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so its supposed to be a public holiday 2day.
but its really a busy day to me.
bm class was changed from sunday to 2day, 11-12.30pm.
but its extended to like 1pm. so came back home.
kah yi n all were at my hse already.
so wait for the others to come. then some of them were like walking from brp 7 to 6 then to 5. insane! walking y'know!
so the ones whose in my house had no plans so they waited for me until my piano class ends at 3pm.
then i changed attire n we headed to teacher tan's hse.
its kinda empty in it.
so we played uno cards, watching some of them playing chinese chess n we camwhored alot.
after that headed to cai yan's, winson's & dun he's place. then goin back home to prepare for tuition.
8 pm went to ace ed-venture. i was kinda sleepy.
attendance was bad during tuition. kah yi, joey n ace were not here.
so its seow ting n me n the other guys.
tuition was okay. so yeah.
really tired but i didnt want to end my friday so easily so didnt wanna sleep yet. hehehe. soooo, toodles!
P.S. check out the pictures in my facebook profile, coz i malas lah nak post kat sini & facebook. so yeah. (:

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god, time flies..
its just like the holiday started yesterday.
so as usual, my alarm rang at 9 am. n as usual, i snoozed it until my sister gotta wake me up.
so darn tired you know..
oh wells, i woke up n go wash up n went to school.
lucky day, didnt get my name copied, im like, 10 minutes late! :D
lame. so its kh. darn, forgotten to bring the stuff to cook, plus winnis is absent.
so we helped the other groups. helped ain's group to fry the mee.
it looks nice. :)
then went back to class for geography. just crapping all the way.
after that, as usual, we sneak out of class. not to say sneak, but prefects get to go out earlier for recess.
so me, yu xin n dian went out n waited at the cooking room.
we ate the stuff the other groups cooked. so yeah.
then bm n moral. i hate the class where we attend our moral class, its so freaking hot!
so i was like telling my friends, eh, im so HOT la weih!
they were like, okayyy, -.-'' HAHA!
then it was assembly. got punished, dunno for what. so we're like the last class to go back. i dun even know why we were punished weih. -.-
so yeah, awful + hot day. :(

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me bunch of friends came to ma house. then we started our "journey".
our plan is to walk around the whole brp 7, n go into our friends' house as a surprise visit. n of course, ANGPAUS!
yeah, we did. we walked around this area for the whole afternoon, under the super hot sun.
we went from 1-7pm. crazy eh? then we went home, bathe. i looked at the woman in the mirror, i was like, :O! my face is so red! sunburnt. holy shit. so i dun care larh. washed up, changed, went down, party started.
lots of people didnt turn up, sob sob. guess they're still out of town. cant blame them. still, :(
so we started gambling. im the banker. i lost like soooo damn lots of money to them man. but oh wells, gambling is about win or lose right? so, its okay lahh. (:
then after that, we were all bored of playing with money. so we played a game, whoever lose gotta drink the wine. bwahahahaha!
i was out of it. just watch them playing.
i tasted the wine, it was nice. hahahaha!
i think some of them drank really much. drink, drank>>>drunk!
so their faces immediately turned red.
then they started to go home.
i was really guilty that day, coz i ditched some of them. really sorry for the ones who i ditched! :(
so it's the second last day of CNY.
mum had a open house, AGAIN, for her agents.
so they came at around 2pm.
unfortunately, me n me sista have drum class 2day, so we left the hse at 3pm. after that dad picked us up, n my godbrother was in the car too. we bought mcd for him. kids, hahaha.
so i went home n wash up. headed to joey's CNY party at around 6.20pm. she said some of them will go there at 5, but i went there, i was the 1st one there.
see how punctual r malaysians. (:
so yeah. when they arrived, we gambled again. lolol.
then the food r ready. me n ky didnt eat. we were like, walking around the house like crazy women. HAHA!
then went upstairs. we started to drink beer. HAHA.
they wanted to try so they opened few cans to drink. i tried kahyi's too. it was nice too, but not as nice as the wine jian chuan brought on my party. lol.
then there's lion dance n fire crackers. damn, its so nice. lol.
went back around 11pm, i guess.
really spent lots of time with me best buddies these few days of CNY.
i dun think we can spend much time together like we did. seriously. :(
i really appreciate it. :')
im soooo gonna miss 2010's CNY. its just so awesome. :D
as for the friends ive not meet during CNY, im happy to see you guys again on monday. (:
okay, so these r the pictures.

