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Do you want a piece of me?

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Girl: I love you.
Guy: I love you too! AS A FRIEND.
(or the other way round)


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HAHAHAH. niceeee.
i wish i could buy a shirt with these words printed on it. :)

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ohh yeah! i forgotten to blog about valentine's.
but come to the think of it, what is there to blog about?
hmm, as usual, valentine's was just another ordinary day to me.
but who knows? next year? next next year? or next next next year? next to the power of 7 or more years? LOL.
that i will finally receive roses or chocolates? HAHA.
alright, no more dreaming yenn. get back to homework.

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because i'm finally making a proper post. :)
okay soooo let's start off with my chinese new year this year. :D
it's been awesome, except for the part that we have only 4 days of holiday -.-
the night before, played firecracker until 1.30 or 2am, idk. as i tweeted that night, the road was full of black patches akibat of the firecrackers bombing (HAHA) here and there. but it's your loss if you don't play 'em. its (Y).
and chinese new year is more or less the same like every year's. sooooo yeah. :D
alright, skip skip.
our class cheered several times, because most of the teachers didnt came into class. AHH. it feels like heaven! :D
yeah, then moral class was the best. us(winnis, seow, dian, yu xin, sin yee & me) sat together and started talking. the guys asked us were we gossiping and guys, it's a no.
we laughed at our childish selves when we thought about old times. and also, hard times of being an elder sister to your younger sister or brother. an emotional one. and at times, we still laughed at it even if we felt bad about it, because we're born this way. (lady gaga pulak :p) i meant we're born to live a life like this and i don't feel anything actually. im very happy with my life and i'm loving it. :)
so yeah, live life to the fullest. that's right, that's my motto :)

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tell me you don't love it!

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colours lit up our lives.
without colours, think bout it, how would this world be?
we're gonna live in the world of black and white? D:

P.S. i took this somewhere around may last year, the colours of the sky caught my attention. so niceee (;

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aren't they just SO lovely? :))

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or was it diamond?
WHATEVER IT IS, accessories rock socks! (:
thanks mummy, mun mun & aqil for those! :D

P.S. i know you're reading this mun, just wanna thank you so much for that!! ilovemunmun :D <3

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AHHHH, penguin chocolate. <3
from london. HEHE.
thank you kou2! loveeeee you. :D

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all the way from paris. love you guys. <3

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TCV! my beloved friends bought the album for me and im like, *SCREAMS*! <3

have you heard of lady gaga's new single-born this way?
it's so madonna-like and im lovin' it! :D

and of course, AAR <3
i've got this album, but i really like this cover more!
which country do they sell albums with this cover? ITS LIKE FABULOUS.
and they're currently recording their new album. OMG HOYEAHH <3

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okay, so these are a couple of movies i wanna catch.

homecoming, well, a singaporean show, and i bet it's a friggin funny movie. i hope it wouldn't disappoint me like how the movie 'great day' did. the thing is, everyone's like HAHAHA laughing away over there, and im like, what? what's so funny? YA KNOW THAT KINDA FEELING. so yeah.

and this is burlesque. winnis told me the rating's just 3.5/10. but well, im really impressed with christina aguilera's voice. she's like (Y) when i watch the trailer. so, i wanna take a look at this movie.

and lastly, NEVER SAY NEVER!
hahahah, i bet you guys thought i was a big fan of him for a minute when you guys saw the caps and the exclaimation mark.
alright, i just wanna see what this dude's got in this movie. its coming out somewhere in april i think. so yeah. going with kah yi, most probably. :))

yeap, sooo yeah. :D

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i once did something really stupid at this time on one of the nights at 11.11pm.
i actually wished that, oh no, its a secret. hahahah. :p

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hoyeah <3

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you know the feeling that you don't want to do something, but you felt guilty for not doing it?
well, that's how im feeling right now. like, WHAT THE HECK?
but i think i was the one who started this whole thing, so who should i put the blame on? ME. yes, myself.
this, sucks.