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so scenic..night view..

my christmas presents..xD


oh yeah, spot this girl with this special santa claus outfit..Lol

n this is kah yi..this is the place we had dinner..dark right?

kah yi's phone..crystals! O.O LOL

oh it was a blast! xD
kah yi n me went there around 9am, well i knw its kinda early, coz my mum is fetching us there n she's goin to work early..so, yeah..
we seemed to have gone out of topic sometimes, partly, its been too long we didnt met, i guess that's the reason..Lol
jia yan's hse is at desa parkcity..of course, its really fun..xD
n i like the design of her hse..very modern..(:
she just moved in for like, 1 year i think..n she's moving maybe next year, yeah, AGAIN!
she brought us to her new hse n have a look..
its currently under renovation, so we just looked at it from the outside..
n the weather is killing us..we're all sweating like shit..(we walked there, its kinda far, actually.)
then we rested for a while n continue our journey back to her hse..Lol
in a short while, her dad fetched us out to ou..
well, watched "the princess n the frog". its kinda, lame..xD
before the movie we had lunch n walked around lah, then movies. after that, shopping..bought a jeans mini skirt from the pink pussycat..
we got ourselves a necklace each at diva too. xD
then went back..then walked to the waterfront for dinner..the place is really dark..
the candle lit up the table..so, its candlelight dinner? LOL
bought some tid-bits, n went back..then, we went swimming, at the private pool..WOOT! i know right! xD
swam for an hour, then went sauna..
then we went outside again..to countdown for christmas..
n then here comes the girl's talk..xD
we talked n talked for like, few hours until like, 2am, n we slept..
of course jia yan had the bed by her own..
me n kah yi shared the same bed..er, should be, comforter..nt bed..Lol
coz jy has no extra bed..so we terpaksa sleep on the floor..just on 2 layers of comforter..Lol
its nt THAT uncomfortable lah..hahaha..
so we woke up n then had breakfast..milk + bread..healthy eh? xD
then her parents dropped us at curve..n god, it was bored!
but i did got myself a galaxie magazine..I AM SO OUTDATED!
so i gotta get myself updated by catching up some celebrity news at galaxie. xD
then we went back n its time to say bye..hugged each other, coz we dunno when is the next time we'll meet each other..):
n then me parents fetched ky n me back..)':
i came back then saw the christmas present from my aunt..
then my sister decided to get some christmas present back for my family too..so ou again..
then had sakae sushi for dinner..n my parents picked us up from their christmas party..
we were supposed to attend the party, too. but every year we went there, n its so bored..so yeah.
aunty tiffiny seemed to be disappointed coz we didnt turn up..sowie. heh.
she got us chrismas present..btw, thanks aunty!
n im really tired, so slept early. so yeah. (:

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woke up at around 2.45 pm today...
well, ive been waking up early few days before so its fair to wake up late 2day lah kan? hee.
so i texted diana n ask what time is school closing coz im goin to check the classes we're goin next year..
she said 3..then i was like, WTFCK! ive got only 15 minutes to get washed up?
so i rushed like hell, n then she texted back, n said, its the bookshop who close at 3, nt the school -.-
but still, thanks for the information diana! xD
so i took a pen n notebook there. yeah, you guys must be wondering why should i..coz im checking for the others..saye ni baik hati..wehehe~
my younger sis went with me..
so im in A class..wheee! xD
ive wrote down some of your classes..
ask me if you wanna noe..if i didnt wrote down yours, then im sorry lah, coz i was in a rush..heh.
after that came back n had lunch..
then i bathed, n quarreled with my sister..just because of a tiny thing..and..and..GREAT, i got scolded by my parents..-.-
forget it, after that i watched some hk drama..damn exciting, i like (:
n then, dinner..
goin to sleepover n jia yan's 2mrw..
you dont know how much i missed her..n kah yi too (:
really cant wait for 2mrw..xD
P.S. i hate this part right here, really..

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ouch..my dental appointment 2day made me sweat even though im in a air-conditioned room..
she did scaling for my teeth..er, im nt sure is it called scaling, but i think it is..Lol
n, one word could describe it all, ouch.
so after that, my parents planned to bring us out for a walk at shopping malls..
but sigh, dad had an appointment..
so me n sisters ended up working for mum at her office..
well, at least i finished the work left undone yesterday...xD
n wtfck, ive gained weight in these holiday..
so, gonna start keeping it fit from NOW on! :D
n yeah, stick back to the topic..Lol
after that, elder sis has bm tuition so gotta leave around 4.30pm..
N OH WELLS, this is the best part, we reached sg buloh toll n the teacher texted back n said the tuition is postponed..great....(sarcasticly) -.-
if nt i think we can go shopping or do summore stuff man..wthell man..
went home lah..then ajak-ed mun to cycle..
cycled until around 7.30pm n had our delicious dinner..
today's tang yuen festival, so its supposed to have delicious dishes..
im starving now, when i thought of the food i ate for dinner. (:
n then, its mahjong-session..we're all addicted in it lately, since grandma's a pro, she kinda teached us whenever we play with her..
some strategies y'know..Lol..
then played few rounds i cannot tahan..gotta sleep..
n ciao! let the bed bugs bite yea! :D
oh i was just joking, you guys noe that..once again, bye all!

