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As usual, whenever edora comes back from asrama, i'll start stalking her blog. And the good thing is, she never fails to give me updates whenever i log onto her blog. :D
So the post, 'before i leave...and come back again', there was this part that made me felt like posting it up here, if you don't mind E :)

- She stepped on poop that one time and apparently, I was told, got rid of it by dragging and rubbing her feet down the hallways. xD

- She gets easily 'turned on'. Heh heh.


You've been missed, E. :D

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Just saw a picture of us in nubli's album for anugerah cemerlang this year and I thought it was real beautiful so I decided to post it up. (;
I think I owed you a post. Never blogged something about you here before. Soo, here it is.
Yu xin..we knew each other since we were 9 but we only gotten closer when we were in form one. Well, my recess would be so meaningless without her, since winnis still had to do her duty for prefect. And yeah, idk what's with the sudden urge in dian and us. All these while we had been joking about quitting prefects but well, the marks was our concern. Just so you know, if I'm not mistaken, being a prefect you'll have the highest koko mark among all the others like pss or prs. So, yeah. Finally, guess what, dian wrote the letter and we quit! That was probably the happiest day of our lives, though we were still kind of scared what disadvantages we'll get after we've quit prefects. But what the heck, we surely did have a lot more freedom! :D So, yeah. She'll be with me every day. Despite exams, we'll be strolling along the pathway and actually, stalk a guy i was kinda interested in. Even though i was dang sure she wasn't interested in him, but she still put up with my silly doings and will accompany me every day without fail to stalk the guy. And at times when i was starving, she'll never reject my request and will accompany me to the canteen. Well, she's just a person that's really bad at rejecting stuffs, whether is it good or bad, im still really thankful. Love ya. Thanks for everything <3

P.S. Don't be jealous kay my other girlfriends. We'll see if i'll get a very pretty picture of us and i'll make a post for you guys too :D