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KOKO started!
and its, EFF-ING TIRING.

im afraid i would break down anytime at school.
my minds are sooo tired at school, perhaps i should sleep earlier? yeah, i should.
alryte, wish me luck! :)

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its been ages since i woke up at 6 in the morning.
woke up for sports 2day.
was planning not to go but gotta help me sister's stall.
after that i've got tuition, so i wanted to get out from the gate.
and damn, the teacher's there watching.
they dun let me out.
ace had tuition too. so we were finding our way out.
her friend even borrowed her the playar thingy to cut off the wires. LOL
but finally we didnt use it. ace's mum signed us out. :)
but if we really use it, it will be an awesome memory i think. LOL. 8)
then went piano and stuff. came back, took a nap. too tired.
at night, went ace ed-venture.
it was so awesome. filled with laughter. lol. good times.
and i think that's about it 2day. toodles! (:

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the exterior.

the interior. my brand new medium crash is the 2nd cymbal from the right, which is brownish in color.

dad just bought me this sweeeet medium crash from yamaha, the curve.
well, they used to sell really good, branded stuff with a really unaffordable price but this one, they're having a 50% off promotion so i've got it. :D
dad bought this for me as my birthday present, well, its months ago. (:
this crash sounds like heaven!
im so gonna change my whole set of cymbals because after listening to sabian's, my headliner A.K.A. meinl cymbals sounded like crap. but that's probably few years ahead.
but well, i can still live with these cymbals because actually, they're not that bad, just the crash sounded a lil cacat.
i still like my hi-hat and my ride, the most!
this post is all bout cymbals. well, im just expressing. you don't have to read if ur not interested. soooo, yeah. :)

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was not that bad. not as bad as yesterday, you have no idea!
well, nowadays im too lazy to wake up for school. ugh..
went to sch as usual, then it was bm period, group work. -.-'
after that was sejarah, notes to be done. sigh..
then moral, we went to check our eyes.
what kind of machine is that?
it shows that almost everyone, has short-sightedness. fake. ya think?
then it was P.E. , which is the period who always turn me on. :D and it was, awesome!
then english, which is the period who always turn me down. im really annoyed when im taught by my eng teacher. :|
and overall 2day was awesome! :D

P.S. "hey apple!" has been the quote for us. its such a nice quote. :)

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im sorry but i have to chg my blogskin again.
well, its because the owner of the skin done something to my previous skin, so there's some problem occured.
so i changed this skin instead.
hope this will be okay. :D

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  • i've been camwhoring alot these days. I'VE GOTTA STOP! its hard. :(
  • school's starting in 1 day time! (good? bad? idk.)
  • tuitions are driving me crazy.


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finally, i get to go shopping after few weeks of study.
i was dying to go shopping on saturday.
but after my drum class, my parents said they were really tired so xjadi nak go out. :(
but on sunday, after breakfast at mcd, stayed at home.
in the evening, went to ou with family.
ate at sri melaka, n i've got not much time to go shopping.
i just walked into miss T n i saw this bag. it's cute.
AND, my school bag just died. :(
n i was using a retarded school bag. sooo, i bought the bag!
i was looking for a dress, which is like, i don't know how to describe.
unfortunately, i cant find it.
so imma go curve to get one. ( hope there is!)
on monday, my younger sis was having her piano theory exam at BU3.
so i accompanied me mummy within the 2 hours.
after that, went to ou again.
had our branch at delicious. didn't really eat much because i ate in the morning.
then mummy went to her favourite shop, jaspal.
it was on sales! so mummy tried on few shirt.
she bought a purple sweat shirt to some award presentation thing and a pair of cool blue shades, while i got myself a pair of heels. although the heels are really high it was all 70% off. worth it! :D
then i sat the train with mummy to her office to go get her car. and then we drove to petaling street. mum wanna do some stuff over there.
so i went to my aunt's stall n help.
pursuading a customer to buy something is NOT easy. it takes them FOREVER to figure out to buy or not buy.
then followed mummy to raintree club for an appointment and went home.
me elder sister & grandma is back from singapore.
well, my sister shopped till she drop. common lah. (:
so these r the pictures of my heels.


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hey you cool peeps out there!
n exam finished. yay!
well, as usual, went to school, nearly came late.
then jaga the pondok keselamatan with dian.
went back to class.
when we were all revising sejarah, cikgu azman suddenly came to my class n ask me whether i left my book at the guard hse or not.
i don't know because i borrowed it to dian.
so i think she accidentally left there. so yeah. no big deal.
then continued revising. n finally, last paper.
1 or 2 questions that i ain't sure bout. others, okayyy lah. can manage. (:
n finally, its over!
so teacher's just giving out papers. shouldn't had bring the textbooks. -.-'
i spent my whole day in school crapping with my friends.
its sort of, bored, after that.
n came back from school.
had a great dinner. n came online. finally, without guity-ness, i onlined. Lol.
so yeah, that is. :D

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yay! yay!
1 paper down!!
cant wait. seriously, CANT WAIT!

