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hey guys, im back! (:
okay, so i have not much to tell bout the trip and i bet most of you went to singapore before and you know how is it.
but im not sure if you guys visited this place name bugis street. they sell all the cheap stuffs over there, like, in 10 bucks or 15 bucks. singapore dollar, of course.
but still, if you convert it back, its kinda worth it as well. (:
and i visited marina bay sands & sentosa. universal studios was way too expensive and most of the rides arent open yet. so yeah. didnt get to go.
the only thing i don't like is the food there. i meant, not like it's not nice. just, nothing unique bout it. unlike penang. :D
but overall, i had a great trip (:

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hate it when the chatbox which has your name on it goes grey in facebook.
sigh, i dont even deserve a 'bye'?
disconnected, i hope.

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the bitch right there wouldn't let us swear.
i meant, COME ON.
oh, i meant cbox. :)
you can see stars all over the words like 'bitch' and 'shit'.
right. -.-
let's just be good girls, ey?

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so let's see what i did on, monday.
okay, i can hardly recall.
errrr, OH YEAH.
cousin sister slept over the night before, because we planned to go cycling in the morning together.
but then, as we're getting our bikes, my aunt said she's going to ou.
well, shop for some stuff. so my younger sister and I tagged along with mun n jen.
walked for the whole day, had lunch at sri melaka and did window shopping.
wanted to catch a movie but was afraid that my aunt might wanna go anytime. so yeah. :
n we finally went back at 7? i think.
tiring like crazy.

well, had a weird dream. n that did not made up my day.
woke up, and did some house chores. my maid went back to cambodia for a month for holiday.
so that means i have to do the work for like, one month! one goddamn month.
but its not that hard, though. and im lovin' some of it. (:
after that..i couldn't really recall. i think i, came online?
and then went cycling at 4.30pm with lil sis and cousin sister. :D
at night, went to a nearby restaurant and had dinner there.
when i came down from the car, i saw jerry and he was about to leave. i doubted he saw me. so, yeah. then went into the place, saw winnis n the family. such a coindence. :D
so yeah.

woke up, washed up, housework.
after that, watched 'the social network' since i was not allowed to watch in the cinema, because the show is 18PL. -.-
right, so i just downloaded it.
halfway, i was kinda confused so i checked whether winnis is online, and she's not.
so i texted her and ask about the show. she always enlighten me :D
thanks babe. :)
so yeahh. then played badminton with cousins and lil sis.
been spending loads of time with cousins. as they just came back from NZ for holidays.
we've all been craving for them to come back here. so yeah. :)
oh yeah, jean finished her SPM. YAY! like, finally. -.-
and she's off to her friend's party at night.
just went to pick her up not long ago. sooo yeah.

i guess that's bout it. i actually realized how long i've not been blogging. plus, facebook's boring me. and then, im here. (:

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spent my holidays 2day at joey's.
awesome day 2, with additional of winnis, winson & yaron.
laughed, played what children always play, camwhored (Y).

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hahahahah, fine, babe. :)

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wow, now what?
new way of communication? talk through blog posts? like, seriously, blog post to blog post? LOLOL
hahahahh, i remember i put a slash through the word 'bitch' right? like : bitch :D
conclusion is, i love you too much that i have to call u a bitch. :DD
so may i? :)

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okay, you. have. no. idea.
okay this is what happened, at my last post, i said i got banned from writing at seow's chatbox.
n that bitch even posted a post n laughed at me. -.-
so just now i tried to comment, and, guess what? IT WAS FRIGGIN SUCCESSFUL! :D
im so gonna continue spamming your chatbox again, since it was a temporary ban. HAHA *grows horns*
nah, joking. later they really banned me permanently, i'll DIE. LOL
n my title explains my happiness right now. A_A

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well, i was trying to spam diana's blog's cbox because she said it was kinda empty and she told me, the emptiness was not in the cbox. -.-
i got banned from leaving any messages at diana's cbox. ))))))))))))':
hope it'll be okay by tomorrow.
please, god? :(

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i don't get why people just get bored of blogspot or blogger or whatever you call it.
well, i admit, i did get bored of it before, but i STILL blog. (man, im loyal. :D)
and some of them just delete it and stuff or abandon it.
i meant, COME ON. im addicted to it. why can't you?
in here, we can do it like some sorta tumblr blog, or myspace, or twitter or whatever shit. but the others, we can do like what we can do in blogspot.
plus, you'll never know who's reading your blog.
maybe tyson ritter is? HOLY CRAP if he does read mine.
i love him <3 :D
this is really what i think.
so wahai kawan-kawan, bloglah. HAHA.

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Went working with my mama 2day.
really did work 2day. LOL
did the filings n stuff, go up & down, left & right, front & back to take stuffs.
but well, i kinda enjoyed working. weird huh? D:
i meant, you go working and you expect some work to do right?
its better than sitting there, doing nothing.
and doing the same routine i did at home, online, iPod. i rather stay home.
i also sang and hummed through all the songs they played at the radio. im just, in the mood. (:
so yeah. guess what time i took my meals 2day?
-Breakfast, 12pm.
-Lunch, 5pm.
-Dinner, 11pm.
thank god, i ain't got no gastric. (:
um hmm, so yeah. then after that, mum had meeting with the agents.
i stayed outside reading my book.
after that, mum called me to hear what the person share as well, so yeah, went there.
n really got some motivation. (Y)
they're talking bout their business, but i used the way he taught in my studies instead. yeah, PMR (:
after that, i finished my book. so i started reading the book i borrowed from my lil sister, Justin bieber's first step to forever: my story.
well, no offence, but he can't stop talking bout girls. im wondering if he ever cares about his guy fans. or maybe guys just think he's such a pussy? nah, i don't think so.
i don't love him, don't hate him, but i won't judge him. (:
unlike the others, i read his book okay? :D
i was halfway, n i looked at the clock, its already 10.20pm.
surprisingly, this book kept me going. lol
then we're finally going home.
tired, yet great day. (: