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I think I shall brag a little about me passing my driving test. Hehe, I passed it like a month ago but I didn't post it anywhere. Only a few of my close friends knew about this and of course, my family members lol. I personally think that there's no need to tell the world that I passed because there's actually still a long way to go. I'm still super fresh in driving and I really don't have the guts to say that I'm good already. But I have been driving around my area lately and I always grab the opportunity to drive whenever I have family outings because to practise it often is the best way to become a pro. :P I have been driving an auto car. I would drive a manual car if I have one at home, though. I feel like I'm an amateur sports car racer whenever I'm driving a manual car HAHA. It's much more interesting and I think if I were to master a manual car, that'll be awesome :3 so yeah. That's a lil update from potatoyenny. :) 

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"Friends, lovers or nothing, there can only be one; friends lovers or nothing, there'll never be an in between, so give it up."
Well said, JM. 

I think it's really, really, really time to move on. And I think I've been saying this since god knows how long ago. Ashamed of myself. 
Now that the truth is finally revealed, I have no reason to hold on to this anymore. Yes, this is coming to an end. I promise.