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ace checking sum pics in her camera..

ace accidentally shook the camera when she took this pic..LOL!

ace n me! xD!

victor! lol

ace n pei yii..heehee!
diana n me..LOL

pei yii n me in the dark..

victor n me!

hui li, yin ling n zhi xin..

aren't victor cute? lol...

omg, nick's dead..*giggles*

this is how nick died.coz, victor killed him..

wad a nice view!

hui li holding her pillow n missing sum1..WOOT!

victor is goin 2 hit zhi xin wif the pillow..LOL!

bryan n foong sitting by the stairs..emo?

another pic of me n pei yii..
haha..this time nvr shake..clear 1!

yu xin n me! heehee!
WOOT! winnis n me..she's so HOT!
the crazy pics up there was taken in diana's bday party..
hahaa..once again, diana, happy belated bday! xD
her party was freaking fun!
we drank champagne but i dun think it has alcohol..
but all of us was acting drunk, i guess..haha!
me n victor even WANTED 2 hug each other..LOL!
n the cake was, yummy 2! haha..
oh ya, i missed 1 pic! the pic down here..

victor sitting at the road, posing 4 all of us 2 snap a photo..XD! perasannya..!

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hello thr! this is my 1st time blogging..
actually i had a space..
but i found it boring so i opened 1 in blogger..
i will catch up wif u guys later..buh bye!