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so, its towards the end of the year..
and i only started working for my mum..Lol
well, i've been working on & off for her actually..
coz im kinda busy lately..cant help her every single day..so yeah.
n yeah, i work for me mummy today..(with no salary!) :'(
i didnt have to wake up that early coz im only goin at around 12.30pm with me daddy..
so we board the ktm at around 12.40pm, until the "putra" station..
as me n my dad came out from the station, my mum just arrived to pick us up (:
so we had lunch at some restaurant..
my grandma cooked porridge, thought of sneaking it off, but still, my mum brought me to eat porridge for lunch..i was like, RIGHT.......
went back to the office at around 3.45pm n started checking some cases n stuff in the computer..
while my parents n me mum's agents having their meeting..
so we left early 2day because we're goin to glen eagle hospital to visit my uncle...
we arrived 1st, n then all my relatives came too...
we joke around n laugh..then, the star, elaine kang, who act in the ZELL-V advertisement came to visit my uncle..
my uncle's her driver..he helped her alot, n so yeah..
at around 10 the worker chased us out of the room coz there were too many people in my uncle's room..Lol
so went to the car park n my cousin bro just reached there to make a visit..
he's now working with ROMP, n he lost weight man..nice!
came back n crap! i missed the doing "tang yuan" session..!! :(
2mrw's "tang yuan" festival..n yay! i luv eating it! xD
its already 1.16 in the morning, n i have dental appointment 2mrw morning, so i just made it short..n bye!

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saw this in nick's blog..
its the brand new mentos which has a cute name called mentos rainbow..
luv it!

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woot! black nails, i like (:

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hui li's christmas party is on the 26th of december..
n my sister is having her advance birthday party on the day itself, too.(which she dun really nid me, actually..)
so which 1 should i choose?
hui li's christmas party?
my sister's bday party?

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haha, bored of the last blogskin, which is kinda common..
n kinda awkward, too, coz its all white at the right side..
sooo, its "kidnap my heart"..
it reminds me of click five's song..which im soooo crazy over it last time. Lol
oh yeah, remember to scroll down if u wanna read my posts.
there's quite some space after the "kidnap my heart" word..soooo, yeah.
it's simple n nice to me. do comment! :D
P.S. sorry for the wordings, i noe its small, but i know u guys can do it! xD

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finally, im touching my computer n keyboard..Lol
well, my cousins from singapore came to m'sia so we're busy hanging out n stuff..so, that's why ive nt been updating my blog..heh. xD
they came here last sunday n stayed n rachel's hse until wednesday n came to our place..so, there you go..

