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Lately i've been too tired i guess. I've been replying tweets and comments to the wrong person.
Like, in my cbox, i was supposed to write the comment to kyemun and i forgotten to change the name. And finally edora's name appeared. LOL. I didnt notice that until edora asked me what the heck was i talking about. Sorry E!
And this afternoon on twitter, i was super sleepy that time. I was replying two person's mentions at the same time. I almost sent eunice's reply to syazwani. -.-
Well, actually i did. LOL. But luckily i noticed that and i deleted that.
I hope she haven't seen it. :X

Sorry guys. I've just been too careless and blur lately.

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I hope i ain't one of 'em.

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Well, skipped school yesterday as i had to go all the way to shah alam for my piano practical exam.
I meant my mum always get lost around that area ya know. There are like tonnes of roundabouts there which is damn confusing. And i was sitting there doing nothing because i seriously couldn't help what. My mum's damn good at directions but she also easily get lost in that place. So if it is me, i'd probably gotten down from the car and boarded a taxi to the hotel already as im damn lazy to find directions and i don't want to be late. LOL so yeah.
Oh yeah, they also must have good food there.
I had chocolate fudge cake yesterday at the cafe there and i wouldnt say it sucked. But it tasted like, milk. Too much of milk made me sick. But i did finish it though. lol.
Wrote the word 'calm =)' on my hand so that i wouldnt be panic. Well, mum said practice the secret. If you keep calling yourself to not be panic, you WILL panic because the brain only interprets the word 'panic'. (it's more or less like that i guess :P)
Sooo, i hope it went well. Luckily i didnt screw up like how i did last year. Though my aural kinda sucked. But it's over now. So imma just concentrate on PMR then. (like i will :D)


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Me: Hey, that girl's quite pretty. (something like that)
Seow: The mirror's pretty.
Me: *wtf face* huh??
Seow: Aiyo, you look in the mirror and what do you see?

She was actually referring to herself. -.-


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An indian girl walked past and was screaming in pain while holding her stomach.

Me: What, is she like pregnant?
Anis: YEAH I KNOW RIGHT! (or something like that i couldnt remember but she did agree with me bout the pregnant thing)

LOLOLOL. Gonna miss doing my tugas with her and ridha. But we're gonna retire in few weeks time until PMR ends. PLUS, Anis's going to some boarding school and ridha is moving next year ):
SIGH..gonna miss them like loads man, loads.

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An awesome day to be remembered. :D
Elder sis woke me up at half an hour earlier today which is 6am. She said she's gonna bring me out for mcd breakfast. Wow, what a great news to be heard in the morning! :DD
So i washed up, wore my uniform, spent 5 minutes looking for my tie (ya know when you're in a rush, all your stuff will tend to play hide and seek with you, and you ended up getting late coz you gotta find 'em -.-) so yeah, luckily i found it, took my bag, water, off we went to mcd.
Me and my sister were the only customer that time at 6.30am. Had sausage mcmuffin with egg, hashbrown and a cup of hot milo. Wanted to order the hot cakes but then i had get to school early coz of the lame prefect meeting every morning.
Reached school, lined up, and the guy just said a few commands, and they continued laughing, chit-chatting with the other ex-cos. Like, hello?? you called us to come early for this stupid meeting and some of them had to arrange transport, wake up early in the morning and stuff just to get to school and you expect us to stand there and watch u guys fooling and joking around? THIS IS NOT COOL OKAY? You DON'T have the right to do so.
Can you guys PLEASE be sure of your rights as ex-cos and the a better way of treating your juniors?

