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yeah. exam=NIGHTMARE! like, totally. X.X
mummy's taking exam too 2day. well, hers is just one day. mine's like, 2 subjects every day until next friday..
throughout this week, me n budds' like, studying our asses off.
yesterday we studied like shit, seriously, SHIT! we've not tried this before.
me n yu xin gone crazy. we're keep shouting when we got the answers wrong..oh god.
n winnis's like, totally gone crazy. she just kept quiet. and not answering our question. LOL
we were studying both BM & science. it's paper 2 today.
exam, we sit according to the name list. so me n winnis's like the last two names. and we were the only two without place to sit. so we were forced to sit outside of the classroom as there were ngam ngam two tables out there.
whoa, first time in my life, sitting exam outside of the class..pretty cool huh?
first it was quite hot. outside whatt, what do ya think?
but then, it was suddenly so windy.
so comforting, yet so ma fan. i meant, troublesome. because, there was few time, my paper almost flew off. i managed to catch it. and there was one time, the paper really flew into the classroom. i was looking at the people around there but guess what? no one saw my paper or maybe they didn't wanna pick it up for me. so gotta go take it myself. -.-
after the exam, it's so good of muaz that he helped me n winnis to find a place and shift our tables in. thanks muaz! (:
i thought i was going to suffer windy + sunny days for these year's exam. yet it's really cool sitting out there. you get to peek the stuff all around. :D
hmm, im going back to the normal days. sitting in a square classroom with only four walls and tables and chairs. ugh..
so surprisingly, when i saw the questions on my BM paper today, i was like, 'hoyeah!' to winnis and she 'oh yesss!' back. LOL
it was fine. (:
then science, winnis's like, 'oh yess! i did this this morning!'. i was like, 'yeah man!'
but this wasn't THAT fine.
i think there was one part i might get all wrong. well, my bad..for not studying much about that. :((
but since it's over, imma focus on the coming up ones. (:
tomorrow's math & english paper 2. wish me luck for this and the rest as well! will blog after that! (:

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yay! kah yi's blog is once alive again! :D
well, she deleted her previous blog because she thinks that there's no big deal bout this blog thingy.
babe, you'll find out the fun of it!
actually, it's not that fun anyway. just to keep ur friends updated y'know.
im still happy because there's one more blog i can read often right now..hee!
ur link is once again the 1st on my list. stay updated, yo! ;)

almost late for school, again. like, yeah, AGAIN. -.-
well, can't help it.
i just can't stop my eyes from gluing to the tv. plus, the drama, even though i watched it before, i still can't help it, but watch again.
yeah, it's a taiwanese show. i seldom watch them. but this one is really awesome man. it's autumn's concerto.
miss ong did say why she doesn't watch chinese shows. 1st thing, it's very cheong hei. which is, long winded. 2nd, it's the never-changing storyline.
the thing is, once u started watching, you'll be really looking forward to the following episode.
right, enough of that! er, where was i?
oh yeah, so i was ALMOST late for school. phew!
as usual, we're all studying our asses off. so tiring.
ain offered us donuts during recess. it's ugh, YUMMY! thanks sweetie! <3
then it's ace ed-venture. was late because i was looking up n down for the autogate's remote control. when i went there, me n ace gotta sit with vic.
whenever we sit together, we can be really sick. er, yeah, sick's the word.
we really think STRAIGHT. lol. inner jokes.

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suddenly, it felt so empty..


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so it's teacher's day on monday. slept at 2 or 3am the night before just to wrap the presents. x.x woke up at 6? 7am? to school. brought all my stuff then off we go. as usual, loads of speeches and stuff from the headmistress and all. me n my mates went to a corridor to practise our singing. but after that, the dicipline teacher found us and she call us to go to the assembly place. so what to do? put all our stuff at the guard hse and we sat there at the place. we practise there instead. :D after we finish practising, went to vic and all to lepak with them. (: plus, giving jc's present. took pictures. go check out on facebook. after that, went to the hall and performed the drama and singing. we're all satisfied with the performance. at least not screwed up. phew! then after that, im free. and im super sweaty + tired. sat at the corridor and chit-chat with soo yuen, vic, mel and jc. soon winnis, mel, dian & all went mcd. im damn tired so i didn't join them. plus, i gotta walk to mcd from sch and then walk back from mcd to my hse after that. which is, extra tiring. so better not go. lol. as you know, im a lazy person. x) yeah, i am. so yeah. went back from school at around 2pm i think. then i slept. was planning to study. but i wasted my time sleeping. can't help it, im just too tired.

umm, i guess that's all. alryte, off to study. cya!

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so it's jian chuan's bday. it's actually on the 16th of may but we celebrated earlier for him 2day.
melissa organized a hangout for him.
we hang around at mcd at 1pm. then we went to club.
guys bball while girls watch. then i went to drum class at 3. join back at 5.
went swimming and i didn't really swim much. well, partly, they're having swimming lesson so i better not disturb. and had dinner over there.
after that, pictures time! xDDDD
love this session where we posed like crazy. posers man! LOL! (:
for the pictures, please kindly go to my facebook profile and view them.
i think by 2mrw, they will be on facebook.
im sure facebook will be flooded by the pictures because they really took a looooot of pictures. i mean, A LOT! i guess im kinda exaggerating. so yeah.
had a blast and lastly, happy birthday jian chuan!
good luck in everything and stay hot always! *swoons* (:

