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Just hate it when i accidentally pressed the wrong button and my whole screen gone bigger n the toolbars somehow disappeared.
And after this, what am i gonna do?
Yeap, click every button with a 'F' in front on the keyboard. Because i was kinda sure that i accidentally pressed one of the buttons with a 'F'.
n i often pressed the wrong button and some stupid stuff appeared in my screen.
okay, why on earth do they need this button? -.-
oh btw, if next time the same thing happen to you, remember to click F11, it'll turn normal again. :)
okay, just some random post. bye!

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It's just another manic Tuesday.
Spent my day video calling jen & mun.
Practising drums & piano.
And i finally gain some skills on the pedal thing. HOYEAH. :D

Sooo, in few hours, we're gonna live the last month of 2010.
Man, im so gonna miss this year. It's been, a lot.
  • Had an awesome drum teacher now. well, not to say my previous one was not awesome, but just, he's too lazy n often slacks. so yeah.
  • I don't know what on earth made me do that. i know i hurt you, BADLY. but thank you for accepting me back as a friend. i really treasure our friendship.
  • Had a number of new best friends, n totally love 'em.
  • Got along with ma classmates kinda well. hope we'll still remain the same class.
  • Understood what life is about.
  • Understood you can somehow be a good friend.
there's just too much in 2010 that i wanna remember. :')
i hope im one of them who you wanna remember, too. (:
cya. xx

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"It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do,
Hey baby,
I think i wanna marry you

Is it the look in ur eyes,
Or is it the dancing juice,
Who cares baby,
I think i wanna marry you."

-Marry You, Bruno Mars

AWW <3
n glee's version in finn's mom n kurt's dad's wedding.
totally broke the replay button for these, yo! :D

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im kinda turning my blog into a tumblr sorta blog. o.O
but im sure you enjoyed reading n looking at those awesome pictures & quotes. :D
FINE, i promise i'll do a proper update once in a while, kay? hehe x)

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seowie! if you're reading this, ARE YOU THINKING WHAT IM THINKING B1? A_A

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HAHA (Y) impressive.

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this, is one sick kit.
dude, we won't have enough hands! D:

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drum class yesterday was kinda cool.
i finally get to see my teacher's playing. WOOT. he IS good. duh.. (:
gonna drill more on my leg, gah.
after that, came home, came online for a while and off we went to ou.
ou seems like the only place to hang around during holidays. lol :|
had dinner at delicious. had carbonara for dinner yesterday.
can't finish it, cheeeeeesy shit. so my sister helped me to finish the rest of it.
speaking of food, im kinda hungry. whenever i talk bout food, i'll feel hungry.
so let's stop it.
then, walked around ou. and guess who i saw?

he'd been a judge for battleground. love at the first sight, yo. :)
went urban tee to check out the elmo shirt.
didnt get to buy on thursday.
regretted not buying it, its out of stock, AGAIN. akjrlijeralkmdklnl@jkgjku! DAMN. IT.
so yeah. then went cotton on, bought a pair of black flats. loveeee it. ;)
n off we went home.
after the that, slept at 1.30am, kinda early during holidays. there's class 2day morning, so gotta sleep earlier.
rise at 7 in the morning. FYI, its a sunday morning. -.-
then went down, had 2 pieces of charcoal bread with tuna. yeah, black in colour. :D
n served the net with ma iPod.
after that, turned on the TV n watched 'the house bunny'.
really made my day coz i saw tyson ritter. im no longer sleepy. (((:
n got on ace's car n tuition till 10.
last tuition of the year, yay. i can get back my lost sleep. :D
n went brunch at around my primary school. awesome food. (:
n im here blogging.
hope i'll be going to curve later. *cross everything i can cross*

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i just found this picture in anne's blog n man, we look nice here. so i decided to post it up. LOL
hope to see you soon. x

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whoops, yaron's not in this. sorry. ):
ou with yaron, winson, jojo, winnis, n kah yi. Babes. x
reached there like, before the shops even open? LOL

well, coz i followed kah yi's cousin's car. he's working there, so yeah. :)
went breakfast with my bishes, at kluang station, then met up with winnis n the guys after that.
god, they're real GOOD in directions. i meant, the guys. winnis is the problem solver. :D
n then we went to pick up the tickets n went to pizza milano as the others wanna have their breakfast. so just chit-chatting around there.
then, we walked around. well, shopping with the guys waiting outside the store is, real weird. :|
so, didnt really do so.
halfway, jian chuan said he wanna meet up with us as he's around there. so yeah, we met up with him. n sad, he've gotta go back home at 2. so didnt get to join us. but there are still plenty of chances. :)
n then headed to neway. KARAOKE, YO.
3 out of 6 of us, were the ones singing. which are, ky, winnis & I. joey did sing a bit, but not really, throughout the session. so yeah. Lol.
after that, harry potter. ( which is the movie winnis craving for. :P)
i didnt watch all of it. so didnt really get it at first. but winnis explained it to me bout the parts, then i kinda got it. thanks babe :)
n after that, kah yi & I got ourselves auntie anne's. then we went to this place where we eat japanese food. i forgotten the name. so i ordered another california roll. yum. (:
n later on, HOME.
the most tiring outing. maybe because i got not enough of sleep last night, n was singing for 2 and a half hours. so yeah. but, enjoyed ourselves. :))

P.S. sad that nick's not here to join us, if not i think it'll be more fun. :)

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well, i REALLY hope so.

