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the exam is 2 days away..
n im so damn prepared for it? X.X (yeah right..)
well..i think ive nt been studying so hard before.
even during the upsr, i didnt study much too. lol
sigh..secondary what right? SOB.
but sumthin is making me happy for this coming weekend.
im going to AAR's concert! WHEE!!! cant wait. haha.
n lately, im just up to study. yeah, STUDY.
i hate schooling days. i got nt much time to study.
morning, i felt sleepy coz i stayed up late. what to do?
n yeah, i almost finish my geography. hope i get everything in mind. xD
n sejarah. shit, ive nt been studying. like whatdafck.
gotta use such words to express my feelings. lol
haih..seriously..finals is killing me!! ):

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back to school..sigh...=(
woke up at 10am coz i stayed up really late last night. 3 am. i guess?
was chit-chatting with my sister n fell asleep at her room.
n i think i woke up at around 6 am. my sister was getting ready to school that time.
she switched on the lights so it woke me up.
i dun care anyway. i can still sleep with the lights on. =)
i set my alarm every day 8.30am. but all these while i dun think i really woke up at 8.30am unless there's piano class. XD
2day woke up at around 9.50am..?
1st thing, i go drink my alphalipid milk 1st. coz it must be taken with empty stomach.
oh wait! i forgotten..i brush my teeth first! LOL
then had bread for breakfast n then went study. science. xD
i studied until i looked at the clock n its already 12.30pm.
n i gotta to go sch like..1pm? GOD.
was rushing like shit. bathed, put on my baju kurung n socks, clipped my hair.
then had porridge for lunch. i dun really like it. but im hungry. what to do? lol
went school. when i reached school, the student r already lining up.
n its a wed, shit. i forgotten to wear my scouts uniform, AGAIN. god, im forgetful.
then 1st 3 periods i think the teachers were having their meeting n stuff.
so we had free time. whee! well, nt really free, actually. just doing revision. ):
then it was art. i brought my crayons for the drawing ive nt done.
n guess what, the teacher said we'll stop doing that drawing n move on to the next one.
i was like, damn! n my drawing, sucks.
then i had my duty at the canteen..then it was moral. nth, just bored.
then the next period, dian suddenly reminded me bout the time table for the exam.
we must take that from ustat amin. no choice. gtg take if nt i dunno what to study. lol
then me n yu xin went downstairs for it. n what a coincidence, thr's a teacher celebrating her bday n she's retiring. well, gotta wait then.
n thank god, ustat amin walked outside the principal room n asked us bout it.
then he took the pmr examination 1 for us. that time i still didnt notice he gave us the wrong 1.
so he said, thr's 1 condition, help me finish up this cake coz i dun like it.
then me n yu xin was like, lol? but we finished up also larh. its like, wow? lol
damn pressured eating in front of him.
then he said he got no extra for the timetable. so he ask us to borrow from our friend n he'll go photostat. n no1 brought.
so i asked from puan salma. then cik jessica was there too. she said 2c is also short of the timetable. so we told ustat about it too.
then finally, ustat finish photostating n he called me to go collect the timetables from him.
its a busy day for me 2day. then when it was around 6++, suddenly rain.
the weather now is really weird. gotta walk home in the rain. was really in a rush after school today.
then i came home, bathed n had dinner.
n i went for a half-an-hour nap. was really tired.
then took all my books n started revision. n my cpu is back so i tried on the speakers.
its still nt working. wtf weyh. n im here blogging. XD
felt a lil guilty for blogging before i finish studying.
so im off to study now! buh bye!

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holy shit, next thursday is the exam already.
im extremely nt prepared for the exam man.
2day ive been doing maths exercises n the 'polygons' is really difficult man.
ive been doing from afternoon till night. damn dizzy now.
i viewed all my friend's blog.
some of them is already having their exam. some of them finished. damn fun.
but lets think of the bright side, we have more time for revision? xD
so, yesterday nite i was searching for some blogskins.
but none of them gave me a feeling like, "KECHING!" y'noe what i mean? LOL
so i didnt change. sigh..
actually i dun really like mine n i think i accidentally deleted sum stuff n i cant view my older posts.
so, yeah.
nowadays keep having crazy conversations with diana n winson.
the speed they type is like ppl spamming. cant stop halfway if nt ur lost. LOL
nt much within these bloody revision weeks.
well of course, i want good results. gotta work hard for it! sigh..=(

