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I miss the times where i have problems, you'll be there to listen.
Even though i get '>.<'' << this, ALOT from you, but i know at least, someone is there to share my pain. Fulamak, 'share my pain' :P '
When i knew you were going to a boarding school, i died a little inside. But that's what best for you, so of course, I'll support your decision.
Don't worry. I don't like you that way. I just want to thank you. Hahaha. Hope to see a green circle beside your name very soon.
Oh and Happy Fasting dude! :D

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So..It was momma's big event of the year again on the 30th of June.
Everyone dressed according to the theme: 60's and 70's, except for me.
Well, I didn't have the time to go shop for dresses ya know. June, was an extremely busy month for me, though i can't really remember what I did. Hehe. You guys won't wanna know, so it's okay. BUT i'm not the host anyway. So, it's okay if i turned up in a normal dress, right? ._.
So yeah. I had loads of fun and i gotta say, over the years, this was the best annual dinner. Food, not that good but oh wells, that's not important. Setting, it was cold so yeah, awesome! And gotta praise the performers of the night. All of them were really good and the performances were interesting! It's no longer all singing oldies.

Here are some pictures that i would like to post. I love them.

At times, I feel really bad when i get so annoyed with some school matters, i tend to let out my temper at them. I'm sorry about that but thanks for being with me whenever I need you all. Love you guys :)

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The wrong scene :P
The bitch took this when i was not around :P
Meet my awesome retards :D

Best girlfriends!
Mel mel in makeup! Woooot!
Yu xin babyyy.
Kah munnnn. My awesome junior!

The stunning Aceyyy!
Let me introduce you to the awesome MC of the night, Pei yii!
And the other retarded MC, Jian chuannnn.
Jojo da bitch. Oh it rhymes perfectly :D
Love this picture of us. <3
And another one with vic who showed up in short sleeve t-shirt with a tie. He probably wanted to show his muscles but i think it looked pretty good, no? :P I meant, his attire.

On the 15th of July, me and my friends attended our society's annual dinner. Our society is sorta cool. We held our jamuan in the club and we're allowed to wear dresses, just not very sexy ones. LOL. Unlike the other societies who would just order pizza and celebrate in school. :P
So yeah, i went with kah yi and she helped me to draw some stars just above my dress to suit the theme of the night: Starry Night. Me and a few of my friends who are performing wore our chinese society shirt there as that's our attire for our performance. So we were feeling so damn embarrassed because everyone was like in dresses and tuxedos (sorta :P). We hid at the back of the stage :P
After the performance, finally, we put on our clothes and heels and, BOOM, we started partying! I was so damn hyper that night. And there was this song dedication session. I was dancing and shaking like crazy to almost every song. Yeap, alone, while my friends watched me. They couldn't stand my craziness but still, they gotta bare with it :P Aww, love you guys :D
I sat beside kah yi and on my right was yu xin. Kah yi and I were screaming like crazy. Moral support what. And the best part of the night was when yu xin got pranked and nick got pushed out to the front of the hall. There goes the climax! Hahah, i think I'm not supposed to post about what happened but trust me, all of us screamed like hell for them. :D


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I seriously didn't know there were so many things behind those faces that were smiling all the time. Please forgive me for not being observant enough to notice all these. I hope i didn't make u feel worse and i hope when i kept quiet, i made you guys felt better. :)
You know im not good at comforting. I just didn't want to make it worse, ya know. Just keep holding on, my dears :)

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Ladies and gentleman, presenting to you..Terengganu trip!

This silhouette.. :')
Jumpshot! :DD
One slip, die. CHOI.
Here we go..Flying kite for the second time in my life!
When the kite flew away and i got it back..Was laughing like shit. Lmao
我们背对背拥抱~ :D
The kite and us :D
At ICT with the neon trees :)
At China Town. Found a random telephone booth and was trying to open the padlock. :P
Satar! Nom nom :3
At the bus.
When we just arrived.. :)

Haha, yu xin and i were throwing flowers as if we're their flowergirl. LOL. Sometimes we get so damn lame i don't even know what were we doing.
Our name cards. :)

The sunrise.. :)
The sky without clouds. Unusual huh? :)
Outside our motel. Lol.
You'll never get bored when you're beside her :P
Babes <3
PGY, YO! <3

Finally im updating bout the terengganu trip xD
Sooo, im just gonna keep it short. Gonna post about some epic moments. LOL.

