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Yeah you don't have to appear offline RIGHT after i come online okay. I won't come and annoy you anyway.

Gotta write it here coz i know you would never read my blog, which is quite a good thing sometimes (:

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*playing the song 'its a holiday, it's a holiday, it's a holi-holiday.'* :DD

Exam is oveeeeeer. The day before today i was like damn excited. Keep thinking that what will happen, how would i feel, what would i do the minute the teacher collected my KH paper. Well, guess what, today after the paper, i was like, xde pape je. That was probably because my trials' down, PMR's up in 40 days. Hmm..

ANYWAYS, the chinese society annual party is this saturday, IDK WHAT TO WEAR. The theme's like red, grey, black and white i think. And it was stated there to be 'formal wear'. Wow, formal. You got me there man.

Lastly, just wanna say, it hurts when you really care for someone and the person just wouldn't care bout your friendship. But well, some random thoughts, not emo neways. :)

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My favourite scene of the video. This was when he sings, 'it was a thousand to one, and a million to two' And there goes 'two'. :D
Okay, but that's not the main point of this post. Friggin look at the views. But that's not all. This is:
16, 777, 836 views yesterday. 16, 817, 331 today. 39, 495 views in one day. WOW much?

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The only thing i can do without feeling guilty in these months packed with exams is, eat. And that explains why i got so fat and my fatty tissues started hanging around my stomach. And the worst thing is, my pants got tight! But oh wells, i feel happy when i get to eat. (:

But right now, even the only thing that can make me feel happier gotta be so saddening.

And it's also amazing how i felt more cheered up after bashing the drums. Thank god i have something to release my anger. (:

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haha, kinda like this reflection thing. randomly editting some pictures and decided to post this up. lol.

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Ever since I changed my template to the html type, instead of blogger's, i actually lost the follow thingy. So I finally figured this out and yeah, check out my last column on the right. Feel free to tap that sexy 'follow' button there if you wanna continue stalking this blog. :P