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today was so random..
my dad suddenly came up to my room n woke me up..
he said he's taking us to dynasty hotel's tang palace to eat dim sum for breakfast..i meant, branch..
as you know, im a person who sleep late n wake up late. heh.
so, i wore my new superman black singlet n my tight jeans, wore converse n off to dynasty hotel.
well, on the way, my parents were keep lecturing us..
they were really pissed off ytd nite..sigh..
after having the yummy dim sums, we were sitting in the car planning whr to go next..
i dun wanna go back home so early so i suggested to go 1u.
while my parents went for massage..
i dun felt like goin shopping today..so i watched a movie with my sisters..
we watched the movie "the box"..by cameron diaz & james marsden..

james marsden is HOT! ive watched 2 movies by him, 1 is this movie n another 1 was 27 dresses..im obsessed with him..Lol
actually we wanted to watch new moon, but we all planned to watch with our friends..so we watched this..it was a correct choice..xD
this movie is quite complicated..as in the storyline..but it was a sad ending..
im sure there's still a deeper meaning in it, which i dun really get it..Lol
go watch if u've nt watch..its nice! (:
then after that me parents came to pick us up n we went home to wash up..
around 7pm, i went to sri damansara club for concerto music, my music school's concert..
there were few bands performing..they were good, especially my sister's friend's band..
the picture with some blue lightings is the main band, which is my sister's friend's band lah.
the drummer was just 12, n he's so good!! im so impressed when i saw his playing n, I SUCK!
im so desperate to see my drum teacher's playing..
but sigh, he didnt perform anything today..but i did saw some videos when he's playing, he rock socks man! Lol
n why i said my day was random? its because everything i did today is so random, which i dun do on sundays. Lol
2mrw, im hanging out with my cousin n her friends to 1u, again. Lol
well, what to do? it's our all-time-favourites..xD
will tell u more bout the hang out 2mrw! till then! :D

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its currently 1:11 AM...*yawns*

oh yeah, i just deleted my playlist coz i just think its kinda annoying whenever i clicked into my blog, am i right?

maybe i'll put it back some other time due to some randomness. xD

n im soooo sleepy..

i came back from tuition n straight away came to my room n spent some time with my internet. i've nt bathe. i stinks. so im off to bathe now..

just wanted to say goodnight, N, dun let the bed bugs bite..xD

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woot! new moon is on cinema today! xD
sigh...i got no plans yet..
hope i could hang out with my buddies for this movie..(:

