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n yeah, ma code for road run.
ma house's leading! WHOOP! WHOOP!
finally its the end of the road run.
okay, road run A.K.A. merentas desa lah.
i dunno what on earth made me so damn excited bout it n woke up at 2am in the morning.
so of course i slept back.
then went sch at around 7.30am.
so took our attendance n then we were off to the padang.
we were like keep standing under the hot sun.
we went at around 8 something n we just started running at 10am. it was a drag, isnt it? sigh.
before that was some aerobic dance n stuff. me n ma friends were waaaay behind so we were sitting there in circle n chit-chatting.
so after that, started our run.
was running with yu xin. then met up with dian & winnis.
well, didnt want them to wait for me so i called them to run first.
n finally we made it back. we were all sweating like shit.
it's like suddenly some fire boose up to ur face n legs, n whole body! so damn hot! was burning y'know. x(
btw, good job guys! good rankings u've got.
i got 35. (n) but, still, better than last year. was not even in the ranking board.
so came back, ugh, cant tahan so i slept. then came here online. i think im going back to sleep again coz ma grandma woke me up n call me find other place to sleep but not her sleeping couch. still, sleepy, drowzy..cya guys. (:

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muahaha. two heads! x)

this is a video of me playing on my cousin's drum. was really high. probably had some drugs? x)
no lah, me no takey drugs..(:

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yeah, sorry for not posting up on the exact day.
well, went for drum class.
n then was supposed to join piano class.
so, daddy came n pick us up.
n then, he drove to desa parkcity. we thought he was goin to pass something to his friend or something, then he said we're having our tea at kluang station there.
then we told him we have piano class.
he was like, what the? reallyy?
so we didnt make it. soooo, there's some pictures.
i was keeping it in my phone for damn long so i decided to post it up. B)

daddy's little girl. (:

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hey people, do come n visit my school's chinese society bloggy! xD
the link is : http://smkbrp-pbc.blogspot.com
do visit always! we'll keep it updated. (:
happy reading! :D

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this is what i called COOL DRUMSTICKS! :D
these r rock band's..
well, my sister just sprayed her drumstick so i decided to go look out for some cooler ones n maybe i can paint mine something like these? (:

or maybe a black one will do, its still, sexay & COOL!

haha! drumstick freak.

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yeah, i meant my cousins..
went to the airport, farewell..
yup ma friends, that's why i didnt go for school & tuition at night. (:
i was thinking of spending one last day with them before they go off..so yeah.
n yes, we all cried..cannot tahan..HAHA!
so its gonna be 1 year until i will meet them..
well, time flies what, huh?
when they've settled down everything, i think we're gonna go visit them..wheee! xD
so yeah..
woke up by a phone call. then went down for branch.
after that, off we go to aunt's hse..
my grandma wanna go play mahjong with the sistas. so aunty keat ngee thought of sending us to me aunt's hse n straight away go drum class from there.
drum class was interesting! :D
im so happy to learn from this teacher. he's one cool drummer. (:
n then it was piano theory class..
then came back, dinner. n then watched this cool movie on HBO..
n then went swimming. when i was swimming my 200th metre, the thunder started to strike.
so me n me sisters were scared so we came up.
looked at the clock, gosh, we swam like, nt even half an hour man. -.-"
sigh...then, when we were goin back, it was raining so heavily! ugh..
i bathed but im wet once again. so bathed again.
going shopping at sunway 2mrw. oh yes! cant wait..!! heehee.

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let's see..what am i up to?