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hey you, yeah you!
btw, i randomly found this quote up here, n i love it. x)
exam is here. gosh, its just been few weeks n another exam is here again.
been studying alot. well, i dunno is that consider as, alot?
had bm, art & math paper today.
bm is seriously killing. gah.
n then art, like i care.
math paper was okay.
so, few more papers down.
at the bright side, i received an email from my aunt, who's in NZ now.
she promised me to buy me a necklace when she last went to NZ few years ago.
so she attached me this picture of the necklace she just bought for me.
thanks kuma! <3
i love it! isn't it like, so darn cool? :D

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2day was the best day ever. :D
well, there's story telling competition after recess today, so there's some performances which im involved.
fyi, we only know we have to do the performances on wednesday, so we just have 1 n a half day to practise. really tired.
so this afternoon, when i was at home, i took out all my speakers n stuff n winnis came n help me with the stuff.
we're totally like shopping! everyone was like holding few plastic bags. HARHAR.
then i went to MPV to set up the stuff n all. n started practising the dance.
its pn margeret's period for the 1st two periods. so my class get to watch our dance when we're practising. :)
and another overall practise n it FINALLY started.
we started with our sorry sorry dance. hehehe. i was kinda satisfied with it.
in fact, all of us were. n of course, we're very happy to hear the cheers n support. :D
then it was hui li's solo for a chinese song at the middle of the story telling competition.
after all the contestants, we continued with the singing by dian n yu xin, winnis with her super girl song. she was awesome with her dance. ;)
followed by dian n yu xin's solo n finally hui li n mine's gives you hell.
i dunno what's with me today. i was not really nervous but im really very in the mood to dance n move around.
well, hui li, u gotta move around a bit lah. no offence.
and i started the song with, GUYS, IM SURE U GUYS ARE BORED OF THE CHINESE SONGS RIGHT? (no offence dian, hui li, yu xin & winnis.) SO I HOPE THIS GIVES YOU HELL!
at first, i was kinda worried because it seemed silent at the whole room but when they started to woo, i was much more confident.
well, i screwed up 2 performances last year. so i told myself to do a good one, n at least nt to screw it up. so i tried my best and i hope i did it.
there was one part i dropped down to my knees, well, that's tyson's trademark. :D and then, i requested for everyone to clap along the tempo after that.
i get the inspiration of the song from tyson, AAR.
P.S. winnis, hui li, dian, yu xin, mei yen, seow ting! good job guys! really appreciated you guys' hard work! :) and of course, my wonderful friends who gave me compliments, love you guys. THANK YOU V MUCH! ♥ ♥

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i dunno why u hate me or my friends but im pretty sure i dont quarrel with any1 or get into a fight or something.
DUDE, come on. get a life man.
if u hate us, write ur name, we dont mind. seriously.
plus, for whom that i seldom chat with, the dont know my style of writing so they may think that that's me y'know.
n then, there goes the misunderstanding.
if i see my name at other's blog after this, im gonna trace who you are.
i've got this pretty cool software to trace it. you may not know what am i gonna do after i know who you are. maybe........
nevermine, so here's a warning post for you.

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sometimes i felt like a piece of shit.
emo much?

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i was very tired today.
yesterday i didnt wanna sleep so early, idk why.
so i took out all my work n i did it all.
after tht, i cant help but went online.
im addicted to it, once again. i hate it.
kay, so 2day i called my sister to wake me up at 10.
i do set alarm, everyday. but, maybe i was too used to the song of my alarm, i cant wake up.
yu xin said im strange because even though i put loud, loud music, i cant wake up.
she knew it because she experienced it during our trip to PD. Lol, so yeah. -.-
then i washed up, as usual. completed 2 pages of caligraphy. n went down for spaghetti.
its a bit too sour actually. but still, not bad. (:
then mummy fetched us to school.
as usual, i met up with me besties at the place the school plant trees.
but today, it was full of branches at the floor. so we went to the place where the students park their motorbikes.
then went to do my duty for assembly.
so after that, it was kh. pei chuen didnt wanna go up to class. its freaking boring.
but still, we went to class.
when we were at the stairs, me n yu xin were freaked out. we saw puan renu at our class!
our teacher was not here fr the 1st period so yeah. she's relieve.
then my teacher came. -.-
it was such a disappointment when i see the teacher walking into my class. Lol.
so yeah. then it was geography, doing exercise.
after that, bm n then moral. as usual, really hot over there.
then it suddenly rained. gosh, i didnt wanna sit in the class anymore!
so no choice, stay in class. went to the front seat n comfort sanjeeve.
i pity him because he sit with a malay n chinese.
the chinese has his friends in front n the malay has his friends behind. so he's like, the leftout one. kesiannya dia.
then it was raining! why, why rain?!
so when bell rang, opened the umbrella n walked back with seow. hate it. all wet.
and that's all for today people. toodles.