the poker faces.

ky n me.


joey n me.
joey playing the piano.
i didn't know she knows how to play piano, lol.
ky n me again.
the lion dance.

haha, potential dad, jian chuan.
he's holding ino's sister's hand while we're doing visiting.
kah yi, dian, pei chuen, joey (who's jumping around?) lol.
P.S. stole some of these pictures from kahyi & joey's facebook. sowie. (:

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well, i woke up when dian called me. they ajaked me to go to jian chuan's hse.
so i washed up n all then went to his hse.
we didn't ajak much people, coz we afraid most of them r still out of town. so yeah.
well, we gambled, for sure. (:
i think chee hau won the most.
n i was once the banker, i lost like damn lots of money weih!
i think this will be the last time i will be the banker, SERIOUSLY!
well, after that i started to win back, but i still lost few bucks to them. :(
so yeah. after that, we went to dian's hse. then we started to go around the area.
wanted to go visit some people in order to get some angpaus. heehee.
no one's home. we were like, -.-''
then at last we went to the playground. HARHAR, lame.
then it started to rain. so we ran to dian's house. was really wet.
so we played monopoly after that.
the 21st century's monopoly is no longer using money!
guess what, we use credit cards! :D
i dun even have any credit cards in real life..lol.
guess its time for us to practise using credit cards. haha!
so there's a machine to let us add money n minus money. so yeah.
then went back at 7pm with pei yii.
it's fun hanging out over here. (:
pictures, pictures, i know u wanna see it.

botak trees but its very pretty. :)

pei yii's still on the swing.


alalalalala, quarelled ke? lolol.
i called dian to pose like that one. hahhah.

dian n pei yii.

n winson bballing himself. lonely? lol.

yam's really emo at this time.

spot yam n dian in red shirt. they're actually texting each other. yeah, in such short distance which u can actually talk. lol. probably this is their way of communicating? cute. hahha.
swing swing swing from the tangles of..

bball-ing..i mean the guys.

white teeth. :D
pei yii & dian.

such cool house n such cool tv.

haha, winson, u got it right, i'll always post to ma bloggy. n of course, facebook too. go check out. (:

lol. nicee one yam.

dian taking pictures.
probably some..hot guys? lol.
joking, NEVER! (:

dian & me. <3

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im here blogging because my parents were so tired n r lazy to go for visiting.
no visit, no angpaus. :(
nevermine, perhaps we'll go later.
yesterday was the second day of CNY.
well, woke up n ate lunch with aunty from s'pore n family. (:
then they went to visit da sistas. we catch up after that.
went to 1 of the uncles' house n visited them.
they all use same angpaus, lol. gold color ones. (:
saw issac, ma cousin bro. he's cuteeee to the max! :D
he's just 5 n he's clever-er than u ever expect. serious!
then went to another aunty's house. i really pity her.
but, what can i do? visit her more often will do.
so yeah. then dad went to meet up with his friends.
mom brought us all to black canyon for dinner.
then went home. another aunty was already there.
so we served them all. n the cannot miss mahjong session between ma grandma n her sisters began. lol.
i sat there n played 1 round. im already very pressured n decided nt to play. lol. because they r wayyyyy too pro! :)
soo yeah. i guess that's all for yesterday.
cya sexays! ;)

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well, my cousin did this for me.
she jagung-ed/corn-ed ma hair. lol. this is what they call.
she's really into hairstyling. so yeah.
but its just temporary. sighh..
its gone now coz i washed my hair. stupid eyh? Lol, it is.
btw, did you even spot any difference? lol.
but still, i like it. (:
1st day of CNY
  • the tan family's came n visit. hi-bye. as usual. n of course, angpaus! :D
  • then we headed to an oven. its my cousin's hse. its really really, hot in there. won a few bucks(i bet u noe what this means) Lol. then menikmati my aunty's cooking. damn nice.
  • then uncle fetch us back. coz me daddy went to pick my aunt from s'pore at the airport. so darn tired. so went to sleep.

P.S. sry vic, its nothing to do with my new hairstyle or something. lol.

