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Um, before i start my post, just wanna tell you guys i just posted a new post(before the 'my momma' post) which i previously saved as a draft and so, yeah, enjoy looking at those photos :P

My aunt has this thing for all the unique antiques. So this was taken at her house. Just a random picture to start off with my post though, hehe.
So yesterday i went photoshooting with my elder sister around KL. Erm, not really actually, just followed her and she took some pictures for her project.
So we went to this temple around petaling street. Prayed. And then mum dropped us at the KL railway station. It's quite an old place already, and was built by the British i guess. There was a hotel named 'Heritage Hotel' over there, which was really really old. (Interesting and yet, scary.) I once went there for dinner. And they actually still use that kind of lift where they have to open and close the gate, if you guys know what i mean. :P I only knew the place was kinda haunted when i left the place. Lol. But they closed down the hotel already. Too bad. I can't go in and have a look at it. ):
Later we went to petaling street and central market. I didnt know in KL we have such a place where they sell all the cultural stuffs. Quite a nice visit to central market, despite the people there who scolded us for:
1) Taking picture of their things.
2) Taking picture of their things but not buying 'em. :P
Sorry uncles and aunties. Just not my thing. Hehe.
Oh but i did saw a cheongsam i kinda like as i can no longer fit in my old one. ): Plus, CNY's around the corner. :D
So, it was a great experience to explore around KL. Felt kinda embarassed as a citizen here for what, 15 years? and not visiting all these places. LOL

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I kinda get jealous because my mum talks to me and my sister differently.
Well, i will say 'HI' very cheerfully to her when i see her come back from work every night, but she'll just reply my 'hi' really monotonously. But i overheard how she replied my younger sister, it was different. And so, the next day i did the same thing to her. I actually didn't bother to even say 'hi' to let her know how i felt. But the other day, i was browsing to my facebook news feed and i saw a post bout how we should love our parents. I felt really, really bad. Just because of the damn 'hi' from my mom and i decided to ignore her and forget whatever she had did for me in the past.
Later, i think all these crap was actually how the way i see it, and it wasn't even my mom's fault. Maybe my mom was tired from work so she had to reply me that way. As for how she replied my younger sister, my younger sister is a type of person who at times, lacks confidence. So, the best way to not crush her soul is to be nice to her.
Actually, all things isn't about how the person treat us, it's about how we see it. If we decided to look at it in a negative way, then surely it's gonna turn out to be a negative ending. But for those who decided to be optimistic and look at it from a different perspective, i think life will be a whole lot better. You would be living a happier life, too. So, why not?

P.S. Suddenly felt like posting these stuffs because i saw edora's latest post and i remembered how i treated my mum.

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So previously there was this post where i described my cousin's whole wedding process to you guys, there wasnt much picture coz the awesome pictures were still at the photographer's hand. And so, gonna post some now. :P

So, i'll start off with some pic of us sisters fooling the groom's brothers.

We prepared some real good stuff like longan with wasabi on it, some real bitter drink where we mixed some bitter drink with some medicine(we called it '极品' which means real good stuff as it's actually good for their health :P) to fill up their tummies. :D
You are most welcome, guys. xD

And then we posed for the camera with the flower on our hands. :D

After all the fooling part was over, it was time for the traditional 'serving tea' session.
Served tea for my cousin sister and bro-in-law, wished them good health & wealth, etc.

Finally, the wedding dinner. Some group family photos. These people are just part of my mum's side's family. There are more of them, actually. :P
That's why to draw my mum's side's family tree is kind of a hard job. :P
*points to right side*
*points to the camera*
Last but not least, me and my cousin sisters. <3

P.S. How can you not love the photographer? The pictures during the dinner are not that nice because it was not from the photographer :P

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It's friggin on next friday!!
OMG gotta have hardcore practise every day. D: One thing i don't like about practising is that the place where my drums are located is very hot. Plus, i gotta practise in the afternoon coz i won't wanna wake people up in the morning or night. And not that you guys don't know, afternoon's weather is killing. So, i really hope i'll have an air-conditioned jamming/acoustic room to jam all day/night :P