  • pn sharifah's work, AGAIN!!
  • sending me cousins' to airport 2mrw..n im not gonna meet them till like, december? sob..
  • koko's coming up..so gonna be freaking busy!
  • n im so gonna get NOT enough of sleep :(
  • became the bendahari for scouts & setiausaha for chinese society..(small small jobs, better than nothing huh? :D )
omigosh, its already 2.32am..
why am i still here? DARN!
gdnight beautifuls & handsomes! :-*

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sigh..its just 1 more day to mun n jen's leaving day..
gosh, i dunno how will i feel when they actually stepped into the plane..
i just had so much fun hanging around with them..
jen has this nickname called "enen" which is some lala thing..
well i had this name called "nia" which is some random stuff lah..
mun..is my childhood best cousin..
we're always close until now..
we're all shock when we heard that they're leaving so fast...
we were talking bout it all the while..but all of us didnt expect to be so fast..
its gonna be hard for all of us after their leaving, especially my grandma..
whenever she's talking bout it, her voice is shaking already..
i cant imagine when she's actually standing there at the airport, waving to them...
not only her, but all of us..i think im so gonna cry over there..
i wonder, will it be my emo season the few days after their leaving?
sigh, its normal right....?
a person who live next to you for more than 10 years n they're leaving all of a sudden..
i regretted for spending nt much time with them sometimes..
on thursday, i was chatting with them, n at the same time, im thinking...its gonna be 1 more year that i can have such conversation with them man..i mean face-2-face..
1 part of my life is so gonna disappear..n its so gonna be really difficult for me to move on..
wish me luck guys. :'(
at the bright side, they're coming back every year end..so im so gonna look forward to year ends..
P.S. i heard my heart screaming "youuuchh!!" :(
PP.S. im already sobbing when im writing this post..

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lately, there's plenty of invitation regarding fck those prefects n something like that in facebook..
goshh, i felt so insulted..same to ma friends..><

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okay, 2day was like whatdafuck..(sorry for the word, but i think this described it best)
it totally sucked like crazy man!!
as usual, afternoon assembly under the hot sun n then back to class..
after 2 periods of lame art class, then had bm class, it was fine.
then chinese class, our teacher was absent, so we went to the library with the KB students..
oh wells, i dunno what happened to our school's air-cond..
it's all not working..so it was so stuffy inside..n full of stinky odour..
so we're doing nothing..owh come on, it's like our free time n it's our time to have fun with our buddies..
probably, we were too noisy until some librarians over there scolded us..
perhaps, i should call her "potential cik fareetha"..HAHA!
its no use anyway, we're still making noise..
then after that, she said she wants to demerit...right, demerit lah, who cares...
but everyone was quiet so xkan im the only one who go make noise over there..
so we all kept quiet..
just then, vic drew something n pass it to us..
we cant tahan but laughed out loud..
so the potential cik fareetha came n gave us warning..
she said if we make noise again she will copy down all our names..
yu xin was so innocent..she's nt even laughing..hahah!
i saw the librarian laughing when she turned back..evil >:(
then had english n its the meeting for koko..
entered softball..wanted to try..then after that i was tired..
so when they were having assembly i sat at the guard house to rest..
when the bell rang, there's this bitch walked here n "lectured" us...
she said why r we sitting here instead of doing our duty..
so she said if we continue to act like this she'll report to the teacher..
i was like, whatdafuck man..who she think she is? like i care!
had a bad day..full of scolding...sighs..

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its such a cool day 2day.
i was almost late for school.
then i saw dian n all at the canteen.
they were acting kinda weird 2day. well, dunno larh..
so i was walking with dian & yu xin under the hot sun. yeah, we're crazy. Lol
just then, vic came n gave me ma gift. thanks man vic. <3
i love the present he gave. haha..
so after that diana gave me 1 too. it was a notebook. nice one! thanks seow! <333
then i went back to class..when it was recess, dian, winnis gave me their present. awww, actually they said they were acting to be mad at me. i dun felt any of it. weird weihh, LOL!
dian gave me a necklace n winnis gave me a very unique cup from hong kong. thanks man guys! <333
so after that, i came back home. family wished me. <3
then parents bought mcd & i cut the cake n all. i'll post the pictures up soon. i'll edit this post. so rmb to check this post out for the pictures of me & da cake. (:
then went online n check out ma facebook profile..
saw those wishes..n replied all of them with love. haha! thanks again guys, for everything!