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WOOT! people...im back from bali..missed me? =D
i went to club med, bali n some other places there..
everyday's breakfast, lunch, dinner is buffet..only for few lunch is some local delicacies..
got so much darker but its a great trip after all..xD
so people, get ready to read this loooooong post bout 5 days..wehehe! xD
woke up at 7am. panda-eyed, heh. washed up n went downstairs. sitting down at the couch, doing nothing, n was waiting like crazy for my parents to come downstairs..n FINALLY, me parents came down n we went for breakfast, then we're off to KLIA..WOOT! xD
then, checked in, took our boarding passes and we went for a break at mcd. after a while we took the aerotrain to the gate we're boarding n guess what? when we arrived there, we didnt manage to find the gate..RUPA-RUPANYE, we didnt have to take the aerotrain coz the gate is just right there..-.-
so what to do? we gotta take the aerotrain back again..Lol. Luckily it was still kinda early, so we did all the immigration stuff n went into malaysia airlines. this plane is seriouly, SMALL, Lol. But the seats are so colorful which make it still looked okaaaay.
after a 3 hrs flight, we arrived in DENPASAR, BALI. well, we took a van to club med. godh, this place is so nice! :D
so one of the G.O. there took us around for an information meeting, n wow, its so big n im even afraid that i will lost my way..Lol
then, we went into our rooms n changed our attire. we walked around and its dinner time alrd..
we had buffet and the food was nice! hehe. and then we went for the cultural show. truth be told, its kinda bored + the traditional music makes me almost fell asleep. heh. and thank god, me parents suggested to go swimming that time. all of us were like, YAY! =D
the pool here is opened 24 hrs so we can go swim anytime..hehe..
when all of us went into the pool, we were like, DARN! HEATED POOL!
the weather there was really really HOT! we expected cold water pool. sigh..
and hen we went back to our rooms, bathed and went to sleep. tired. :\
its a wonderful morning n i woke up at 8am. the sun's already like the 12pm sun man. well, had breakfast and then went down to the beach. we wanted to go windsurfing. we're just beginners so we gotta take up classes. n damn, we just missed the class at 10.30am, so gtg canoeing. this is much easier than windsurfing, i think. but our hands r tired. so we canoe until quite far away n canoe back. n then, i started playing with the sand & water. Lol. so after that, we bathed n we wanted to go to the quiet pool. well, what do i mean here is, we're nt allowed to talk at this pool. we're just gonna whisper to each other. Lol. then we walked in and they said we have to be above 18 only we can go. ugh! damn! but my sister get to go in due to her mature look. so unfair! Lol..what to do? so i went to the normal pool. this pool kinda sucked. its so shallow + its a heated pool. makes me HOTTER! god..(dun take it the wrong way, i really meant HOT=PANAS) Lol. then we swam until it was 2 pm. and we went to bathe. we missed the buffet lunch so went to another ala-carte restaurant for our lunch. n then, we had a break at our hotel rooms. all of us were so damn tired so we took a nap until we heard a knock on the door. and HOYEAH, this is the best part. we went shopping around kuta. we walked n walked, shopped n shopped, bargained n bargained, like HELL. i got myself a shorts, dress and a superman singlet! hehehe..xD actually, i wanted to buy a very cute, mini drumset which is for decoration. but somehow, xjadi..spent a few million on all these stuff..i meant, rupiah. LOL
shopping is never enough..but we're tired so we went back, bathed n changed our attire according to the theme "elegant"..i wore a grey dress..
so we watched a show at the theatre and then partied around the bar. and then it suddenly rained so we ran back to our rooms, n yeah, watched TV, rested n slept.
woke up at 8am. had breakfast and is ready for the tour. we're going out to visit some places in bali. took a van to some famous places. first, we visited a temple. well the tour guide told about some culture there, its interesting. oh yeah, before we enter the temple, we wore a sarong in, some rules i think. and after tht, we went to the coffee plantation. the minute we stepped out the car, its so cooling. at least cooler than the van. n so, we drank some free coffee. i dun like coffee so i had some hot chocolate. yumm~ its so rich. and another 10-20 minutes we arrived at the monkey forest. well saw monkeys lah. what else? Lol. then we bough some sarong in some stores, we can wear it as a dress or use it as a scarf. useful huh? xD
n we had babi kuling for lunch, nice. go try it, its good + its famous in bali. then we're off to the volcano. its still active, dangerous..Jkjk. its a scenic place. very pretty. (:
then we went to another nicer place to eat dirty duck A.K.A. crispy duck. nice also. haha..finally, we dont have to eat the hotel buffet and taste some local delicacies instead. hee. and the we went back to club med. then changed my dress according to the theme tht night " brown n white" n then as usual, watched the show n partied around the bar. well, usually, i wont stay long at the bar. so today, i went to play mahjong. then slept. another tiring day..
wanted to go windsurfing but XJADI AGAIN! argh, coz of the low tide. well, nevermine, had breakfast n joined anthony, one of the G.O. 's junior club. nth do to what. and so, we changed our swimming suits and sat a boat out to the center of the sea, for snorkeling. weehoo~!
wore the goggles, fin, life jacket n jumped into the green sea. saw blue n yellow fishes. so pwettie! i drank some sea water too, so salty! eew. n then fter 30 mins we went back to the beach. then, played some games around the pool n had lunch. after tht, we practised the fan dance for tonight's performance. *heartbeats* Lol. n after a short practise, we played golf. cipping je..n then archery. its fun.THEN, trapeze, which club med is famous of. well, we climbed up until is 10 metres up, we held on to a bar n started swinging. i meant jump down n swing. we're supposed to put our legs up on the bar n just use our legs to hang ourselves in the air n swing. well, when its my turn, i didnt manage to lift my legs up..sob! but my hands r really tired already. then go banjeejump. bounce n bounce. lol..n then shower break..rested at our rooms. then off to dinner. n then, we went to the backstage n wore our costumes. i wore a gold ceongsam. Lol. then we're ready for the show. its so hot in this ceongsam. i was sweating man. so after the performance, anthony gave each of us a gold medal! WOOT! he said that's a reward for doing good in the dance. this medal is so cute n i was so desperate to have one. hehehe. :D so this is our last night and luckily we didnt miss the trapeze show. it was sooo amazing! after tht, i went back to sleep, too tired, didnt go party at the bar.
sigh...time flies n its time for us to leave. :'( well, went for for breakfast. then, i went to the archery to take anthony & martin's facebook. Lol. keep in touch what. xD
then, i ran back to the main entrance. we took the shuttle bus to a nearby so-called shopping mall. walked like, 10 minutes? n we're done. then went back to our hotel n had our LAST lunch there. sob. then we're off 2 d airport. im gonna miss club med, bali so much!! hope i could visit this place again next time. ciao club med, bali, the G.O. there and shopping! xD

gosh, my fingers r tired n my head is dizzy thanks to this post..n i dunno what's with this font lah..-.-
P.S. pictures at my facebook profile. n yeah, lots of hot blokes over there in club med. wehehe! xD