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whoa, that's, a lot..
we won't even notice, will we? :D

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"The other reason i came bck blogging is because yenn :D After soo long , shes stil blog :) btw , shes the one introduce me to blogging . Yenn is the reason that this blog exist :D Im gonna try keeping this blog alive . "

so glad nick's back on blogging. n this is what i found in his post.
so touching weih :') <3
and i didnt know i was the one who introduced him into blogging. LOL (:
n yeah, KEEP IT ALIVE, nicky. ;)

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" I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all."

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i see...you.
you, light up ma night sky.

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deeper & harder.
ummmm hmmmmmmm.

P.S. its a shop. i bet you guys thought it was something else. :P

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Ma sister's having her SPM right now. Good luck n yay for her ;)
yay for her, because it's 1 more day closer to her freedom!
Yay for me, we can FINALLY go out. -_-
I meant not after 3 weeks. But yeah, after that, Singapore, yo!
I'm so friggin excited to go there. Even though it's some near countries, but think bout it, the bugis street, the happening places over there, those stuff that will make your heart skip a beat. OMG, can't wait! :D
I even dreamt about going there last night. See, how excited am I. Hee hee!
So yeah. I think that's bout it n it's time for me to post some pictures with few
sentences of crap again. HAHA. Hellyeah!

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I love eating chocolates. When I'm unhappy, I go for chocolates. When my period is coming, I crave for chocolates. It doesn't matter the brand, as long as it's chocolate, it makes my mouth water. Don't let me know there's chocolate in the fridge, somehow I'll miss it and go visiting the fridge.

P.S. thanks vic for the chocolate. :D

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it's been a loooooooooong time since i actually change my blogskin.
yeah, if you're my loyal fan, you'll know.
whenever you enter my blog last time, there'll be another new skin.
well, that's me, blogskin changer. -.-
but i kinda like this though.
n this is inspired by one of the we the king's songs.
this is simple, yet nice, to me. :)

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yeah, ma kids. :D
few weeks ago i went back to my primary school because my teacher needed help.
so, me n my friends gave her a hand.
we helped her with this camp. well, not the one that you have to sleep in the school.
like a one-day camp sort of stuff.
so im the leader for this group. they're really cute. (:
n im so proud of them, they got 2nd runner up. hee hee. xD
hope to see them around soon. will miss you, buddies! ;)

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OMG. Guess what? D:
I am so bored.
See how retarded I can be. -.-
So I'm currently at my uncle's apartment, just had my dinner, n am using dad's iPhone to blog.
He can go online whenever n wherever he is. GREAT.
Well, I did brought my iPod but as you know, we need wi-fi to go online.
They do have wi-fi here, but as usual, they need password.
I ain't gonna knock on every door to look for the password. -.-
N guess what? The names of the wi-fi are like what, anning/home sweet home. Friggin funny names I tell you. Lol.
Um, n I guess that's all for now. Toodles! :D

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OH BTW, i forgotten.
so i was talking bout my blog with aqil.
n he was like, oh, yennyi da bitch that one right.
n i was like, COOL NAME.
what'd you think bout that? :)

P.S. credits to aqil.

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i already wrote more than 200 blog posts. wow. impressive. :D
i suddenly missed blogging. n i think im gonna update it very often now. since facebook is starting to bore me. n i dun care if anyone ever reads it, its somewhere where i express my feelings. :)
so here we go. i finally finished watching all the movies n dramas i downloaded.
just finished the movie 'remember me' a few minutes ago.
i downloaded it because i saw robert pattinson at the cover. Lol.
well, im not a huge fan of him, but still..i'll love to watch. (:
okay, so i dun really get what are they trying to say in this movie. :|
but the ending's like, omg sad.
idk why robert will jump off the building, i meant, things are starting to get better.
but well, i'll give it 2 stars out of five?
hahah, so yeah.
gonna go to uncle's house to see his 12 days old baby n sort of eat. after that, airport.
my grandparents n aunt are coming back! im SO excited.
you have no idea. (:
okay, im gonna go now or not im gonna get screwed. so bye! :)

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don't mess with yennyi tan. >:)

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i always do this, told you im cool. ;)

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'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
When you're fifteen and your first kiss
Makes your head spin 'round
But in your life you'll do things greater than
Dating the boy on the football team
But I didn't know it at fifteen
-Fifteen, taylor swift.