We reached school at 8.30pm and after all the register thing, we finally started our journey at 10pm. So i was told that the journey to terengganu's gonna be 8-9 hours. And i actually brought the sleeping thing where u put it around your neck. So i had a good sleep. I purposely didn't take my afternoon nap even though i was trying my best to open my eyes that afternoon, just so i could sleep in the bus. Im the kind of person that can hardly fall asleep if im not on my bed. So yeah. Lol. Oh and i sat beside winnis. Laughed like crazy with her throughout the trip. Oh and the cool thing is, the bus driver plays awesome movies for us to watch. :D
So we reached around 4.30am? Much earlier than what i expected. Washed up and all. Wait, i couldnt remember did i brush my teeth that morning. Shit. But all of us were too lazy to wash up. :P

Then we went visiting and all. The Taman Tamadun Islam, Crystal Mosque (we actually wore a tudung, lol sort of). We finally checked into the hotel at around 5 in the afternoon i guess. Wow, BEST MOTEL EVER. The air-cond was more like a heater. But luckily during the night, it was quite cold. Oh and we didn't have a blanket. So thank god the air-cond wasnt THAT cold. I couldnt imagine how the room beside us slept that night with the air-cond on. They could have probably freezed. :P But at the bright side, me and my friends got to choose a room that's right beside the beach. We played at the beach when we had free time that afternoon that was supposed to be sleeping time. lol. Had loads of fun! I actually bathed already before going to the beach, and since we played at the beach, i had to bathe again. But it was worth it. Oh gotta say Terengganu's beaches are really clean and beautiful. Yeap, even the public beaches. Port Dickson's beach, shame on you. :P

And then we went to ICT which is around China Town. Yeap, it sounds and look the same as the I-city here in Shah Alam. Neon trees all over the place and it's by the river. :D Took pictures and I personally like the tree with white neon lights the most. :3 and then we headed back to the motel, i guess. So called 'barbeque'' for dinner but the owner of the restaurant done all the work for us. Our job is to eat. lol. Just nice, we don't have much energy to barbeque it ourselves anyway that night, totally exhausted. At the restaurant outside our room, they have random people singing karaoke. They were singing so loudly right outside our room but somehow, it didn't really matter coz i slept the minute i lied on the bed. :P

Second day..
Woke up at 6.30 am and inititally we wanted to watch the sunrise. But we only went out at 7 am and the sky was already, quite bright. But surprisingly, the sun wasn't out yet. Finally, we got to see the sunrise. So nice <3 Went to visit the pasar payang where they sold vegetables at the ground floor and souvenirs at the first floor. Went first floor and since most of my friends went to the trip so i don't think i have any souvenirs to buy for anyone. LOL. But when i got into the bus and saw what my friends bought, i kinda regretted for not buying but oh wells, while they were busy shopping for souvenirs, yu xin, winnis, nick and I sneaked to China Town, which is located at the road beside pasar payang. I think it was day time so there wasn't much stuff there. Most of the shops were closed and i think they will only open at night. So, too bad. But we had fun. Idk why, we just had fun. Oh and we saw two pondans sitting at the corridor, and i told them they were prostitutes. They didn't believe it and they wanted to go back and check them out, again. LOL. But well, we had not much time so we went back to the bus instead. Hahahah. Later, we went to a famous restaurant before going to the beach. The seafood was awesome. OH AND THE ICE KACANG THERE TASTED LIKE HEAVEN! Okay, and the beaches..I regretted for not asking what are the names of the beach we went. To be frank, we went to quite a few beaches but i don't even know their names. Not even one. Sigh. All i know is, we had fun. LOL. So there was this beach we went, melissa and all were burying themselves in the sand and winnis bought a kite. We took turns to fly it. And when it was my turn, maybe i was too excited or something, i just somehow let the kite go. It was so damn windy that day and i thought it was impossible to get it back already. Cried a little inside coz it's winnis's. I kept giving her trouble throughout the trip. Gosh. Sorry babe. I didn't know what was wrong with me. But thank god, i managed to get it back. But then there were lots of knots on the string. So, yu xin had to help me with the knots. Actually, i think this is seriously an epic moment to remember and this is what makes the trip memorable. LOL. Oh and i remembered the second night, we passed by Kerteh, where petronas owns the land. There were petroleum processing factories along the road. So yeah. Reminded me of last year's geography. :)

Last day..
This was the day we tried all the local delicacies. We tired Satar, which was kinda baked fish in pandan leaves. The fish tastes sweet and a lil bit spicy at the same time. Then we tried otak-otak. I think i prefer the otak-otak here in KL which is said to be a 'fake'' one. I meant, the ''real'' otak-otak there tasted like, normal fish. Nothing special about it. So yeah. Oh and my favorite, keropok lekor! Ate like 20 over throughout the trip man. So yeah. Then we headed back home at around 3pm. The bus driver stopped by at one of the R&R near genting. We had waffle. Awesome shit. And in one and a half hour, finally reached school.

So, my friends and I had bathed together, slept in a tent together, slept on the same bed together, went into the jungle together, ate together by the roadside and finally, BEACH TOGETHER! <3 I am really thankful. :)

P.S. Credits to Winnis for some of the pictures i took from her album in fb :P

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Through all these years of collecting, I actually have a collection of college pens. Believe it or not, no other pens can beat these. They're so good to use and most importantly, they're free xD there's just something between me and these college pens. LOL. I love 'em.
These are just a small part of them. I think I've used some and threw some away already so yeah. These are what I'm left with. Oh and today's the career exhibition in my school. Didn't have much time to go check out the booths since I got chosen to do the aural with the pentaksir from the ministry of education. So, sigh, not much pens but still i got a two or three.
Lololol I sounded like some middle-aged woman that's so greedy for all the freebies. But what the heck, college pens FTW <3