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i went back to my primary school for the graduation day...
pei yii, guang huan, xiu yu, shiow li, wai leong, yam, winson n I was there!xD
when i saw wai leong, i could nt recognize him man seriously..
he's so thin now..he went on a diet i guess..gratz dude!
so camwhored with few of my close friends coz i dunno when's the next time i see them again..=(
n yeah, my purpose to go back is also to see my sister's dancing..
before that, i went into the class n see my sister n her dancing mates making up..
she's dancing 2 dances..
n she's the leader of 2 dances..im kinda impressed actually after looking at the dances..Lol
then, im walking around the sch compound with my old friends n took some pictures of the cleanest toilet ever, which is the place me n my friends always hang out. Lol
n some new buildings over there..=D
i also went to my standard 6 class..sigh..i missed the days over there..
n i didnt see my form teacher when i was in standard 6..she transferred school..SOB!
i missed her the most man! :(
i went up to the highest floor n my head nearly touched the ceiling! xD
i meant the one leading to the stairs..wehehe!
took the picture for remembrance...
i chit-chatted with all my long-time-no-see buddies n then went to the canteen for a heartattack game..
god, im keep losing..O:
then it was the graduation ceremony..spot someone crying..
wanted to cry too..LOL! joking..xD
n then i went to the staff room to go peek at my sister's UPSR result..
she got 6A's..n i heard its kinda difficult this year..cant blame her..i didnt anyway. btw, gratz sis! xD
she's happy when she heard her result..
n then i rushed back for school..
camwhored too, since its the last day of school..
when im bored, i told teacher i was gonna help another teacher, n i sneaked into C class..
played poker cards..xD
n then its class party..had pizza :D
kesh walked me home tht day...hehehe..xD

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haha..im sorry..
i think i changed my blogskin again..Lol
well i changed this because of the drums, ONLY!
others like the saxophones n all i dun really like it..hehehe.
i love this blogskin..well maybe im gonna use it for quite some time..
UNLESS, i got bad comments..
like my last blogskin..my friend said its too messy n some say they clicked like crazy just to read my blog..LOL
well sowie bout it..
hope u guys r okay with this..haha!
nth much is up.
just started packing some stuff for my bali trip this friday..
omgosh..im gonna shop till i drop! WOOT! xD
actually i dun think i have much time to shop coz we're in club med n we got 1 day to go out to the town to do shopping..
1 DAY! 1 DAY! did you see that?!
that's so not enough! xD
well, will try my best to go shop! HAHA!
n we suddenly became a millionaire there..came back here, million hair je. lol...
looking forward..woo! hehehe.
n then go comment on ppl's pictures n spamming ppl's conversation in msn. nyiahahaha!
why is it keep raining?
i thought its angin monsun timur laut now n we shouldnt get that much rain coz we're in pantai barat..omg? why am i keep speaking geography? Lol
okay cut that crap, actually i wanted to go swimming but every evening its raining cats & dogs.
n god, im starving..n i miss hunny..heh.(:

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well woke up arnd 10am n as usual, went for my breakfast outside.
then i remembered i got drum class at curve..
so had a break, practised drums, bathed n to curve..(:
this is my last class at yamaha..
actually this is a replacement class..
the teacher went overseas so he postponed it..
n i already started my new drum class in concerto music...
its pretty cool..
the teacher printed "its my life" by bon jovi's score for me to play..
n then ive been busy..
missing 2 classes coz of the trip to port dickson n my bali trip this friday..wheee!
okay, back to sunday. lol
i ran up to the highest floor when i reached curve..
well i always do tht coz im always late coz of some sort of reasons larh..
then i played the same song, AGAIN. which makes me got frustrated.
played over n over again for like, 4 times then say bye bye to teacher robert.
haha, actually, i lied to him that im goin to NZ so i will have to stop my drum class in yamaha..
okay this is so fake..xD
then went home n picked me grandparents up n had dinner at a nyonya restaurant in kota damansara..
i love the antique design n the food too, of course.
they also played the drama "little nyonya" for us to watch..
god, i cant stop turning my head to the tv to watch man..
its srsly nice! then i gtg..sigh..
n so that's my sunday! :D

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im lost..
my heart lead me to no where..
i'll leave when the wind blows n you'll be sad that you let me go..
im nt sure if it is right to do this, but im very sure im much more happier like this..
i really got no idea what am i doing right now...
u choose to move on n so do i..
u kept me hanging n this is so hard for me..
I dont run from you, I walk away slowly and it kills me because you dont care enough to stop me!
is this really the right thing to do? idk?