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so woke up at 10am..damn tired man.
washed up n get ready for my deepavali visit.
arrived there, greeted the uncles & aunties. lol
then, FOOD! whee~! curry, curry, curry. xD
then i went into da hse coz its really hot to eat outside. so, yeah.
finished eating, sitting down at the couch, got nth to do.
then, i happened to know this adorable, 3 years old girl.
she's freaking cute! she go for tuition before she went to school. smart weyh.
n then, she showed some gymnastic pose for me to see..she told me that she wanna be a performer next time when she grow up. ambitious. *thumbs up*
had a really great time talking to her n she left early. i missed her already. =(
well, maybe i gotta wait for another year's deepavali only i can see her. sobs.
after that i sat down at the dining table with me mummy n her friends.
then started eating the snacks on the table. yummy! i like the muruku. lol
n spot the last picture down there. combination of malay, indian, chinese. 1 malaysia! XD
then at night there's a full moon celebration.
me n my family were like, sitting at the VIP table. lol
its just right in front the stage. then i nearly gone deaf because of the singing n the speaker is just right beside me. that's why.
n yeah, all the old songs. bored like shit.
so took pictures with me cousin sister, who's migrating to NZ soon. sob. gonna miss her!
n the 1st picture is the picture of the day! xD
AND, i just got prank called. n i disturbed them back. :P
well, that's all for now. toodles!

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well yesterday i didnt go school coz the night before i was sleeping with my sister n she forced me nt go school n said stuff like, haiyo, u noe i love you ryte? n if i go by myself its gonna be extreme bored..pwease?
then, i was thinking n i just said okay larh..i dun go..
then the next morning told dian bout it n went to me mummy's office to help her..
i brought damn lots of books to revise n yet, i didnt revise much also. hee =D
then went back home around 8 pm n wait for me daddy to come home n we had our dinner =)
then next morning woke up at around 9.20am coz there's piano class.
do my last practise..xD
then me grandpa went out for medical check up. so gotta walk there.
n as i stepped out my hse, my aunt just wanted to go out to do sum stuff so she gave me a ride :D
then as i stepped out of the car..i saw nick..
he just stepped into his car. Lol.
his class were right before me. xD
then went back at around 12.30pm. planned to study.
had my lunch first, n i cant stop watching the movies n dramas. damn nice i tell you! xD
i shouldn't have on the tv..wrong move! ish!
partly, i was really headache that time so got no mood to study also. =(
then go washed up, refreshing. done some maths coz im kinda rusty to the old topics.
practise makes perfect! xD
n then changed my clothes n went ace ed-venture.
vic had a haircut. new hairstyle. cute. x)
n then miss ong suddenly call us to draw lots n we have to sit according to the numbers coz the reason why she wants to do this is she wants us to get along with everybody.
so she said next week onwards, we'll have to switch ourselves if not she's gonna switch for us. damn larh!
n then played a game which a person do the action n we had to guess what cartoon is that.
well, this was sick. coz some of them done some actions n some sick ppl think the wrong side. Lol
then my sister followed her friend back, n b4 she came back she had mcd.
n she bought me n my younger sista mcd too. <3 hahaha!
2mrw gotta wake up at around 9/10 am coz goin to my dad's friend's hse for visit. deepavali.
to all my indian friends: HAPPY DEEPAVALI! XD

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.:my plan for these bloody weeks:.
wake up at 8.30 or 9am then go for skipping rope, 200 jumps.
then, study>go sch>after sch, watch tv+online for maybe an hour or less than that>study>sleep earlier. lol
i wanna grow taller so im gonna work hard for it.
n since the exam is around the corner, gotta study the whole book for every subject.
after the pmr week n its the deepavali holiday again.
like what the hell, ive been having soo much holidays.
okay, of course every love holidays ryte?
but when it comes so often u will nt like it..
i just started goin to school for like 2 days, n there's 5 days holidays again.
n another 8 more days, the exam starts. shit!
gonna study really really hard.
maybe im just gonna study till midnight. lol

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wehehe! my hand on my sister's face.

swoosh! no special effect n its nt edited. somehow shook my phone i guess. xD

my neck!! x.x

well, i post this 2day(monday)..
kinda forgotten sum parts. just gonna shorten it n post sum pics. :D
woke up n study science.
watch drama on tv.
then bathed n prepare to go for a dinner.
since its still early, went to A&W with my cousins n chit-chatted.
around 7.30, uncle picked us up to the dinner.
sweat like shit coz its so hot there. xD
then, went to my cousin's hse until around 12 then went home. slept.
woke up at 10am then went to 'mixing spoon' for my breakfast.
its been a long time since i ate fish n chips. so i ordered that.
then helped my mum to finish her sandwich since im still a lil hungry. xD
then came home, bathed n went curve for drum class.
i told my teacher this will be last month here for drum class. he looks a lil dissapointed, i guess?
then went euphony to shop for sum stuff.
got my book standn drum key over there.
i wanted to change my pedal coz its kinda cacat. lol
but the pedal seems to be too expensive.
its even more expensive than my drums. lol
then went home n went out again for dinner.
ate spicy stuff. yummy! XD
woke up really late, at 3pm. LOL
then ate my lunch n studying now.
n im yawning..well, studying will nvr make me energetic. sigh..

