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-31st of august to 3rd of september-


It's all about food, food and food. I didn't have a chance to starve as the food i just ate haven't even been fully digested, we're going to another place to eat again. Well, I'm not sure whether i put on weight after the trip or not but well, the food were irresistible.

Shopping Nahh, not here. Im not sure but if im not mistaken, there are only 3 proper and considered big shopping malls over here. Went to the nearest one, named suria sabah, well, it's something like curve but curve is much better of course. Just went into few shops, cotton on, padini, heart attack and guardian i guess. Lol. Partly, we didn't have much time to shop so yeah. Just went to have a look and we should be thankful that we have a couple of proper and big shopping malls not too far away from our place. (:

This, WAS THE BOMB, YO! Seriously, i dropped into the sea, and i meant in the middle of the sea with my lifejacket on and swallowed tonnes of salt water. lol. But it was one hell of a great sport! Played parasailing(something like a parachute thing, just that we played it above the sea), banana boat(not that fun as there was a kid on board, so the person didn't overturn our boat) and finally flying fish. This one is something like the banana boat thing too but this was way more exciting. The boat driver purposely make us fall into the sea, as that's the whole purpose of the game. lol. Half of my body was already in the water so i had to let it go. And well, the hardest part was to GET BACK ONTO THE DAMN BOAT. Well, not gonna tell you the details bout how did i get back up as i don't think you guys will get it anyway. Just that, i was the first one who fell into the sea and i managed to get back up, yay me. :D But this flying fish is the best water sport ever man. Trust me, you'll never wanna miss this sport. Last but not least, water sports is a must if you happen to visit sabah.

Sabah is so far the best local place i've been to i think. Really, it's worth a go. :)