Despite the prefect meeting, i had an awesome morning. Thanks jie :D

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Guess what? I just spent the past hour reading anis's blog. LOL.
Well, i didn't know she has a blog. I decided to check farrina's blog to see whether these's any update but sadly, no. Aiyo, update lah babe! :P
So i decided to check her links. Just randomly clicked on a link named 'Insecure Mess'. And BOOM, it was anis's. Maybe the God wants me to stalk her. HEHE.
And she seriously updates her blog like DARN OFTEN. But the good thing is, i got another blog to read now. Woohoo! :D

P.S. Anis, thanks for the picture of me and my friend. Oh and her name is Yu Xin. :)

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Hi guys! I've been eating A LOT lately.
Well, that day me and my sister were looking for something to eat downstairs. And we happen to see this tin of munchy's biscuit. Had always been damn excited to open such tins coz there'll be like assorted biscuits in packets and there's quite a variety of them. :D
So we started chewing on some biscuits. I tried different flavors every day and i found out that i like every one of them. Seriously, normally when i open such tins i'll just pick one or two flavors and that's it. It's left there to be thrown or given away. But this is like the first time, i ever finish one whole tin of them. (i meant there's still three packets but i know i'll finish it anyway, so yeah. :D)
Imma go buy another one more tin next time when i happen to go for some grocery shopping. (:

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HEE HEE. Okay in my last post i just said i didnt wanna change my blogskin.
But then when i read somebody else's blogs, i can't resist because they're blogs are like so, clean.
I always needed something clean.
Plus, a little bit of colour here and there will be awesome for me. :D
I felt like a html pro just now when i was adjusting my template as i didnt want to use blogger's. I decided to use my own blogskins so i gotta type some HTML codes by myself. Soooo yeah :)

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Used to LOVE changing blogskins. But i just got so lazy. Plus, i think this one is simple and nice. LOL. So, yeah. Not changing it until, idk, maybe when i feel like it? (:

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So rised at 11 in the morning today. That's considered kinda early actually. Yeah, im a darn good sleeper.
Went to practice my drums for like half an hour or more, and then my sister said we're going earlier today coz she wants to drop by curve to get some stuff. So, yay. :D
As father's day just tomorrow, or was it today? I really have no idea. So, we got my grandpa two cupcakes as a mini cake f0r celebration. Daddy went to Mongolia with mummy yesterday night. Well, we did celebrated last weekend for him. So, yeah :)
My sis is attending her other friend's party so she has to get her a present. Went padini and saw some awesome vincci accessories. But i don't think they worth the price. So, sigh.. ):
And then after we got all those stuffs, we left at around 2.45pm i guess. Chose the LDP way. WRONG.WAY.TO.GO. We were stucked at the exit of curve for like half an hour to an hour plus. It wasnt even moving. Didn't think i could make it to drum class. So i texted danny and say i couldnt. Right after that, the traffic gone smoother. you kidding me?
Rushed to drum class and gave jason and danny a 'surprise' :P
Played some jazzy music and it was really relaxing. At least some new stuff. Im getting bored of those typical rock music. Sooooo, yeah.
Soon going to eat out. Kthxbai :)

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Whaddup people? Mid-year's exam results were like, okay let's not talk bout this.
And the 2 weeks holiday just passed. Time freaking flies! Helped mummy in her office, outing with friends in mid-val and spent the rest of the time going online during the holidays. Oh wells, what do you expect? A teenage's life. :P
AND, im so, so, so relieved! All the projects are finally down. I meant i hope there's no more coming up..

Every friday night is so relaxing. Love it. Imma go sleep now since i didn't even notice it was already 2am in the morning. So, goodnight pies! :)

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Ever thought of being a prefect? Or planning to? Well, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.
I meant at least not in the school i'm attending right now.
Seriously, those ex-cos just think that they are mister and miss know-it-all. You can't just have a meeting with us like once in a while just to scold us. Is it your premenstrual syndrome A.K.A. PMS period right now? I meant not all the ex-cos of course. Just those who always scold us for NOTHING.
I don't see any point for those ex-cos to scold us because even if we do our work, there will still be some prefects who don't. Then, it's all OUR ASSES. And you guys are forever the ones who have NOTHING to do with these. No responsibility for these, no nothing.

I think I'm just gonna stop being a prefect next year, and probably start concentrating on my studies? Hmm, yeah that's more like it. And who cares bout the new uniform will be wasted and stuff?
Just sell it. I'm probably gonna sell my uniform for half price. I just wore it like one year. Currently still in an awesome condition. Whoever is interested, just let me know :)