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wooo! my title totally rhymed perfectly! :D
u see the title, i think u have something in mind already, which is yeah, mid-year's. gah.
gotta finish up form 1 syllabus plus form 2's. that's pretty much?
ALRYTE, i gotta STOP being a nerd and talk about exams almost in every post.

teacher's day is around the corner.
me n my buddies is performing accoustic version of the song 'friends'(chinese) and zombie. and me n my moral class is performing a drama. we wrote the drama together by ourselves. im kinda satisfied with it btw. (: *fingers crossed* that it will be a good performance. wish me luck! *fingers crossed again*
yesterday had our rehearsal for monday's teacher's day. the guitar string patah-ed last minute. and that freaking made me panic like, HELL. i almost forgotten about my drama. i was goin all over the school borrowing guitars. luckily when i get to borrow one, i was just in time at the hall for my drama. phew, that was close!
and i guess that's it for this post. imma go study. oh no, this is driving me insane. i just realised i can't get 'study' out of my mind. gahhh.

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mummy, grandma, and to all the mummys in this world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.
i celebrated mother's day yesterday nite at the randezvous restaurant. (i bet you have no idea how to pronounce the name! me either, but i know how to spell it.)
i ordered sizzling chicken with tiger prawns, i guess. it was awesome man! with black pepper sauce on it, OMG, IT JUST TASTED LIKE HEAVEN!
but the freaking cat spoilt it all! grrr. :@
it's going all over the place, under the table, beside the table..it freaked us out because it freaking run under our tables all of a sudden. okay, i gotta admit, i hate pets. that's why i don't own any. to cat lovers, im sorry if i offended you guys..and after that i finally decided to chg place with my sister, as she was not really irritated with cats. n yeah. much better sitting at her place. (:
oh yeah, ordered mushroom soup too! im starving now when im typing this. ( although i just ate something. x.x)
then after that, we're just chatting. then pictures with sister's DSLR. (:
for the pictures, please view my facebook profile and see the album 'family <3' with pictures i was tagged in. (:
whenever i think of going out on a saturday night, i'll be like, damn, tuition 2mrw morning, like 8 am? ugh.
thought of going to curve to get something, but sigh, daddy and momma went to klang. i've got no idea what r they going to do over there.
and i guess thats about it. hmm, till the next time buttercups!

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sooo, the audition is held today. there was a ceramah bout yakult. i skipped it and went to the canteen to hang around with ace, vic, nick & all. ace brought her iTouch and her speakers to play the songs in her iTouch. so we were like, playing really cool songs. and we were like, putting our hands up too. this is really cool. i love this moment. we shall do this some other day again! :D and yeah, the audition started at 2pm. i really hate waiting for my turn to go up on stage. n yet, they made me wait for the whole day again. my drama was like, towards the end. this year's contestants were like, tons of them! i was amazed, too. but well, as usual, we're hanging around at the back of the dewan. jumping around, woo-ing, singing along, dancing along! ( yeah, the indian dances! it was awesome! :D) gone really high actually and was really hyper. (: then it's finally our turn to go for audition. i can see that some of them don't really get the ending, well, we got into the hari guru performance. so we'll spend more time on this. and i spent my day literally for this audition. had a great time btw. (: but was really, really tired when i get back home. gah. it's worth it anyway..

woke up for piano class, went school. damn, i was late for school, AGAIN. well, dian n yu xin said cikgu azman's gonna demerit me more because im a prefect. but well, i hope not. if he were to demerit me, i can't do anything, am i right? sooo, sigh..i'll try to get to school as soon as possible! ugh. so yeah. then school was tiring. and i came home, gtg for ace ed-venture. i had a massive headache. i just get not enough of sleep. :( then i reached there, i sat with vic & jian chuan. there was no other place to sit. but well, it was fun sitting with them, joked really much, and my headache faded away. :D thanks guys! (:

so i guess that's the end of my post, sekian, thank you. LOL

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hey sweet tarts! (:
i think i'm quite into DBSK again lately. which is, yeah, K-pop. ooops!
well, who cares? i love them, that is.
yesterday winnis, seow & i were laughing our ass off.
all thanks to the videos on youtube!
i sent a DBSK video to seow & winnis to let them check out because the 3 of us is really into yunho. LOL
and when the 3 of us viewed the video, the 'yunho shaking his sexy butt' video freaking catches our attention once we clicked into that freaking page!
and GOD, yunho's skill is effyouseekaying GOOD!! LOL
n we're even talking about armpit hair. OKAY, i know we're just being a lil bit sick? hee.
so this is one part of me n seow's convo last night.
eh, im so DAMN into DBSK, but sad, they're freaking going on seperate ways already!! :'( :'( :'( !!!
oh nevermine, as long as yunho's ass is still attached with him! :D

there's no other word to describe my feelings at that moment other than the word 'zadao'. -.-'
lol, so yeah.
there's an audition this thursday for hari guru.
hari guru also gotta go for audition. what is this? -.-'
so i've been busy practising the moral drama that we're going to audition for.
and then, at the same time, gotta practise my english aural's drama as well.
OMG, what's with drama man!
still, gotta obey..

and i freaking lost the letter that i have to give pn rani because i didn't turn up one of the days. i lost the paper that i did my exercise on, too. mann, i've been losing things lately! ):

hmmm, so i guess that's quite a long post, eh? im kinda surprised that i had so many stuff on mind to type 2day. hmmm, OKAY! i've been crapping too much. bye honays!