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so today was the fan dancing performance day.
woke up like around 8 am, gotta go school to borrow farrina my blazer. i bet they were yawning away in there. :P
later on, went to the canteen, met dian and two buns were tied to her head. so cute :D
after that, realized i forgotten to bring my comb. so, went back with dian and go get my comb and all coz i bet the other two didn't bring. so yeah. and my personal hairstylist (CEHWAH. it's dian anyways, hee hee!) helped me tied my hair.
so yeah. and since our performance was like the laaaaast one, i brought dian to breakfast. and we went to get some clips for the gals.
and off we went back to school. we were like, D: coz we saw some of the parents were like leaving. that means, it's almost our turn? or was it already our turn? rushed in and phew~ they were still giving out the prizes. so after yu xin and winnis is done receiving theirs, we went to the pk room and once again, our personal hairstylist helped them with their hair. HAHA DIAN FTW. (Y)
and finally, it was our turn. went up there, sat there, smiled like a mad woman, and when it was finally our turn, we started dancing and halfway through, the music stopped. like, errwthishappening? the teachers down there were like, showing signals and called us to like freestyle a bit while waiting for the music to play. and we're like, *ignores* HAHA. finally the music came back in, and we finished it! yay.
only when we walked out of the hall and the stage, there was this indian girl, she told us the dance were nice.
that totally made our day. :)
oh yeah, and thank you guys for your time. especially asyrul :D
pictures, as usual, facebook :D

so, tooooooooodles (;

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lately, my new hobby is to post random stuffs at twitter and blogger.
as for facebook, hmm, more like a place to stalk people's profile >:)

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okay, the camp was not baaad. i think im quite used to the camping life or should i say 'experienced'. CEHWAH. AHAHAH.
so im kinda okay with getting use to the environment.
leading the group for the jungle trekking at night was so much fun. :D
though i was kinda scared because as usual, we were not supposed to use the torchlight. but yeah, when i was inside, it wasn't that scary i think. ((:
the 2nd day we had this station game. there's this station named 'korban', that means you've gotta sacrifice. and seriously, oh god. we gotta take off all our shoes and socks and as the leader, i think it's necessary for me to lie down there so that the others will follow. it was damn hot okay. D:
but all of these were worth it. :D
oh yeah, the sacrifice thing was about, we have to use all the stuff we had with us that day to make a line that can reach a wood way behind there. had the most fun in that station i think.
and i gotta wear slippers after that coz my shoelaces were untied and i've got no time to tie 'em back as we've gotta move on to another station. so yeah.
and i saw some groups get to step into the kolam to fill in some water. and i was like, okayy, that's gonna be our last station. quickly finish it up. and guess what? when i was at the second last station, they called us to stop. DAMN.
but everything happens for a good reason right? sour grapes much? LOL.
my friends told me that the game was kinda boring. and i knew what were we gonna do though. but still, they get to step into the pool! but oh wells, didnt really like the station games.
and yeah, after that, the person told us that we've gotta draw a mind map thingy as a conclusion for the night walk and we've gotta present it. and later on that night, they gave us like 15 minutes to conclude everything about the station games. plus, we've gotta create two more claps for each group. LIKE DAMN, WE HAVE ONLY 15 MINUTES TO DO ALL OF THESE?!
rushing like hell. but i just wrote few crap as the conclusion for the station games and created some simple claps.
after that, the presentation session WAS THE BOMB. loved it. :D
so, I've got what i wanted, and im VERY SATISFIED. YAY (y)

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today wasn't as cool.
i went to school today and i found out that i forgotten to bring the CD for the dance practise later. so im like, okay, i'll call my sister to bring it for me later. and then, i got so pissed over this bunch of students. i shouted at them and they fought back. that one sentence made me felt so bad. idk why.
and then okay, get over it. after that, i went back to class. my nose and throat were okay at home but idk wth they always start to sneeze and cough when im in my class.
you know when you're having a running nose and coughing like hell, you don't feel like doing anything.
okay so i went to the toilet before science to sneeze and all and then i went back. and then mubin told me that my gum was bleeding. -.-
so i had to tell the teacher and i had to go to the toilet, AGAIN. :@
and then i went for the practise for the stupid hari anugerah thingy, i made my sister rushed like hell to school today because of the CD. im sorry ):
then i came back and i found out that, i got back my science process skills already.
okay, so i opened it and DAMN, i forgotten to fill in all the blanks today when teacher was going through the answers. There were question marks and red ink all over my book. and she wrote 'not paying attention during p&p' as well. okay, i really wasn't paying attention. im sorry teach.
idk what's in my mind.
im so upset today and i just felt like swearing, FCK.

