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AHHH. my finals finally ended yesterday. :DD
well, not officially, yet. but well, monday we have civic, pjk n what, art?
SHIT. i actually lost the paper that they gave for the titles of the things we have to draw.
i really can't recall where the hell did i put it.
but well, gonna check it out with my friends 2mrw. :)
so yeah. just came back from mum's friend's full moon open house n ou after that.
window shopping all the way. i want a sling pouch lahh. i did found a shop selling for that, but just, not the type i want.
so mun, im now waiting for you to come back n shop with me. xD
hmm, actually i just promised my blog's fans (chehwah :P) an update after my finals. n i think i lost my thing for blogging. its been too long since i last blog, so i think i forgotten how to. (:
well, i'll found out soon yea. :D