a surprise for Joey at night. So, Nick gave me a ride to Winson's and then we found out Joey was outside having her dinner. So, Winson drove us to Yik Daiga for a quick dinner. The car ride was... LOL. I made a conclusion: I'm not driving either of the guys out after I get my license :P HAHAH they were super paranoid since Winson was driving an Estima. Us girls were just silent back there. And these guys were like, 'omg winson, there's a motorbike coming in your way' and 'whoa whoa winson, be careful. It's a 3-point-turn.' GUYS, the side mirrors and rear-view mirrors are there for a reason. HAHAH. So yeah. We took pictures and called Winson to take some of his yam faces for Joey :P Then we went into Joey's house before she reached home, hid in her room and switched off the lights. When she came in, we sang her the birthday song together with her cake. Then, we ate them downstairs, and were just chatting. Partied on a random Sunday night. Yeap, that's us. LOOOL.

Oh and I forgotten one of the highlights of the night: When we were at nick's car, we were blasting to some catchy songs and we danced around. Hahaha. Can't believe we could finally be able to do that. :DDD

Yeap. Gotta say, this was one of the best weekends in my life. <3 nbsp="" p="">