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Just read pu gong ying's blog and all the thank you speeches by the participants. Goodness, the same old sad song was on and all the memories started to play in my mind once again. Felt like tearing up again. But i didnt. Just wanted to.
This is unusual. Last year i went but i didn't really feel anything. I meant, it's been two months already. But i still freaking miss them. I really wanted to see them so badly, now. Like, now.
Guess that's kinda impossible. But we're all gonna meet again next year right? Now that's a promise. :)

Love you guyssss x

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You can't live without music. No doubt.

So i've been listening to them lately and i think they are real good.
  • Wonderwall by oasis. Went to sri kdu to support my sister for the my challenge thing that day. And i happen to hear this guy from some other school singing the song. Yeah, im damn outdated but seriously, it's nice. Love the guitar strums.

  • Kiss me by the sixpence none the richer. Well knew this song long ago but didnt really like it but then winnis tagged me again in fb and i started to fall in love with it. Songs sounded so much better when you actually listen to it again after a long time. Love the guitar strums and of course the rhythm and all.

  • These are the days by jamie cullum. This singer sings jazz songs and i really love jazz music. I started to check this guy out after my drum teacher let me play one of his songs. Seriously, jazz music is not as easy to play as how it seemed.

  • 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T's. Introduced by victor back when i was form one i think. 'There's only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you. I love you." Love this part of the song. :D

  • Stereo hearts-gym class heroes ft adam levine. Also introduced by vic. This song is quite new. Love it ;)

  • Smile by avril lavigne. Didn't know why i didnt really like it when i heard it for the first time. lol.

  • Tonight, tonight by hot chelle rae. Catchy! :D

  • If i die young by the band perry. Seriously, idk why was i so silly. I didnt really like it when i first hear it as well. This is one good stuff.

  • More than words by westlife. Loved this from the start.

  • I'm alive by celine dion. In fact i love most of her songs. Her voice is magical. She's legendary. (:

These are some good stuffs i'd like to share with you guys. Go listen if you haven't listened to them. :)

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Gotta stop myself from writing any emo posts. Am getting sick of those. -.- Unless i really need to do so i meant blog is where i can get someone to listen to my stories right(the blog itself :( )

Soooo, heyya! It's been so long since i last wrote a proper post.
School nowadays is like packed with seminars and talks bout PMR. Actually, i rather stay in class and let the teacher finish up the syllabus and do some revisions with us. But oh wells. A way to waste time in school.
Right, last saturday was the scouts meeting, and i decided to not go when the guy came into my class the day before and told us that the meeting was on. But then someone tweeted bout it was her last scouts meeting already. So i changed my mind coz this might be the last meeting and maybe something awesome's gonna happen and i didn't wanna miss it. So yeah, i went. Pc, yu xin and dian were all not there. Luckily sin yee was there. So, okay. Played games. The first game was we gotta fit every member in the group into this A4-sized paper. As in, we gotta make a ring. We can rip the paper but not all of them. So, i had no idea how the others did the ring thing. Finally my sis came and helped me with it. Lol, thanks ki. And wow, we got to finish second i think. Or third. Coz i thought we were already the last as we took A LOT of time. But finally when we were passing the winning line, some junior came and teared my paper 'ring'. So, it was not counted. Ah, whatever. After all it was just a game. Not blaming the junior. Back then when i was in form one, i think i was such a bully too. So, yeah. :P
And then we played this game. A person is lost in the jungle(jungle as in the school) and he left some signs to lead people to where he were. So, we were supposed to follow some stones or scratches on the floor to find the missing guy. The game was fun to me as i had awesome junior members in my group and we were the first ones who found the message. Teehee. xD
But the last message left us all scratching our heads. And when the leader told us the actual answer, we were like -.-
This activity was really successful. Everyone really did enjoy the game. And i caught the leader keep smiling. He was probably very happy with his own planning. Haha. xD Good job though ;)

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To cope with environments where you're surrounded by geniuses wasn't as easy as i thought it would be. They just tend to go on their own ways and you're forever the one left behind.

Idk why but lately i've just been doing a lot of thinking. And i got so emotional.

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After all these conversation, fine, i thought you were being kinda nice. I was being nice to you, too.
But finally you still asked that damn question. Seriously, are you THAT desperate?
Is our friendship just about, going out?
Maybe that's what friendship meant in your world. But i'm sorry, not in mine.


