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I'm not sure how our friendship started. But it just did. We talked about a lot of things. But fate just had to do us part. You had to transfer school and I'm pretty sure you won't be going online that often since it's SPM year. Sometimes I think to myself, if only you were still in the same school and class with me, you'd probably be my gay bestie. But oh well, I hope our friendship will grow as we grow and we'll get to hang after SPM? Yes, it's my promise to you that I would drive you out. Well, if only you dare to. :P yeah, so all the best in everything, long lost bestie. :)

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I've been blogwalking a.k.a. stalking other people's blog. Just don't know why most of their posts are about them being unhappy. Yeah maybe they really are having a problem, and I understand they want to express it out. But you can't be feeling unhappy 24/7 right? Come on..There's more to life than all these. 

If you're having problems getting your crush to like you back, 
Well, work for it! Or I would say, there are so many other prettier trees in the forest, take a look around you, there may be some small plantations that you didn't notice all these while. Don't just put your attention on one particular tree and ignore the whole piece of jungle. 

If you're having problems with friends,
Simple. Talk it through. Writing in your blog wouldn't help. If it can't be talked through then, leave them. You may find better friends that will cause you less problem. Or not, be alone. I think it's better to be alone than having to deal with friendship problems every single day. Whatever it is, remember, YOLO (You Only Live Once) You won't want to look back in the future and find out you have nothing to remember during your high school life. 

Really guys, there's more to life than these. For instance, staring at hot guys could be a joy too. It may help release some stress. Let me lend you a helping hand: 

Or listen to some good music like:

So make your life worth looking back in the future and that will put a smile on your face by then. :)

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I don't always remember my dream. But this one is too beautiful to be forgotten...I couldn't believe it. Even in my dreams, I kept questioning myself whether it was just a dream. It was so beautiful. Too beautiful that it was hard to believe all of those were true. Suddenly, a familiar voice was talking to me. That was my mom waking me up. And so I was right. It was just a dream. 

I think I have been thinking about it too much, so eventually I dreamt about it.

Oh dear god, when will this ever happen in reality?

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On saturday night, out of the blue, my mum suggested to watch a movie that night. Oh and I love being in the cinema so we bought tickets in advance on the net.Watched Unbeatable. I don't think I have to say much, it was so good! Their bodies, omg, someone HOLD ME! Especially Eddie Peng. Sooooo hot! The cinema was so cold but their hotness had overcame it. Hahaha! Strongly recommend this movie! It may get a lil violent and depressing here and there, but I had one hell of a good time watching it.
Eddie Peng <3 p="">

And before the movie started, as usual, they played a few trailers of the upcoming movies. Screamed when Leehom appeared. Yes, his movie's gonna be in cinemas on the 19th of sept. SO WATCHING IT!! 

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KLPAC stands for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre just so you know. :P So, on Friday, my mum bought a ticket for me to attend a charity show to raise fund for cats and dogs.
Yeap, so they got some local artiste to sing. They also have this really cool laser lighting which was a bonus to the awesome show.

They were also short of a few thousand ringgit to reach their ideal amount. So, they got a few shirtless buff, good-looking guys to go around the place to raise the extra few thousand ringgit. There was this one caucasian guy, when he smiles, my heart skipped a beat. So charming! But too bad, I didn't get to take a picture with him. But earlier that morning, I saw Ryanfoojoe's Instagram post saying he would be there to perform. So I was kinda determined to get a picture with him and I did. Yay! xD
Cute right? I know :3

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Trials finally ended. Oh hell it was long. Sooo, we didn't have to go to school for the rest of the week because the other classes were still having their exam. So, that calls for a movie outing. :D So, Ace and I asked Foong to drive us out. And so he did. He said he'd give us a surprise and he went to sanjeeve's to pick him up. LOL. So, less awkward for him. :P So we went to ou. Watched Grown Ups 2, had a good laugh. After that, we went to the loo and decided to try to sneak into some other cinemas. Well, Sanjeeve chickened out when he saw the CCTV. Hmmm, so yeah we left the cinema shortly after that.

 Had subway for lunch and that's when we talked about a lot of stuffs :P
When Ace and Foong were talking about Pokemon, we felt kinda leftout. So, we camwhored. 
And more camwhores. :P

After that we went to Brands Outlet. Ace and I decided to pick an outfit for them. So they tried them on and yeah, this is it: 
And when they were changing, us + the mirror= camwhore!

After that, the guys thought it was only fair if they could pick an outfit of their choice for us, too. Gah, lol. Sanjeeve gave me a choice and so I had to choose this. Don't love it, don't hate it, but definitely not one I would pick. :P

Later, we went to Cotton On and decided to get ourselves matching bracelets. Teehee.

Sanjeeve's bracelet missing coz he left but yeah, his one is almost similar to Foong's. :P

Slightly after that, we decided to make a move to avoid the peak hour. So, more camwhores in the car :P

Lastly, thankyou bro for driving us out! Next round's my turn :D