mum fetch me sisters, kye mun n me to 1u. we met up with rebecca n our aunties. me, my younger sis n mun went seperate ways coz me n mun wanted to get jen's belated present n yeap's too. so yeah. after that, met up with erwin, rebecca & me sis. then my parents brought us to kota damansara for dinner, then fetch them back to rachel's hse.
me cousins came to my place n had dinner..it was already night, so we did nth much..Lol
we woke up at 7.30 to 8am to bathe n all. well, i know its kinda early..coz we planned to go sungei wang..woot! my mum's fetching us on her way to her office..so gotta wake up early to catch this ride. Lol. jen n me younger sis went jogging early in the morning. they bought us breakfast. after that, jen, erwin, rebecca, me sister n me went there. it's still around 10am, sungei wang was like so empty, for the 1st time. Lol. it's fun to shop in sungei wang when its NOT CROWDED. n every shop has a banner which says, "ALL ITEM RM 25/20/10". it was attractive. xD! we almost shopped every shop there, unfortunately, i didnt get anythin. coz its nt really my style. so after that, we had lunch at lot 10. the food court there was high-class ones. so i ordered thai fried rice. nt that nice, but, it was okaaaaay larh. haha. then jen lead us to time square. well, shopped again n finally found a dress. didnt try it coz its no trying. -.- so just bought it lah. Lol. i saw a purple glittery purse n its only 10 bucks. i should have bought it but i didnt. darn! i regretted. was tired of shopping the whole day. so catch the movie AVATAR. interesting, 3 hours movie, worth it. n then, we were finding the way to pavillion from sungei wang. n we saw mcd, jen giv us a treat. xD then, continue our way to pavillion. we asked few guards, but still, cant find. crossed n crossed lots of road n thank god, there's a woman walking there too. so she brought us there. thanks woman! oops, i mean, auntie? well, pavillion, nt much to shop lah. all branded stuff, cant afford. so me mummy picked us up. at the main entrance, there's snow! i meant, fake snow. "what a joke!" said an american dude. LOL! n there's the picture of me, me sister & rebecca up there in the "snow". Lol. then, met me daddy at black canyon n had dinner. ordered fish steak, n was full, like HELL! so after that, went back home. n the must-not-miss-mahjong-session.
me sister n cousins planned to go sunway lagoon but it's a public holiday n it will be damn crowded over there. you wont wanna swim with tons of people in a pool, will you? so didnt get to go. n they planned to wake up at 5pm yesterday. they didnt. i think around 3pm. nt bad also lah. Lol. i woke up at 1pm. i was tired also, okay? so hang out at mun's hse until around 5.30pm. cycling. that's my daily routine in this holiday. :D so we watched tv n then went yam cha, at bangi kopitiam. peanut butter + ice-cream bread! (inner jokes, nyiahahaha.) then played police n murderer game with the cards. which we have to wink wink, stick our tongue out, catch murderers or die. LOL. then mum picked us up, she called us to play at home coz its midnight n its dangerous out there. went home n played for a while then slept.
god, we've been sleeping late n waking up early. woke up at 9 to get ready for lunch with uncles n aunties. went to restaurant sai kong for lunch n it was yummy. then visited second auntie's house at desa parkcity. what can we do? cards again there. Lol. planned to go ou but all of us r tired n bored of it, so went home. THEN, it's facial time for me. aunty dorothy done it for me. trimming my eyebrow is kinda pain, especially the threading. my tears almost fall man. n then she pressed out all my blackheads. now, you wont wanna see my face with all the cleaned pores. its all red! then mahjong, we will never get bored of this. (even though we're nt gambling.xD) since it's the last night, we planned to play whole night but didnt get to do that coz we were sleepy. haha. so, yeah..
woke up early again coz they're leaving. we had dim sum for branch. n then uncle kelly came to my hse to pick them up. n said, byebye to them. :( had a great time with them, laughed alot n had fun.
n sooo, that's my week (:

n these r what im up to:
  • wanted to get a wedges(shoes) oh-so-badly
  • want to get out of this house n go shop for new year clothes! :D
  • cant wait for christmas eve coz im goin to hang out with my long-time-no-see friends & sleepover! (:
  • not looking forward for my mummy's friend's christmas party on 25 dec
  • hui li's christmas party on 26 of december
  • painting my nails black

sooo, ive got you people a long post after im missing-in-action, hope you guys update ur blog often too. FAIR & SQUARE. Lol. toodles :D

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me parents were nt working today..wheeee!
went shopping at sunway pyramid..
1st time im soooo bored when im shopping..
well, used to buy lots of stuff at asian avenue..
but i didnt get myself anythin from there..
but went to kitschen n got myself a skirt (:
so after that had dinner at centrepoint n i accidentally ordered the wrong thing..
its a coffee but, its nice..especially, the glass..gosh..
n then, came back, bday cake for me cousin, jen..
its his birthday today..well, happy birthday!
n there's a self-made rose beside the cake, which is made by my sister..
she said she didnt get him anythin so she gave him that..LOL

after that, my younger sister call me to teach her how to clip her fringe up..
so i tutored her..Lol
n then finally, she got it! n she knows how to clip already..yay me!
so these r some pictures..Lol


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this is my sister's drawing..

n this is mine..
it makes the girl looks like 40 years older man..!! LOL!
which is nicer?? mine right??

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im currently at me mummy's office..
well, helping her since she's so busy n im so damn free at home..
so yeah..
went to meet up her friends n had breakfast with them..
n then back to me mummy's office..
surprisingly, there were so many ppl in my mum's office today..(its usually a person or two..Lol)
i was supposed to help her with the filings n all but i didnt..heh.
here i am surfing the net. xD
well, there are loads of stuff in my mummy's room..like, trophies, crystals, antique stuffs n so on..
n eventually, i found this cute stuff..so i took a picture of it..there you go.
this is the thing those ppl use to produce rice during the olden days..this is a mini 1 larh, for decoraton, cute isnt it? :D
n my cute lil flats. Lol. which matches my black n white dress..xD
so that's all..bye. :D