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start off ma day with bm tuition. it was fun. (:
then came back home. watched magic show on tv, darn, their freaking good.
after that, get ready to go for farewell lunch with cous at dynasty.
well, i was supposed to join nick n all at ou after this but the night before i was screwed badly by my dad. actually, nt that bad lah, but i was in a really bad mood at that moment. so i decided to not go. sorry guys!
instead of ou, me & me family went mid valley.
shopped till we drop. bought a hawter shirt at pink pussycat.
then went gardens coz parents wanna get something from there.
so was bored, went upstairs with sisters. went to rock corner, n cant take my eyes/hands off from the AAR album.
was so obsessed with them. <3
so went out n was talking bout it with me sister. then she agreed to buy me that album as ma bday present. woot woot! i love you jie!! mwah!
so here it is..

so its 'when the world comes down'..its not new, but im still very in love with it. tyson's sexay! aar's sexay too! x)
then went jusco for the watch thingy for me cous.
randomly walked into the shoes section, surprisingly! i found my dream shoes!! da wedges!
i saw this when i was shopping with becky & all at sungei wang but didnt get to buy it..
becky bought another version. instead, i bought this..

i ended my day with a satisfied smile. (:

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haha! what a coincidence their birthday is on 16th of january.
PLUS, there's something goin on....yeah, u noe what i meant right, nick? Hahaha!
so we all bought a cake for them..
during recess we called all our friends to our class n told them it's come chinese society's announcement..
then winnis & me went to the class beside ours to light up the candle n all..
n we sang the birthday song for them..
they were shocked. LOL
i was running up n down actually. so i was sweating. haha.
hope u guys like it. n once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

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well, 2day was kinda..bored..
its a tiring day for me.
went to science lab for the 1st 2 periods.
sigh, i just think we're so unlucky that we get puan rozimah as our science teacher. she's just following exactly what is writen on the book, so what's the point teaching? why not we stay at home study ourselves? PLUS, she speaks malay most of the time. hey come on, this is an english subject isnt it? sigh....
then it was chinese class..nt that bad.
i came back to class n heard during KB class, pn haslida got really mad at sanjeeve. he's kinda upset. bad day for him.
then maths, no homework! yay! like, finally. -.-
n then english, bm.
finally school ended. phew~
so its working time again lah.
omgosh, crapping too much. ciao!

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what am i up to?
  • 1 more exercise to go for geo exercise
  • chinese society's Tshirt
  • puan sharifah's work x_x
  • haven finish reading my galaxie :(

actually, should be the stuff that i've not done yet.

ahhhhhhhh, work work n more work. SIGH!

oh wells, perhaps i was too free during the holidays.

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my sunday was ruined by an early in the morning tuition.
well, yesterday i started my BM tuiton with puan sharifah.
it was 8-10am. yeah, i still have to wake up at 7 on sundays. :(
after that, thought of having a nice sleep when i reached home.
then it's time to go to KLCC's education fair.
well, sister's goin to college next year.
listened to lots of lecturer's advice n introduction..
spent hours in there.
finally, we went out at around 4.
had lunch at avenue k. then back home.
at night, went to my uncle's place. a poolside fullmoon party. isnt it cool? (:
halfway, i was so sleepy n thank god, me parents were tired too.
so we made a move.
oh yeah, i bought some magazines at the education fair too.

i paid 5 bucks for 1 magazine n i got 6 more for free + a freaking cool calendar. so now..SCREAM!

well, the main thing i like about this is..the AAR in the january column!
im such a big fan of them. xD

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oh yeah..i forgotten to post this up.
during the holidays, ace got me the mentos in penang.
yeah the one i mentioned in 1 of my post last time.
the mentos rainbow.
it was wrapped like a big candy. then i opened it up. there goes the two mentos.
aww, <3 thank you very much ace! xD

big candy. opened up...

small candy! :D
yeah, i was still with my black nails that time. :')