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hey there people! what's up?
im back from the sch trip to port dickson..
truth be told, i just wrote this post 2 days after. im lazy, yeah. xD
lemme tell u every single details bout it.
so on friday i went sch at around 7.30am n chit-chatted with me awesome friends..Lol
then we started our journey at arnd 8am..
on the way..we played with victor's UNO cards.
his uno cards were like so cool compared to mine..its transparent..
but mine's like...barbie doll..-.-
well, last time i was like so crazy over it..but not now larh of course..Lol
it was like an endless game man...
n guess what? we had our lunch at.......KFC -.-
i shared with my friends since we all dunno what to do..
we ended up packing it back to our hotel rooms for supper. too much. Lol
so we arrived at glory beach resort..okay..its nt like how i googled it..
its like....so different from the picture i google..
just some normal apartment..
but it was okaaay larh..compared to the camps i went last time..Lol
so we waited for like soooo long n we still didnt get our keys..-.-
so we went to the place named sri tanjung..its a air-conditioned room which we got to sit there n listen to the teacher's guidance..sigh..
then vic n nick started to speak some broken english for example, "you is very noisy".."you cannot sitting here".."i is very hungry"..LOL
i joined..laughing like shit..
then me n my friends who shared the same room got our key to our room..xD
but pity the others..they still dun get their keys.
so they went into our rooms to rest for a while until they get their keys.
then we bathed n went to the beach..
the beach was pretty..
so we had telematch..okay..there's sumthin to do with water..
so after we finished tht game everybody took the water n pour their friends..
there's nt much water actually..but i kena two buckets..gosh..
it was by vic n nick...but i had fun..xD
then it's another game which we have to make a line as long as we can..
so i lied down on the beach..n im like a sandwoman..nevermine, I LOVE SAND! xD
then we bathed, AGAIN..n we go for our dinner...
mhm...nt really nice larh..n we go for the majlis penyampaian watikah pelantikan for the PRS.
well...everybody dressed nicely..especially dian..
she wears a black blouse n a green skirt..her skirt is so scottish, says victor. lol
n woooo, i got cheers from my friends...xD
after that we had lucky draw..well, this wasnt lucky..
everybody get a chance to win something..-.-
then we went back to our rooms..
well..had a break..changed our shorts n came out for tea..
then we chit-chatted..i dunno what's the point of making something really funny sounds so scary..Lol
n then halfway we felt so hot outside so all of us went into me, dian n yu xin's room to continue chatting..halfway we heard some voices out there then we opened the window n check out what's happening..
rupa-rupanye..kah inn n vic they all haven sleep...still chit-chatting since their balconies r so near..Lol
then we continued our conversation till it was like...3.30am..
we had experience that we didnt sleep until the second day during the ceramah we cant open our eyes..coz we're so damn sleepy..
so we decided to sleep..=)
2nd day my alarm didnt woke me up so my friends wake me up..then we had our breakfast n started our games..this time nt at the beach..phew~
coz i dun wanna get dirty again..xD
then we got our prizes n we get to swim at the swimming pool..
as u can see, in the pictures up there, there r few sexy bodies up there..LOL
sigh..i cant go swim..well, just..cant..xD
we also went to the beach..nick volunteered to let us bury him..hahaha..
we even wrote 'R.I.P. NICK' hahhah! i knw we're mean..
we dun meant it larh okay nick? xD
n yeah we buried him with sand n i called chiao yee to help me with the video..xD..nice one!
eek, i dunno whats wrong with blogger! keep having problem uploading the video..
well, nvm..if u guys wanna watch, come look for me n i'll send to u guys..xD
so another half an hour for checking out...was really tired that time..
then went into the bus n it was raining..
when i was sleeping halfway, we arrived at the museum tentera darat..
we're gonna b there for like 1 hour..god..
so i just went check out every room n it was bored..Lol
except for the era kesultanan malacca i think..i like the design..it was dark..give us some scary feeling..Lol
then we arrived in sch at around 7pm...
well my parents came n picked me up n we went home..
god i was rushing..i quickly bathed n changed n me n my family were off to dinner..
my dad's friend gave us a treat at a japanese restaurant in centrepoint..
yummy! i love the tempura the most! <3