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just watched the final episode for season 2 and DAMN THEY WEREN'T IN THE TOP 10 LIST! ):
but they got 12, like, nationals, 12th, wasnt that bad after all. :)
so finn and rachel kissed after their duet. and they said it wasn't professional and DUDE, ITS JUST A KISS! ISNT THAT WHAT YOU CALL FEELINGS??
i still think they should at least get shortlisted for the top 10. LOL
when blaine smiled and said 'I love you.', inside my heart i was shouting so loudly, THAT SHOULD BE ME!!!!!
hahaha, kidding. and i actually googled the two of them whether were they really gay in real life and turns out to be kurt is but blaine is not. YAY. so does that mean that i have a chance? HAHAHAH WHAT IS WITH ME LIKE I'LL EVER GET HIS ATTENTION. I MEANT LIKE I'LL EVER MEET HIM.


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no more guilt while onlining, no more staying up till 2 am to study and i guess it's camping, teacher's day celebration and SHOPPING TIME. WHEEEEE!
though i screwed my papers, badly. but oh wells, let the bygones be bygones, right? :D
will soon be uploading pictures that i took during the exam period. (i actually camwhore when im stressed :D)
soooo yeah.

last saturday my parents say they wanna bring us out to loosen out hair a lil. so we went ou. wanted to watch never say never but well, like what i expected, it's not showing anymore in the cinema. and i didnt really wanna watch other movies as i know im soon gonna go for a movie marathon with my buddies. dont wanna watch the same movie for twice. :) so, dad bought a watch with his gift and me and my sis went wandering around. bought a red butterfly ring from deeper & harder. im an accessory collector but i dont really go for rings though. but i just couldnt resist that butterfly ring as im so obsessed over butterflies right now and yeah, dont wanna miss it. :))

oh yeah, on monday, my grandpa was doing his daily routine going through those letters sent to my house, and he handed me an envelope and asked me, what's this?
i took over and im like, OH. MY. GOODNESS.
it was stated 'free 3D glasses'. OMG OMG. i just couldnt believe my eyes and i tore it open like in a split second. tried wearing it and there's this 'KP' sign on the glasses. ahhh <3
priceless man, priceless. :))
so i tried wearing it to see kyle's picture on twitter, woooo, can finally see the 3D effect. hot as usual :D
and after that i tweeted him to say thank you and love you and it was the best gift ever and things like that, just hoping that he'll at least retweet one of my tweet?
sadly, he didn't. but well, i bet there were plenty fans out there tweeting him and i guess he only picks some tweets in random to retweet. so, i dont blame him. it's happy to know that he has a huge fan base :')

umm hmm, so that's bout it.

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whoa, didnt know the fisher price toy telephone can make such epic music! LOLOLOLOL @jamea!

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YAY. nicky is back on blogger!


Love those piano covers on your blog babe! especially love like woe's and the lazy song's!

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things that cheered me up during the exam period:
  • a metal pencil box with a red london bus on it. LOVE IT
  • hatchet novel assigned by tuition, kinda awesome.
  • geo paper and sej paper are down. even i didnt do good, but still..
  • friends <3

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omg. i swear im gonna start my revision for all the three forms in every subject after this exam.
i find it hard to do last minute studies. well who doesn't?
yeap, so papers were okay, i guess. just that i used to be so prepared for geography, but, not this time. concentration was on history. sigh. just, wish me luck and i'll pray hard *crosses finger*

and since it's a friday, not gonna study till tomorrow. relax a bit for at least one day (:

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just one status, i was suddenly so conscious about what's happening around me all these while.
so i was just a friend..
was it you who was giving me false hopes or was it me who was misunderstanding your 'kindness'?

but there's no point continuing when you know it's not gonna work out, right?

and i saw this picture. was god trying to tell me something about this whole thing?

seriously, thank you, for letting me realize that everything was actually a beautiful lie. a very, very beautiful lie. that made me kinda fell for it.

lastly, all the best. that's from the bottom of my heart

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HI EVERYBODY!! just thought of posting few pictures i saw from kahyi's tumblr. hehe. so yeah. below is one of them.
this is the scene from the movie 'wildchild'. like, AWW.
it's supposed to be a gif file. but i knew it wouldnt move if i copied it. so yeah, whatever. it's cool enough like that. :)

and googled a dinner clutch. i really need one! D:
this is a crystal dinner clutch. like, FUH. lol, love it.

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today was superb!
so we had this bazaar selling traditional kuihs. me and my group members brought some pau, pulut panggang and seri muka.
i went down earlier to arrange the tables and all. booked this awesome place as my stall. but then later, i don't think the place is strategic enough. so me and yu xin took some of the kuihs and we walked around instead.
hahaha, chased those people like 3 streets to make them buy my kuih. LOL.
im just joking. it's really nice so everyone wanna buy from us lah. :D :D
so i think my group's the first stall to finish selling all those. so yeah. we helped the other groups after that. because we have to finish selling our class's one only we can win.
so yeah. went around convincing people to buy. some of them bought and they wanna see me and yu xin eat it. im like, FINE. im starving anyway. :D
had loadsss of fun. and later when we're done selling them all, it's PICTURE TIME.
hang out with the rk's and took picture with them.

at least a day that i can get away from books without feeling guilty. :))

P.S. thanks for all your support my customers! sorry if i forced you too hard. HAHAHAH

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so i was rearranging all my accessories yesterday and i think i lost one of my favourite necklace.
i own the left heart with a 'best' word on it and jia anne owns the other half with a 'friend' word on it.
im so sorry that i lost it babe. HOW COULD I LOST IT LIKE OMG. ):
but i dont care, im just gonna look for it. in whatever ways, YES.

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so im going through people's blog posts and i cant resist but to post something on my blog.
and i should be doing my homework right now. there are like heaps of it. RAWRR.
okay just a short one.
this morning mum woke me and sisters up to go to this park or should i call it forest, in taman tun. it's like roads built inside a forest. all you do is going up and downhill. although it's not like jungle trekking but i can tell you, roads like them tire you like mad. i think it's more tiring than jungle trekking. but well, it's kinda satisfying as i've not been exercising for the past few weeks? months? OMG YENN YOU FAIL.
wanna make swimming as my every day routine. and i can like study by the poolside. that'll be cool right? right? yeahh. totally. but tell you what, bet it's not gonna work. unless i know how to drive, then that's a different story :)
okay. soooo, yeah. i felt so guilty now so bye :)

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"You're so irresponsible"

I hated this sentence. Like, fcking fed up with it. i didnt wanna swear much but yeah, i have to.
just hated how people put high hopes on me and once i do something wrong, IM irresponsible.
like, come on. People make mistakes alright. I'm a human too, give me a break.

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lol. i posted an album with pictures of prince william in fb and after my previous post, there was like, 8 notifications. i meant, like, 8 notifications in 10/15 minutes? wow.
when i clicked it, saw the photo likes, album likes and comments bout prince william.
guess everyone's in love with him now, but kate stole his heart guys.
we're just gonna stand here and watch them kiss ;)

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let's start off today's post with a picture of, *drum rolls*


okay, he looked so good last time with his hair. but he still look good now. the hot looks will never run from him. especially his killer smile! <3 *MELTS*

i bet the night before the royal wedding, kate was thinking, after tomorrow, the hottest guy in the world will be MINE! back off, you girls out there! >:)

hahah, oh wells, i still think that, there are always a lot more fishes in the sea.
^and again, SOUR GRAPES MUCH? boooo. :P