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2day i went to sch early because ive gotta finish up the decorations in my class by TODAY.
well, yu xin balik kampung-ed.
so she left it to me. so yeah.
man, im a responsible person. lol.
winnis helped my with it. well, she said she's very free so when i went to my class she was there. thanks man. (:
then we almost finished, so we went down for the stupid talk. digi campus.
we're supposed to get a free digi number but they dont have enough numbers, so we had to wait until after CNY baru dpt. sigh..
then it was science class. its always fun at the lab.
teacher always teach for few minutes n then she leave the class to us. that's the best part.
we're so called "best class" i think we're the worst man. no offence to my class' friends. we really make lots of noise.
then it was geography. whoa, teachers r already on holiday mood n that's good for the students.
teacher's not teaching! WEEHOOO!
finish up the decorations, then homework.
after that, all the indians n malays started wishing us happy chinese new year.
well, same to u guys. kita kan 1 malaysia? haha..
its ma beloved daddy's bday 2day.
he's really a joker. he was a comedian in his past-life? well, maybe.
he's the best dad in the world. really.
he'll buy anything for us if its worth it. (im so gonna get a additional crash for ma belated bday present. heehee. thanks daddy! mwah! (: )
so we went to desa parkcity to celebrate his birthday.
after dinner, we walked around there.
i played at the really modern playground over there. climbing around barefoot-ed like a monkey. harhar.
then we went back. no cake. lolol. sorry dad. (:

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this is so stupid, isnt it? ._.

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i just came back from school, then sis came n call me to go bathe quickly, coz we're going to low yat to go get her DSLR.
so we get there. looked around few shops. finally went to a very hillarious person's shop.
got her DSLR.
she was planning to get a nikon. but finally she was attracted by the sony. so she got herself that.
1st thing came to her mind: YENN, WE CAN TAKE SOME EMO PHOTOS ALREADY!
i was like, -.- !
its gonna be fun i guess..(:

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so these r the hershey's kisses chocolates that we're working on it for like, days!


front (ignore my sister's name)

n side.
n finally, chocolates!
my sisters, her friends & i had been putting so much effort on this thing.
this is some english society's activity to raise fund.
oh wells, i finished my chinese society's, so i came n help them. no harm done what, right?
so my sister sprayed the silver spray on the red papers n we wrote all the messages n stuff, n make the red packet. (no, its nth to do with CNY, okay!)
so 2day i gave out all the chocolates.
yeah, some guys thought im the one who gave them.
god, im just a messenger. this is a serious misunderstand!
n finally i came home, there's nothing for me to do anymore.
unlike days before, i have to do the chocolates stuff.
so yeah. FREEE!

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i finally removed my playlist.
coz me myself got irritated with the stuck-stuck-stuck. :@
so yeah, no more stuck-stuck-stuck & annoying-annoying-annoying!

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ive got too much to say to you, my lovely sis.
We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.
LOL, a freaking happy birthday to my lovely sister, WINNIS!
ive got so many pictures of you & me n i guess im just gonna post 1 up. (:
we're friends since primary school.
yeah, lots of quarreling n stuff in primary school, it was really, really childish, i know.
but, its still, a memory right? after all these stuff, we'll appreciate our relationship more, isnt it?
so let's get over all the bad stuff, n start all the good stuff!
too much sweet sweet memories with you, babe, n lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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overslept, missed the prefect meeting this morning n ditched ain. so sorry! then went to sch, was late coz prefects gotta reach sch at 12.45pm. :(
so gonna get my name copied.
then when i was walking to my class, kesh looked for me.
he said he've got me something for my belated bday present.
then he took the black drumsticks out for me! O-M-GEEE!!!! i was looking for it for like, soooo damn long man..

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luckily ma sister woke me up at 7.30am 2day. quickly washed up n went for pn sharifah's tuition.
ravend's presentation was so damn boring! i almost closed my eyes y'know.
then my grandparents fetches me n my sister to her friend's hse. then we went to the train station. was waiting for the train for like, soooo long!
finally it came. gosh, was so sempit! hoping for some people to go out at some stations, but it seemed to be like, every station there's people coming in but none going out. suffering man.
then finally, we arrived. so we had our lunch then seperate ways with the guys.
bought a drop shoulder blouse at nichii. <3
then, im done with my CNY shopping. (:
so had a drink at sweetchat. then went back. whew, nice day out too.
then went back. doing the valentine's stuff also.
there's like tons of it to do. finally, we finished it.
immediately went to sleep. so darn tired!