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gosh, ive been planning to wake up at 8.30am this holiday but surely xjadi..
but wow, 2day i woke up at 8am, slept back n woke up at 8.45am, Lol..
because there's piano class...HAHA
9.30 went piano class n nothin much..
n then came back, watched the hk drama..well, its addictive!
after all, its an awesome drama (:
n ive got drum class at 4 pm..me grandpa fetched me n my sister there n fetched my singapore aunty over..n then picked us up. Lol
2day's drum class was special..usually its at the classroom but today was at the jamming room..
probably another teacher's teaching at that class?
well, it was nt really hot over there but i was sweating, like HELL!
playing drums always make me sweat alot..so yeah..
n then my teacher just taught me how to tune my drums n yeah, ive got it..
hopefully i'll get a perfect sound for me drums!
n then came back i was supposed to go swimming with me sistas n cousin but my grandpa had been driving in & out all day so me n my cousin just cycled around my house..
well, it was kinda quiet today..dunno why :\
we've been cycling up n down the hill n it was tiring..
my arse hurts man..Lol
so that's all..ciao!

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look how foggy is it from my room's balcony view..
me mummy used her voucher n brought me n my family up to genting..
stayed at awana hotel..
well, this hotel used to be quite hot because of its location..
but surprisingly, this time we went, its like so damn foggy all the time..
so yesterday, dad gotta work even though he took lift, sigh..we ended up goin up to genting at around 2 something..n arrived at around 3..
i missed the swimming pool!
so 1st thing i changed my swimsuit n jumped into the pool..(well, actually nt jump, slowly went into it coz the water was like so damn cold even though its kinda heated X.X)
actually we wanted to go to the jacuzzi but there were like loads of people over there so we waited for a while for them to go n we went there..
we expected hotter water but still, its nt really THAT hot..
i nearly froze man seriously..
n it was me mummy's bday!
mummy, please take note that i love you!! mwah! xD
so me mummy's friends drove all the way up from KL to celebrate me mummy's bday at genting..what a friend man! Lol
snap, we forgotten to buy cake n yay, luckily me mummy's friend bought so we sang bday song at the lobby lounge yesterday night n me n me sisters went upstairs coz we're really tired n didnt want to stay there..
so we went back to our rooms, n then drama! xD
watched until like, 1 or 2 am i think, then slept..
luckily its just 2 days 1 night man, the bed is killing me!
i cant sleep n kept on waking up..
so had breakfast n lunch n went straight to drum class..
well, learnt lots of open hi-hat n is trying to control my leg to let it not open so big n make some noisy sound..wish me luck! D:

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Lol, she was lying down on a higher couch n her face was nearer to the camera so it looks bigger than mine. xD

was so bored n decided to take some crazy pictures with my younger sister..
well, i seldom camwhore with her what..so, yeah. :D

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2day i woke up n when i was listening to some music in my phone, a msg from an unknown number.
wow, surprisingly, it was jia anne!
she said she's in sg. buloh & wanted to visit my hse..
i was like, HOYEAH!!
i didnt see her for like...2 years?
miss her like hell man!!
she's my best childhood friend..i knw her when i was 4 i guess..
until now. long eyh? teehee..
so she arrived at around 1.30pm n i brought her up to my room..
she was like, D:
because its been a long time she didnt come to my hse n now big difference..so, yeah.
well, she stopped piano n she's taking classes for guitar..
n she kinda show me some song like the show, love story & you belong with me..
she's good! xD
n around 2.30pm her mum was already in front of my hse. :(
god, 2 years didnt met n only 1 hour of hang out? sigh..
i wonder how many years until i meet her again..sob sob sob!!
well, of course, took a picture for remembrance. sweet sweet memories!! <3 ya babe!

still, the pretty jia anne i knw last time. (:

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wei yee stole this picture from mei jin's blog n i stole it from wei yee's blog. LOLOL

yesterday i went to 1u with kye mun, wei yee, mei jin n yeap..
i went out around 9am coz my aunt, which is kye mun's mum has loads of stuff to do..
had breakfast n went to jen's sch, then picked friends up, n we're off to 1u..
n wow, its like the 1st time, 1u is so (a)crowded(/a)..
so we went to gsc to buy movie tickets for the movie, new moon! wheee!!

well, like everybody said, AWESOME!!
i watched this in the morning, so nt much ppl screaming..
i heard my friend's experiences..
they said when edward & jacob came out or took of their shirts, the girls were like, screaming..
n the ending were like hanging, some ppl threw popcorn to the screen..LOL
when i was watching twilight, yeah, i do have these experiences. Lol
but guys said its a gay movie..n they said its a waste of money. well, tht's their point of view..cant help..
so after the movie, we went for bowling..
this is my 1st time, so most of the time went into the longkang..sigh...
i did strike at the 2nd game, lucky, i guess? xD
then mun & i left around 3-3.30pm..
then had mcd..n home sweet home! teehee..
well i wrote this today coz im reallly lazy to write yesterday..hehehe