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Didn't think i'll ever post something bout his music. :P
Well, for some of you, you guys might have came across the movie 'Secret' directed by jay chou. So, it's mostly bout piano, and damn, those tracks from the movie are just ear candies.
So i actually found those piano scores and was so psyched to play 'em but then when i was printing the first page, i already wasted 3 papers. -.-
Well, first time i printed the score on the page where there's words on it. Second and the third was i actually put the two papers together and it turned out to be printed on the two pages. And so finally i decided to still try for the fourth time, and guess what, my printer's ink was finishing -.-
Gosh, fated to not play 'em huh? ):

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Alright, so, whatcha think bout my new blogskin? It took me like half an hour to one to edit the whole thing. Oh I love my font. :DD
Damn i felt like a html pro. :P

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It had always been great with the presence of someone new and fun in your life. (:

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Diana Seow: Geez. You started that so you should understand more well than me right? ;D

Me: I admit i can't beat you in this kind of topic.

Diana Seow: Hur? What topic? :o you know im still underaged and probably too innocent to understand what chu talking bout :|

Me: Hahahahah omg i want kill you.

Well, you know THAT kind of topic.. :p

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I think this is my second post with the title of my this childhood bestie, be proud bitch! >:)
Alright so that day i randomly picked her to stalk on facebook and i saw this post about her blog updated with a guitar concert post.
I did visited my cousin brother's school's concert before. Well, it was just, great.
Independent schools like theirs always hold such activities. Im so envy!
Alright anyways, back to the topic.
She sang 'The Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars. Well, she just picked the right song (Y) The crowd were all singing with her. :D
And if you guys wanna check out the video, please log on to www.blankosong.blogspot.com or click the link with the name 'jia anne' at the right side of my blog.

Lastly, just wanna say, IM SO PROUD OF YOU BABE! :')
Looking forward to our next date. :DD

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So these are the muffins me and my sister, eunice, baked. We baked vanilla and chocolate chip muffins. This is my very first baking experience and im kinda happy with them. :D Of course, there's still much more for me to improve. :)

And these was baked on the very special day, 11/11/11, which was my aunt keat ngee's birthday. She said she was touched. LOL
'Kou Kou' means aunt in chinese :)

I prefer my first muffins over the birthday muffins coz their shape is nicer. :p

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So here are some pictures took during the wedding. More pictures will be tagged by my cousins on my facebook profile. So, stay tuned and feel free to check 'em out! ;)

Alright, so I'm one of the 'ji mui'(sisters of the bride). So we were supposed to wear this rose on our hand. It's real. :D
Despite the yellowish petals, it's really pretty aint it? :)

And then it was the dinner. Camwhoring with my cousin sister, long long :)
Failed picture #1
The okay one. :D

A day to be remembered. :')
It was my cousin sister, Ka Yian's wedding! So i got offered to be one of the 'ji mui'. Well, the meaning of this is actually sisters. On the other side, the groom has a group of his 'heng dai', which means brothers. So we sisters of the bride gotta fool those brothers of the groom. Basically, they have to go through lots of, i would say, 'obstacles' which were some games like eating fruits with some wasabi on it(tears went running down their cheeks :P), make up and etc etc. And finally they will have to find the key to open the door to welcome the bride. (the bride was locked in the room so that they cant go in so easily)
Oh and, we set 3 rounds. After they have passed one round, they would have to give us angpau. They actually kinda tricked us, they put newspapers in it. Luckily we were smart enough to check first before receiving. :D
It lasted for like 1 hour, baru the groom dapat jumpa the bride. hahahah. Interesting ain't it?
So there goes some traditional culture. Serving tea for the elderly and we which was younger gotta serve the newly married couple tea. So, i've got myself a new brother-in-law. :D
Oh like foong said, the best part was the honking part. When the groom was about to reach the bride's house, they gotta start honking. I don't know what does that mean in the culture but basically it was to let us know that the groom had arrived, i guess. lol.
Then it was the wedding dinner, held in Six Happiness Restaurant. A chinese restaurant. :)
Oh yeah, i gotta say i really like their photographer. His skills were like (Y). You can see he's a professional photographer. The best part was, he was really hillarious.

It was really fun. Lastly, congrats sister Ka Yian and brother Jia Ming on your marriage! Wish you guys good health and wealth. Be happy always! :)