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+i wake up it was seven, i waited till eleven just to figure out when my parents coming down+
lol..i changed the lyrics of the song, i'm just a kid , by simple plan..
then, mum suggested to go have our breakfast at uno pizza.
when we got there, they said they stopped the breakfast service.
so, we ended up at mcd's breakfast. sigh..lol
then, went to the shop around there for my sister's friend's bday present..
she went to her friend's hse for party at night n she went in the afternoon to practise her dance with her friends. so fun larh her.
then, went home n started watching the taiwanese show on tv..
its been a long time i didnt watch taiwanese show already. funny like shit this drama. lol
well, later im going to my cousin's hse later coz gtg for a dinner 2nite so i'll go from there. sigh..
actually i dun feel like goin..xD

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new look for my bloggy!
i changed my blogskin. coz i think my blog needs sumthin new..xD
actually i can choose to do an easier job.
but i looked at all the blogskins there, its too normal n nt outcasted.
so i decided to challenge.
i went to www.blogskins.com for my blogskins.
coz if i use this website's templates, i gotta do all the stuff all over again.
so i spent almost the whole afternoon to finish this.
well, my template last time, my sister kinda helped me with it.
im still new with blogger that time. so, yeah..
erm..is it nice anyway?
or is it disturbing u reader's eyes? xD

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this post was bout yesterday.
i was too lazy to post. plus im studying. WOOT! lol
i went to school, n almost half of the class didnt turn up.
1st 2 periods, puan salma is watching the students for the pmr at the dewan i guess, so she didnt came into class for our science.
gotta do revision. that's what i hate. haih..
plus the weather yesterday was hot like shit!
i wanted to run home coz i rather stay at home for revision. lol
then other teacher did turn up, but almost all of them finished the syllabus already..
so, its revision time, AGAIN!
nt much of my friends turn up anyway. u guys made a good decision. xD
as usual, walked back home after school, then had my dinner.
well, i took the picture up there when i was chit-chatting with my cousin at a bench between mine n her house.
its windy yesterday night, a good place for a break after revision. lol
there was no stars at all yesterday night, just spot an aeroplane's light blinking up there.
yesterday, my chinese teacher was like, i saw an article on the newspaper n it says, the scientists guess that 2012 will be the end of the day.
so she asked us what will we do between these 3 years. i started thinking.
i really had no planning.
n by the time, im just in form 4. 16 years of live only? well, life's short. sigh..
okay, cut it out.
then my aunt brought me n my cousins to have our supper.
that was nt really supper, just for the fun of chit-chatting over there. xD
n my cousins, jen n kye mun, they're soon migrating to new zealand.
im so gonna miss them man! sob..
so i'll treasure our time now. hahaha!

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Your subtleties
They strangle me
I can't explain myself at all.
And all that wants
And all that needs
All I don't want to need at all.

The walls start breathing
My minds unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave me alone.
A weight is lifted
On this evening
I give the final blow.

When darkness turns to light,
It ends tonight
It ends tonight.

A falling star
Least I fall alone.
I can't explain what you can't explain.
Your finding things that you didn't know
I look at you with such disdain

The walls start breathing
My minds unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave me alone.
A weight is lifted
On this evening
I give the final blow.

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
Just a little insight will make this right
It's too late to fight
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.

Now I'm on my own side
It's better than being on your side
It's my fault when your blind
It's better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside
Now you're the first to know

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well, ive been sobbing at the post before.
about AAR's concert..n now, HOYEAH! they're back to rock malaysia! WOOT!
but its on 31st of october, at bukit jalil.
n if im nt mistaken, my exam is on the 2nd of nov.
but, i'll still go! i dun care! LOL