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Missed school on monday. I knew my friends will ask me they reason why i was absent. Already made up an excuse because if i say i was too tired to come to school so i went back to sleep, i bet they'll start boycotting me. (in a jokingly way) LOL. But then yesterday i went to school i told them the truth because my super honest lil sister just told one of my friends that i was too tired to attend school that day. -.- So my plan to give them my made-up reason failed. But they were probably too used to my 'too tired' reason so they didnt even bother to boycott me. Or they probably just love me too much. :D
Soooo, on the day i was absent, i knew i'll miss a bit of maths and science. And well, yes i did miss some of the science and i miss A LOT of maths. Teacher taught the new chapter inequalities or was it linear inequalities? Right, something like that. And on that day itself, teacher moved on again. i was rushing my monday's homework and then gotta keep up with that day's. Ugh, note to self: Don't ever miss school anymore if I'm just TIRED. At least not when there's maths period on that day.
And OH YEAH, read Anis's blog and Anis said she was one of them in the choir team that sang during assembly on monday. SEE? When I'm absent, EVERYTHING happens! LJASERJLSAJKDSAJFAEKRJL ! RAWR.
Then it was koko. When i was about to go back to school, i saw foong and all with the guitars and probably some lyric papers. So i asked foong whether are they performing or not and he said er, nope so i thought it was probably some sorta competition. Man, i wanna watch them so badly but then i gotta practise my dance routine as koko is coming to an end and we wouldnt have enough time to practice for it. PLUS, we didnt dare to ask for our instructor which is our senior's permission because the reason 'to watch my friend compete' was kinda ridiculous. If I were her, i think i wouldnt allow my juniors to go watch. Soooo, we just kept practicing and we did have a good time dancing. And then it was basketball club, which was the moment me and my friends were looking forward to. People who turned up yesterday at the court were just a few of them, we kinda freaked out coz we thought maybe the club was canceled and we weren't informed or something. But on the bright side, we had the whole court to ourselves. I meant half of it. Still, that's good enough. :D
Then rushed back home for a quick shower and got late for tuition. OH WELLS.

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Dandelion-Pu gong ying in chinese (PGY)
They actually organise motivation camps every year and i've been with them for two years including this year's.
The longer you're with them, the more you'll miss them.
This camp is unlike some other motivation camp. One of my favourites are the when they actually play these songs. The theme song for the camp and the song 'zai chu fa'. The moment they play these songs, i will surely run up to the stage and dance like no one's business. And not forgetting these two songs 'hong hua yu' and 'wo men hui zai jian'. I hate these songs because they never failed to tear me up. lol.
Even though it's only a 3 days 2 nights camp, there were like loads of memories of us all and we just get so emotional just by looking at those pictures.
Maybe you'll think this is silly, but you should really try attending this camp. I just don't know how to describe it. There's a special bond tied between us that made us one happy family.
I call PGY my second home. :')
And every year when it's the time for some thank you speeches, people will say, 'it feels so good to be back home'. And this year, i did. :)

Can't wait to see my brothers and sisters from another mother next year! Hope to see each and everyone of you next year. :D <3

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Pain is pleasure.

Ya think so? Well, i do.
Last saturday had this road run and the track was REALLY short. I meant i want to challenge myself with a longer track and see if i could get top 20. lol. And then i thought my muscles were gonna cramp like mad for the next few days, especially the second day since running is really not my thing and it's been quite a long time since i last run, or even jogged i guess. So, yeah.
Sunday i went to work out at the gym with my mummy, daddy and sis. Tried almost everything there except for the sit up because you gotta lie upside down on a slant cushion sorta thing, and it's as if im gonna fall. So, i didnt try it. TEEHEE.
I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the idk what is that called, it's something like a bike but it's not the one you can sit, it's the one you have to pedal the two pedals to make it move. And then i did 50 times of dumbbell on each hand and then i did some workout on some gym equipments lah. Im so lazy to explain it as idk what's the name of those equipments. So yeah. Go check out in the gym if you wanna know :D
So im expecting my muscles to freaking cramp on monday. Mana tau i felt nothing. I meant just a lil bit but it's not like what i expected.

BUT, now, i feel the pain. Especially on my back and my hands. I can't really stretch my hands as they will ache if i do so. But pain is pleasure. I know at least i exercised. :DD

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Today was just another hectic tuesday. Classes were bored.
Oh yeah, seni wasn't that bad. We did this cloth thingy where you fold this plain white cloth in certain ways and tie it with a few rubber bands to seperate the cloth into few portions. Then I coloured it with different colour for every portion. And when i open it up, boom, it turned out quite nice. Hahaha! I meant im a bad drawer and at least i did something that's not bad for art. So i think i should be happy for that. LOL
Then koko was fun. We danced with a real long fan and that was why we had to switch off the fans. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HOT WERE WE! But for this dance, i think i could sacrifice a lil bit. lol.
Got so dizzy because there are like dance moves where you gotta move your head up and down and left and right. Though, we had fun dancing it. :D
And then basketball was like omg, HOT. Under the sun some more this time. But then i was quite satisfied too coz i got to shoot some hoops and some of them went in. Yay. And again, i think i should be happy for myself as im bad at sports too. :P

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Now I really do believe in this word. Seriously, when i was about to go offline, you came online. -.-
SIGH..guess we're just meant to not talk to each other. (:

And again, i wanna say that, the feeling when you lose someone's attention where you once gained so much attention from, sucks.
It's as if a part of your life is gone.
Nowadays when i go online, i really have no idea who to talk to. I meant i don't chat much with my girlfriends on the net as we had chatted enough in school. So the person i used to talk to like 24/7 has a girlfriend and i don't blame him for talking to his gf of course. I meant that's what boyfriends do right?
It's just that, I don't feel like losing this kind of friend..
Guess I'm just gonna follow the flow..

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Strumming some songs on my sister's milky. Lol. I love the stickers on it. (:
Wanna learn the song 'kiss me' by six pence none the richer. I like the guitar strums and all. :D

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That day my maid was like washing these cherries and im like, OMG SO PRETTY!
So i took my sister's dslr and took a picture of them. So pretty, ain't it? :D