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oops, the birthday girl was not in. i apologize for the cacat-ness of my phone camera. sigh..
so was awaken by my sister's friends. i heard their voice from my room so just wake up lah.
then i helped my sis with the valentine's day activity.
there's so MUCH work to do. i mean uncountable, sighs..
so we did it until 3 o'clock n we went to drum class.
then mummy picked us up n dropped me at 1u.
darn, parents forgotten to bring ma converse.
coincidencely, im buying a heels slippers for ma sister. so i wore it.
then called nick n met them up at friday's.
they reserved dinner & a surprise party for winnis.
went there from new wing to old wing.
GREAT, finally, i lost my way.
went to information counter, ask for directions. n its at the other end. -.-
so walked there n called sin yee they all..they were sitting at the couch.
i walked pass them & i didnt even realize..after the call only i saw them. Lol
then vic went to look for the beautifuls.
finally, we're all here n then we ate our dinner.
vic kinda over-estimated us huh? damn big portions weih.
then the T.G.I workers came n celebrated winnis's bday.
y'know, the cool cool ways of celebrating it over there.
its such a cool one!
n we didnt manage to finish the food. so wasted.
we had a joke, go to the toilet, then come back n eat again. LOL!
you should get the meaning right? LOLOL..
then went for movies, "spy next door". hilarious one!
after that, we're walking aimlessly around. then i went to meet up with me parents. then shopped around. then back home. was so tired so went to sleep. tuition 2mrw.

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went to sch very early 2day.
well, its a friday. suppose to go at 2.15. n guess what, i went 1 2day.
to settle the mandarin oranges stuff. so, yeah.
wote all the messages. then when bell rang, we started giving out.
wow, winnis got damn lots of oranges. 16 y'know. cool huh? :D
n then we're helping the teachers to find some students.
we dunno which class is which. thats why it took us so damn long to finish up the oranges & to find those peeps.
after that, lepak-ed at the counsiling room until recess.
then went to take some orders from friends, bout the chocolate thing.
then ran up like crazy to take the bm exam. after that, went back to class.
GREAT, no chair. my old chair was destroyed to few parts. tsk tsk. form 4's.
so yu xin gave her mine. n we go look for chair 2gether.
then had geography exam.
didnt go into class for a whole afternoon, suddenly my mind went blank.
luckily, i suddenly thought of how to do the questions. if not im so gonna fail it.
so, its a tiring day 2day. been running up & down. sighs. gotta go have some rest. toodles!

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HA! im a blogskin changer. :D
whatcha think bout this huh?
i've always wanted a pure white one.
finally, i found this.
n ma playlist is finally back. but i know i will delete it after few weeks or months. coz i know sometimes its kinda irritating when u open one's blog n the music plays on. especially when its keep stucking away. am i right?
so i try to put some soothing song instead, like, back to me -AAR ( purple heart, cool huh? teehee.)
im so in love with the song now. its SOO nice! don't cha think so?
i've got no idea why am i so obsessed with it! (:
its been a long time since im so crazy over some stars.
haha, old times, korean freak. pffft!
oh yeah, some links on the sexys column are in capital letters.
i dunno why it turns out to be like that. seriously, no offence to the ones in small letters, i didnt purposely do that. not to say, i like the ones more in capital letters. seriously, dun be offended with it. (:

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" *giggles* what the hell" (with a very girly voice)
nick, vic
this is how i laugh n say, "what the hell"..said them.
well this is random. after school nick & vic walked behind me n then they started to like, ejek me with the quote up there.
isnt it cute? (:

n im gonna end my post with a picture of my hair messed up.


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wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, grab my glasses, im out of door, im gonna hit this city, let's go!
nah, aint gonna hit the city. just hit the school.
well, i dunno why am i so damn sleepy 2day, probably was the tuition on sunday morning. ugh.
washed up. soon goin to sch dah. so me mummy sent me & my sister to school. felt so cool. you wont wanna noe why! ngek ngek.
2day's such a bored day. ate school's nasi lemak during recess. it was pedas, but still, nice! (:
n then when school ended, met up with kesh & buddies. then home. my sister was so desperate to go cycling.
she just learnt how to cycle. yeah, lol. its common to be excited bout it. its such a nice thing to do y'know. (:
when i thought of cycling, it suddenly felt so empty. coz i used to go cycling with kye mun. n now that she's in nz, ive lose one cousin sister to cycle with. sighhhh.
mun! jom pegi cycle this year end when ur back in m'sia! :D
so, i guess that's all. toodles!