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alright, i made it to the 101th post now. xD
so it's 1am now. n my mum is so gonna come out to the studying area n call me to go sleep.
n yeah, she just did. -.-
im just gonna make a short one.
today's schooling was cool.
it was filled with laughter especially during the last two periods. :D
yeah, together with seow n yu xin. i totally gone insane when i saw her.
dunno what on earth made me like that. LOL
but then, i was being so timid today, thanks to the freaking cockroach which already scared me twice during recess.
i was walking to the washing basin n then dian shouted n me n pointed at the cockroach which i was about to step on it. that was close. after that we were chit-chatting at the canteen. n then suddenly i saw a thing crawled over my shoes. DAMN, its the freaking cockroach, AGAIN! :@
n all of us jumped off the table. LOL! that was the funniest part, especially winnis's jump. hillarious!
n then back to our class. classes. sigh..what else?
then walked back. chit-chatted with a bunch of peeps. then that's one day.

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well, its getting more interesting, compared to the 1st day of school.
during the 1st day, i was thinking, how am i gonna survive? :O
but it aint that bad. friends, laughters, or even teachers r good too. (:
so diana is walking back home with me to my hse n wait for her parents to pick her up starting from today.
yeah, like she said, at least we have 2 more minutes of conversation. true true. we have never-ending topics. boxers, boxers, n more boxers. her trademark! xD
but she's kinda emo these days. dun be sad lah..if not my life is goin to be, dead. seriously. x_x
im having classes on weekends. -.-
friday, saturday & sunday straight. sigh..
at the bright side, 2day i came back home n saw a message from joey, suprisingly! Lol
she said she's joining us in ace ed-venture! WOOT!!
well, actually she joined us for quite some time, but then, she stopped for 1 year, which is last year.
so she's joining us back again. wheee!
this friday when i see her, im so gonna hug her really tight!! i miss her!
i think, its been a..year that we didnt meet each other. sad right? so..now every friday! :D

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i shouldn't had go school 2day.
but, its the 1st day of sch, so xkan lah i dun go, right?

i stepped into school, n i was thinking, am i in the right place? SMKBRP, right?
actually, i did passed by school often during the holidays, i expected the workers to chg the colours, hoping that its just temporary, but now, wow..
congrats to all of the smkbrp's students, coz we're younger now. :D
we're all back in kindergarden.WOOT WOOT! :D (omg, this is so sarcarstic. -.-)
so i reached sch when all the students r about to go into their classes.
woot! im late but i didnt get caught! :P
well, saw my long-time-no-see friends n hugged them. i missed them so much!
then we went into our class.
we entered 2 classes n finally get into the right class. Lol
so our form teacher this year is puan rani. she's teaching my class english. well, she'll be nagging away eh? i hope not..*prays* LOL!
so dian n winnis sat in front while me n yu xin is the opposite, we sat behind.
yu xin & me were begging some guys who's sitting in front to chg place with us, but sigh, we're just getting a "no! no!" from them. :/
so, gotta get used to it lah.
then we're looking forward to recess time already. (it was just around 2/3pm. LOL)
n finally, its recess time! xD
then when im walking down the stairs, vic came n showed the usual facial expression>> =D
so i was like, HI! how was ur trip? i miss you man! (i was probably asking too much?)
then he gave me a keychain he bought from new york which have my picture with black nails in it..Lol, btw, thanks vic, i appreciated it. (:
so its time to go back to class, again. BM then moral..
was teasing n bullying seow. hehe! btw, seow, u noe we're just joking what, right? :D :D
then there's no assembly. *SIGH HARDER!*
so stay in class n chit-chatted with yu xin.
then i dunno what makes me so hyper today to say so many times of "hi" to winson. whenever i see him. Lol
we talked after school. well, he's nt in the same class as me already. i'll miss the laughter. (:
P.S. try counting how many "sigh"s ive used in this post. :D this shows how much i hate school.
lastly, im gonna end my post with a picture of mine.

this was before my haircut. i took this picture because my hair is brownish under the lightings. i like it, Lol. so yeah, toodles!