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Time passes by so quickly that i can barely have time to sit down and really plan about my future 'schedule for studying' would be more appropriate right now. Well, my birthday (18/1/2012) felt like yesterday. LOL. Gotta admit that my birthday's the day that'll pop up in my mind when i hear people saying, 'beginning of the year'. And fyi, it's already April, not so beginning. Really gotta get my ass down and really start studying. Wasn't really satisfied with the first test's results, so, gonna work harder :)

School's been great. In fact, I don't have to drag myself to school every morning. I kinda look forward to it. Maybe I just like being with my buddies and learning isn't that bad. Dang, i sounded like a nerd. But what the heck, school's awesome! xD

Teachers started to give more and more homework lately. Plus, tuition's work. Presentation and most importantly, AURAL! Gosh. So much more to be done.

Oh and tomorrow I'm going to the scouts camp, Kempori. I felt so lucky to have a chance to go again since it will only be held once in 4 years, and it's only for secondary students. So, i went during form one, and here i am again. WOOT! Winnis actually dreamt of herself there and she saw no one. She was freaking out and she realized she went there one day earlier. She said maybe she was too excited. Laughed.out.loud. LOL!! You know your life would be so dull without a friend like her. :P
Soooo, i really gotta go start packing now. And maybe i'll blog about the camp when im back. Wish me luck lovelies, and i'll see you guys around! :D