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"But now, I just feel like she's purposely getting into relationships just so she can write about them''
-HOT magazine, 208th issue.

I didn't want to judge but all these while, I didn't really like Taylor Swift but I couldn't find just the right way to describe why exactly I dislike her. So while reading this just now, I was shouting to myself: I KNOW RIGHT HANNA. 


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Just a few weeks ago, my family and I went to Sekinchan, somewhere around Kuala Selangor. I was told that this place has the best rice. So, I was really excited when I see really big paddy fields when I reached there. It's like, nothing's there to block your view. When you look at it, you just can't see where the picture ends. It's awesome. AND, they have the best seafood too, guys! We had crabs, prawns and fishes. It was so succulent that it melts in my mouth the minute I put it in. The best part is, we were already preparing quite an amount of money to pay for the bill but wow, it wasn't as expensive as what we thought it would be. Super cheap actually, for the amount of seafood we had. I can't imagine how much will it cost us here in Kuala Lumpur, for the number of prawns we consumed. SO, it's totally worth a visit! :)

See what I mean? :)
Up on a tall tower, overlooking the sea with sissy and grandpa!

Just yesterday, Jia Anne and I planned to go for an outing. It has been FOREVER since we've met. And just the day before it, her mom doesn't allow her to go. I was kinda disappointed actually, but well, she brighten up my day by this today:
Can't wait! x


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I don't know what is with me and blog titles. FYI, I always do my blogskins from scratch, so I would pick a blogskin from any websites that offers pretty skins. So, whenever I find a skin I like, the template would either not prepare a place for my post's title or reserve a very tiny place for it. I think this explains why my posts are always shown as ''Untitled'' in the blogger homepage. Maybe I should start writing titles because ''Untitled'' looks very disturbing to me. I would repeat my title in my post, since it's not shown. So no worries my fellow readers. :)

Guess I'm gonna have a hard time before starting my every post now, since I really suck at finding titles for my posts.

Till then.


P.S. New way of ending my every post: with a Yenn at the bottom right of my post. Seems legit eh? :DD

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Am I being too insecure?
I don't think I've been a bad friend to my buddies, but whenever I see upset statuses from them about their friends, I WILL relate to myself. I would think, shit, is this about me? I know you guys must be thinking, if you think you didn't do anything wrong, why should you be worried? Unless you're guilty of your own behaviour, if not you shouldn't be relating these statuses to yourself. True that.
I don't know. I kind of hate this side of me.

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I just have the thing for converse. The high-cut black converse is one of y favourite shoes. Of course my low-cut green one too. :D
It's always nice to wear something classy and pump it up with a pair of awesome kicks :)