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So, the March monthly test is over and, well, the last paper we can flung because the papers after these are all important ones. Lol. And I just sat for my piano theory exam, which is sort of a big relief too. :D

AND you now what all these means? PARTY TIME. *inserts club hitz* lol randomness.
This will be the period where I can still relax and have fun. So, firstly, I passed my undang test and guess what, I havent even registered for my driving lesson. Great.. soon, soon. On the 28th of March, I'm watching Lee Hom again :DD Music Man II :DDDD Can't wait for it xD
And one more thing, a free stay at JW Marriott Hotel on the 30th. Wootsss xD
Finally, the trip to Cameron Highlands with my lovelies. And and the trips to come. WOOTS. 
Hahaha, yeap and this explains why I couldn't wait for the test to end. Tons of thing to look forward ;)

Oh and during the one week holiday, I have to go out with the buddies. It's been so long! So guys, spare me a day or two xDD