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my alarm woke me up at 8.30am.
n then i go wash up n all. then, SWIMMING! whee~!
went at 9am n met nick n vic there.
they were swimming at the other pool..
when i was reaching 150m, they jumped into the olympic pool.
so i suggested to compete since they said people who wear goggles r losers.
well, they dun have to wear goggles. so pro huh? lol
n when i said 1,2,3, start! i ended up swimming myself, they were like cheating. damn!
this was the 1st time they seeing me without glasses. i hope i looked okay. xD
they left around 9.45am. i was like, so fast? then they were like, no ur late.
im sowie larh. coz my sister said she dun wanna go so early..so, yeah.
so halfway swimming, i came up for a break. then vic called me, i looked back, n he took my picture. without glasses. i wonder how ugly will that be. sigh..
for more information, go view vic's blog. lol
then, i continued swimming, until i reached 500metres n came up. rest.
after that, my sister's friends, su mei, debbie n her bro came. chit-chatted.
as me n my sister was walking to the toilet to bathe, her friend, sean, came.
we chit-chatted with him after bathing n then we went to the terrace there for our lunch. =D
sean was freaking funny weih! he made all of us sweat even though we're nt hot. LOL
u get me ryte? xD
today's service was slow n bad. lol
then after that went home, had my lunch, AGAIN. but this time nt that much.
god, ive been eating so much. gotta go work out.
then watched tv, homework, study.
im being a nerd. but what to do? finals is coming. sigh...

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god, i was supposed to go to the all american reject's concert this saturday.
n guess what! its postponed.
i've got no idea when r they gonna have it again.
this was because the lead singer, which is the OH-SO-HOT tyson, is injured during his tour..
well, he's always in his singlet. which makes him so sexy! <3
i was like so damn excited bout it n now what happened! sigh..


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i planned to not go school today. but i did.
thr's only 7 classes goin 2 school today.
it was like, so damn quiet!
im so nt used to the quiet school. xD
well, im a noisy person, so i prefer noisier place. lol
n we changed classrooms, coz our classrooms r occupied.
the classroom tables n chair was like so damn little, so i gotta go take chairs n tables from another class.
then it was kh period, i've nt done my sembat susup n the sembat thingy.
in fact, i forgotten to do all my homework. totally forgotten bout it.
partly, i was too busy over the weekend. got no time for it.
luckily teacher didnt found out.
so 2day there's another new jahitan thingy. forgotten what is it called.
ERT sucks! teacher didnt even giv us a chance to choose. ugh!
then i dont wanna do the sewing for my homework. so i use the assembly period to finish it since thr's no assembly today.
then the bell rang, n school dismissed.
im almost there! i meant my sewing, finishing.
so got no choice, came back home to finish it. n yay, i finished it!
came online, watching tv n soon goin 2 sleep.
another 2 days of holidays. whee!
well, school sucks! hee =D
so i planned to study after school, but, somehow, im tired. i think i'll just study 2mrw.
since thr's 2 days of holiday. xD
wish me luck for the finals!

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2day's vic's bday party.
i was kinda late coz i was busy finding the poker cards.
well, im the organiser so i planned to have a game.
so i arrived around 7.50pm.
then i gave vic his present, n he was already sweating. lol
they went for bball..no wonder.
so i was acting emo at the stairs with seow.
but seow was really emo, i guess. hope she'll be okay.
then dian was playing such nice music on the piano which makes me wanted to dance. LOL
so after that around 9 sumthin i call vic to call every1 in, get the game started.
so we played a game which is every1 have to take a card then vic will choose a card from another set of card. then, whoever is holding the card victor chose, he can call him/her to do anythin he wants.
it was like, damn exciting weyh. lol
i think sum of them saw sum of their cards, so they told vic, n that was nick.
n of course, vic call him to hug yu xin. hahaha!
he was like, oh no..
then i was like, eh nick, it's now or never. n if you dun hug her ur nt a man. LOL
we all threaten him..hahaha! which makes him hugged yu xin! woohoo, finally!
n since he was the 1st 1 hu hug, so every1 was like, screaming like shit! hahahah
i bet he cant sleep that night? LOL
that it was jian chuan, vic call him to hug pei yii. xD
THEN, somehow, vic chose my card, i really had no idea how he did that.
so, he called me to hug any guys which i have feelings for.
then i was like, lol? just said who.
he had been thinking for so long n i said, haiyar, i'll just hug you larh. lol
then we hugged each other. then they went bball.
i started chatting with my buddies again.
then yu xin went home with chiao yee, n then seow went home.
i didnt noe she went home man. felt so bad that i didnt even said bye to her. sry seow! =(
then, after the guys bballing, they were all sweating like shit already.
so everybody get ready to go home.
then we sat at a table n chit-chatted.
vic was forced to go to sch..haih..its okay, i'll go also. coz it was me who told his mum about there's school.
well, i did a mistake so i'll just go school n maybe accompany him? LOL
lots of them is nt goin to school. so fun. lol
so that nite itself, nick texted me n said he was so happy. until he cant sleep i think? haha
then halfway i think he slept, then surprisingly, jian chuan texted me.
he said that game was nice n is it copyright, coz he wants to suggest that game in his party i think. lol
then while waiting for his reply, i slept. coz his reply was slow..partly, he type really loong messages. so, yeah.
had fun! xD
well, some pictures r really dark. n i like the picture i took with vic. lol