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woke up at like, 2.45pm. got back my lost sleep throughout the week. (:
have no idea what to eat for brunch. so i toasted 5 tuna breads to eat.
then im being all lifeless here onlining and refreshing the facebook page every minute. D:
this is what i do when im bored.

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EMO anti-emos! :D

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the potong steams when you open one's blog and there's no update and its still that damn post, and when you open some blog which you seldom read, you saw unexpected updates.

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school's damn tiring. D:
idk when are we starting our co-curriculars but if its gonna start next week, i will not be onlining here and blog.
i guess i'll just save up my time to take a nap, and the rest for homeworks and studies.
but at the bright side, this year our co-curriculars is just two days. at least more rest for the other day. (:
sad, we're just having our holiday before chinese new year. that means we have just 4 days of CNY.
man, that's so not fair. but then, maybe i'll just miss school. YAY (:
now im sitting with mieyra and maizura. maizura's kinda quiet and mieyra is like, OMG AWESOME. trust me, they're both awesome people. :D
im enjoying every day with their presence. especially mieyra. :DD

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soon gonna be like this ^

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someone told me i smiled when you walked in.
well, yeah, my heart was beating like crazy.
but somehow, i know its kinda impossible, so i think i'll just let go and who knows i will get someone better?

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not cool. boo.


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have you guys listen to her new single-what the hell?
if you've not, im sorry but i gotta call you a loser! coz it's like a hit right now.
HAHA. joking, just, go and listen.
the more i listen to it, the more i love it.

P.S. i love her 'drinkme' necklace. as you know, necklaces are my biggest loves. :D

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two days before was my birthday. it's on the 18th for your information. :P
did an early celebration on sunday with my family.
went ou and shopped for cny clothes. then went dinner at subang, damn awesome food. :D
tuesday, let's start with all the early wishes at like, 9pm-1am. LOL
most of them said they're gonna sleep and couldnt stay up so late, and most of them stayed up but fell asleep. HAHA. i don't blame them. blame the school, we don't have to wake up that early kay. still, thank you lah guys! LOVE.
early that morning, woke up and was really sleepy. didnt check my phone. so yeah.
went to school, seow ting and mei yen were the one first who wished me in school if im not mistaken. and more upcomings after that.
recess that day was the best. they started giving me presents. they shared and bought click five's album for me and a photo album with my pictures printed in it. :') hugged most of them. :D
soo yuen gave a diary and yi jing gave me a cute keychain. nick, winson, yaron gave a can of sticky candies! i just opened and tasted it yesterday. and guess what, I COULDN'T STOP.
after school that day, dian bought mister potatoes. :DD
we were planning to share with the others but then they all went back. TOO BAD :P
so yeah. ate 'em at the counseling room, dian's mum's room. hahahah.
we did left some for the others which we forgotten to give the others the other day and ended up bringing 'em back home and have it all to ourselves. sorry guys. :p
and oh yeah, kah yi came to my house that day in the afternoon just to give me the damn awesome book she made herself. its like, full of our memories and camwhores. she used 1 whole day to finish it. :'))
cake later that night. :')))
then after that, stayed up till kinda late to finish my maths homework.
and since the computer is just right beside me, and the worst thing is, ITS ON AND IT COULDN'T STOP SEDUCING ME, i used it, just a while. :P
and i only replied those wishes on my wall yesterday. hope i never miss out anyone. (:
actually, its not the presents that matter, its the memories they gave me on this very special day that matter the most. (:

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check this out. :D
googled this. well, as usual, like what i do every time before i blog.

oh btw,
okay, so, school, is getting better every day.
well, first day of school had kinda sucked.
my teacher made us sit with some other friends. so i didnt get to sit with my fwens.
well, they had been my seat-mate like 2 years lah. but, im getting use to it already.
hahahh, moral class has been awesome yesterday. where all of us, seowie, yu xin, winnis, dian and me sat together and berborak. WE CAN NEVER BE RIGHT. well, everything we say can be diputarbelitkan and be damn wrong. we totally laughed our asses off. my tears cant stop rolling down my cheeks. thanks to DIANA SEOW. hahhhahaha! but we really had loads of fun. (Y)