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Lifeless, of course. Sitting in front of the computer every day.
But it hasn't been that bad actually. :P
Well, when i don't have any tuition on that day, i'll follow my momma to work. It's fun. I get to eat nice stuffs and that's the best part. :D
And i went to school on wednesday. Gonna be my last day i guess. Coz i don't wanna be in that stuffy hall with all those sweat and socks odour. Went because of the annual party for PRS.
Well, as usual, was at the counselling room for the whole day. Packing presents, helping teachers with the gifts, mics, etc.
I couldn't stop saying "I'm so hungry i could eat a horse!" that day coz i thought the party will start at maybe after recess? But it turned out to be, 12 pm. Soo, wait till 12 pm and finally i could fill up my tummy with the awesome food there. Then, got a hamper for lucky draw WHEEE JUNK FOOD. Ended at around 2? Packed all those stuff and then pn see asked us whether we wanna go to ou or not. HECKYEAH.
So we went there, bought movie tickets, went to MPH and started reading 'You are the apple of my eye.' Well, first time reading chinese novels and it was so awesome. Damn, im SO watching this movie next month! Can't wait :3
Caught the 5pm real steel movie. DUDE, FRIGGIN AWESOME. It's a MUST WATCH. At least, to me. x)
The small kid's gonna be real hot as he grow up, trust me :)
Later, went to kota damansara for char kuey teow. Biggest plate of mee EVER!
That day i went to school at 7.30am and reached home at 9.15pm.


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Introducing you guys to, Master Han Feng. :)

Despite his hyperactive attitude, he's totally an awesome godbro. Oh, and an eye candy too :D
Got a feeling that he'll be really hot when he has grown up.
Oh did i mention he's really good looking? :D :D

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This 3D glasses was shipped all the way from new york and it was signed by Kyle Patrick! The lead singer from the click five! :DD
Well, KP decided to work on a pledge project and we're supposed to all make a pledge to help him raise fund for his new album and also to be donated to cambodia. So, he's making something like a 3D music video or video if i'm not mistaken and he called us to all order a 3D glasses. It's free. So i was thinking, no harm done what, it's free anyway. So yeah, i did ordered it and i didnt wanna write my name on it coz what it something happens right? hahaha. But guess what, it arrived right at my doorstep. I regretted for not writing my name and it was written there 'occupant'. UGH. It'll be so much more cooler if my name's written on the envelope and I'll feel so special, as if kyle's sending it to me personally. LOL.
But oh wells, who cares. I've got a pair of 3D glasses, and it's friggin signed by KP! <3

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Picture of me studying geo. Well, can now excuse myself from studying them for like, 1 month plus? :D :D
Time to party baby! Yeah, the major exam, PMR is finally over!
Now im feeling much freer than when trials ended, duh, who doesnt?
Soooo, gonna go on a regular workout plan(well only if im hardworking enough), coz since august or september, i've not been doing any exercise. Oh my gosh, i wonder how bad my health is now because no exercise but more food. D:
And yeah, gonna go to school when i feel like it, LIKE A BOSS.
Skipping school tomorrow coz i think i need a day off after the exam and im going on thurs to return my books. Bye bye guys. Thanks for being with me for this year. Lol :P
Also gonna work for my mum, as usual, again. It's fun following her out for work ;D
Lastly, this saturday's outing with buddies. :D Hope i'll get my parents' approval :D
And, that's all for now.
Gonna post some random pictures with few lines as my blog posts from now on as i kinda forgotten what was the real way to blog. :p

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It was one epic concert. (:

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All of us personally liked this picture the most. :D

Hahahahah, they'll be screaming if they ever sees this post. :P
So this was taken during my form one or my standard 6 birthday party i guess. Good times good times x)

Oh before i forgot, one more.
And this was at hui li's place, chinese new year party year 2009? if im not mistaken :D

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I'm such a tid-bits-lover. A_A
You guys gotta check this pocky out. BANANA FLAVOUR YO! Not to mention, it was dang good.
Well, i don't think you can get this here. My sister's friend gave it to her. Maybe it's from japan or something since there's like japanese words on it. Hope to find this somewhere at the stalls that sell japanese tid-bits. If they really do, im gonna buy them in BOXES. I meant BIG BOXES. Damn this is gonna be so fattening, but who cares.:D

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Dressed like a lala to yik daiga this morning. Hahaha wtf is this. Just didn't wanna disappoint whoever in case they wanna check out my blog. LOL.