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read an article today and i think i should blog about it.
it's something like, smile while ur brushing your teeth every day.
he thinks that we should start a new day with something as simple as, smile while brushing ur teeth. it'll make a big difference.
so from now on, SMILE while brushing ur teeth every morning! :)

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okay, call me a weirdo but i think injection is fun, ain't it? LOL
you get to see freaked out faces, worried faces, happy faces, weird faces, faces that are trying to hide their fear. HAHAH.
people are going around asking whether the injection hurts.
well, to be honest, i did not know how to answer them.
if i say no, they say im bullshitting and if i say yes, i don't think it hurts like THAT much.
RIGHT. honestly, it kinda hurt lah. i meant, HOW CAN IT NOT HURT YOUR ARM WHEN THE NURSE POKED YOU WITH A NEEDLE? just for a few moment.
and then its okay. i meant, i THOUGHT it was okay already.
and mana tau, it hurts more when the second day and the third day comes. hope that tomorrow wouldn't hurt that much.

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Okay, let's hope that i don't forget what was i going to blog about.

there was one period, i felt like, no one likes me, and all my friends are getting bored of me and stuff like that, but i obviously don't know what the hell was wrong with me. my friends were awesome. and they're getting better and better.
now im feeling accompanied every recess, unlike the lonely days which made everyone who passed by give me an awkward stare. -.-
because anis's here with me! hee hee. thanks for accompanying me. and thanks ridha for putting us together for our duty spots. (:
we can actually talk bad bout someone who's standing right behind of us. i know, we're mean, but it's cool. you know, the person would kinda like, terasa, and it gives me satisfaction. damn, now i felt like hyde in the novel coz he feels satisfied after doing something bad. LOL.
and yeah, i like my friends i made this year and the ones i get closer with, like the ones from rk, and all the malay and indian fellows in my class. we don't really get along with each other during the past few years and im glad we are now getting along and mixing well. :D
so yeah.

and i don't know what the hell but i would always get hit by a ball every friday, during pj. especially volleyball. which is damn painful all right. yesterday's volleyball hit was not cool. the guy didnt get to serve it over the net and i was getting ready to hit the ball near the net. so maybe he thought since he couldn't serve it high enough, he should kick it instead. n dude, what the hell, i was right over there. and the ball hit me, somewhere around my heart. i felt like vomiting that time and i couldn't help but to sit down on the floor for a while. and thank god, i was okay after that. guess i should be more careful during pj next time. the dude can't stop apologizing and i wasn't pissed off.

alrighty, i think that's all for now. toodles. :)

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hahah, i knew about it. LOL.
i just went to the salon for a new look with short fringe today. teehee.
i think you guys should check it out:
tada! :D
the curls are temporary though :/
i kinda freaked out when i look at myself with the curls coz i thought i look kinda matured. and yeah, i really do. but now that im starting to lose 'em because some water kissed it, i kinda hope that it will stay there forever. lol.
but whatever, i hope it'll gonna look okay. :D

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Hey guys! man, its been sooo long. sorry for not updating!
i've ran out of words to say and things to blog here. but im trying to think of some and if i have something in mind, i SWEAR i'll blog, kay? :D
okay, so this morning i went for this drama audition.
well, paired up with seow and did a short scene from cinderella.
im not sure if i wanna get in or not, because since its my PMR year, and if i actually get chosen, i will have to practise like ALL THE TIME. stay back after school, etc. :/
now i kinda hope that i won't get chosen. LOL.
OKAY, like i did very good in the audition -.-
but what i like about audition is, the judge's the only audience and you won't have to hold back anything. you'll just have to give your best. i think that's the best part.
even i was kinda disappointed but yeah, i did have a great time watching and acting as well. :)
and oh yeah, APRIL FOOL was fun this year.
got pranked once and decided to seek for revenge.
so i actually pranked two classes and i hope everyone's cool with it. in fact, they were. except for one :/ thanks guys! had a great time pranking you people. HAHA. but i still love you guys <3 :))

P.S. im sorry if i offended any of you guys, really sorry.