Oh yeah? we're all gonna get our first kiss and get to date a guy on the football team?
no thanks. im SO not dating the guys in my school's football team. PFFT.

when i was five, being fifteen is a faraway thing to think about.
n wow, im turning fifteen next year.
which means, PMR is around the corner. D:
i don't wanna grow up. ):

P.S. i kinda felt like some immature girls right now. especially after my last sentence, but who cares? that's what i think.

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holidays' been awesome. :D
recently i've got lots of events. yesterday i went out from 7am-7pm. D:
went to my primary school's graduation day in the morning. n i actually didnt really watch the performances. was literally hanging out with buddies. (:
well, got chased out from my ex-classroom n guess what i found there?
i found my ex-table! ((:
nick's the founder. LOL
he was like, i can 100% be sure this is yenn's table. then i was like, why, n i went there to check out.
writen there, the click five <3 rox! LOL.
yeah, kah yi, winnis n i were a big big fan of them since primary school ya know. (:
around 9am, went for breakfast with jojo, kah yi, dian n winnis. after that, went back to school, n just in time, winson n all came.
after that, chit-chatted, disturbed the kids, play cards, had lunch with them. :)
then dian's mum came n pick us up. n we're heading to our next stop, the store.
our class party is held there. yeah, KFC.
there's just winnis, dian n i. we arrived like 1pm. n the class party only starts at 2.
guess what did we do?
we went down to the basement n we shopped at 'the store'. LOL
i think we walked almost every row. n very slowly..hahahaha!
then we went to this book store. we took form 3's komsas to read.
we haven't even finish our 1st page, the store keeper said we're not allowed to read here.
well, true that. so we walked around again.
soon the others arrived so we went KFC to have our party.
had fun. took pictures. sadly, no one cried. LOL
well, i think most of us will still be in the same class anyway, so what is there to be sad of right? x)
then after that, followed the others downstairs. they thought of getting some games for themselves.
as for me, im not the gaming-type of people. Lol. so i just waited.
then again, dian's mum came n pick us up. then we headed to dian's house.
so we settled down at the awesome couches. took turns to play her x-box 360 slim. xD
i played this racing game. i was having hard time reversing the car. -.-
i know, but well, for me, who doesn't play games, at least i made it to the end okay? :D
so yeah. then went out for a walk with babes, pei yii, winnis n yu xin. (:
breathed in fresh air? sort of. x)
then went back to dian's, n played cards. n i went back home at 7pm.
an eventful, awesome, fun & different hangout.
different as in, hanging out at places we don't hangout, like, the store. LOL.
n got chased out by teachers n store keepers.
these worth some space in my mind. memorable. (:

P.S. as usual, pictures posted in facebook, the album, november. :)

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my best friend since what, childhood? :D
we finally met up yesterday. its been a few months since i last saw her.
well, her dad's working at ou, so she followed n i joined her. (:
i went there after my drum class n bumped into her at kitschen. well, not literally bumped into her. but, yeah. LOL.
we just went shopping n we went up n down and up n down.
i bought a blue tank top for 10 bucks at kitschen. :D
then we went to diva. bought a best friend necklace. she took the friend n i took the best.
its like, she took half of the heart n i took the other. so, together, we're one heart. :')
i also bought some bangles from diva too. its really cute. i've always wanted one something like this. so yeahh. xD
then we decided to get some snacks, so we popped into auntie anne's.
n then..

Me: Hey, grab some dresses.
Jia Anne: Okay.
Me: Camwhore!
Jia Anne: Hellyeah. :D

i wanted to post those pictures up here. but its from my camera, n the file's real big.
n it takes, FOREVER, to get to post 'em up. -.-
so yeah. but well, check them out at my facebook profile. ;)
hope to see you again babe. feel free to pop in my house, anytime. :) <3

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hey everybody!
i finally felt like clicking at the www.blogger.com link n post something on my bloggie. :)
so yeah. been really tired these days.
i've not been going to school. Lol. i know, im a good student. x)
BUT i've been working for my mum. :)
i forgot to bring my storybook to read at my mum's. so was kinda bored in her office today. -.-
when me n my mum were on our way back, my head started to hurt so badly.
i had a headache so i went for a short nap in the car.
so came back, changed n went to ace ed-venture.
as usual, kah yi n joey will come up with some really epic stuffs.
n as usual, we'll laugh our asses off.
so what im looking forward to is the play. we went to practise it for a while.
all of us just can't stop laughing. even the other group were laughing at us too. LOL.
i really like my group. HAHA. :D
n after the class, went to pick up sister n her friends from cekap n fetched 'em all back home.
came back, n had pizza. WOO. yum yum. :)
after that, im here, posting this post. :D
oh yeah, 2mrw after my drum class i'll be going to 1u with jia anne. ZOMG!
its been like, few years since i last see her? D:
no lah, not that long. she did dropped by a few months ago. but, still..
there's so much memories between us. :')
when i recall, i can still remember i was so sad when valerie n her, my 2 best friends decided to transfer school to some other school at the same time. its like a knife stabbing my heart. ouch. like, you're all alone now.
but im happy we can still, like, you know, meet up. :D
can't wait babe! <3