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I had a really busy day turning oxygen into carbon dioxide today. So, I think by tweeting, it helps to kill time as whenever you finished writing a tweet, you'll think of another new one to write. And when I went through my photo album in my iPod, I saw some pictures I screenshoted and that means, ANOTHER NEW TWEET! :D

So let me post these two pictures up here. And when I screenshot something, it sure mean something to me which is mainly about food. Haha JK. So yeah, this is it.

The first one was when fb lost its connection and there's this one big sad face there. I thought it was kinda cute so yeah. :D
And the second one's the chocolate lava cake me and my elder sister eat often at the Bali's hotel restaurant. We just wanna use the wifi there so we had to order something and it tastes gooood. When you cut it open, the chocolate will flow out like how the volcano's lava burst out from the top. Can u imagine how marvellous would it taste like? Of course you can't. :P Thats why, if you have a chance to order something like that in a restaurant, go try it, it's worth a try! I fell in love with it and I'm missing it really bad now. Haha. Okay ciao.

P.S. Randomly felt like posting everything in the centre. lol.

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When you have nothing to do and the rain starts to cry cats and dogs, you just felt like SLEEPING. (even though you just woke up a few hours ago. :3)

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So 2011's coming to an end and that means 2012's just around the corner. Of course it is -.-
What im trying to say is, that means school's starting and my two miserable years will start in just few days. I don't want my holiday to end, yet. I had an awesome holiday, one of the best ones so far, i think. The fact that i don't have to get out of my covers early in the morning already made my holiday awesome.

And in few days, i would have to start working hard for spm already. lol, as if i will but, yeah. :D
At times, i just hope that my life being a 15 would be longer and i would never want 2012 to come. Too much of negative comments bout those science subjects. It would be a whole lot more tougher, that's for sure, and im afraid i couldn't cope with it. This is so unusual. I meant i wasn't this negative. But as i said, too many negative comments bout form 4 & 5 life.

But yeah, i'll try to be optimistic ;D

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Yes i know exercise's important, but, my dramas are as important, too.

I should REALLY go for some intense workout. Plus, my sister's having her 3 months holiday starting from now. So, she's probably gonna go for her every day gym routine, again. She always ajak me to go with her, and i just felt really guilty for saying no every day. Rawrrr.

Honestly, i don't really like going to the gym, because:
1) My stamina is bad. I can hardly run for more than 15 minutes? x.x
2) Idk what's the right speed to start running. Seriously, I'll seem like an idiot trying to run at every speed and then eventually stop, because the speed wasn't right or enough to start running.

So, i'll just go for swimming instead. But my sister's gym time is always at night. The pool will be dark, and i can't swim like 50 metres per round as the other side's really dark and it seems creepy. The worst thing is, the bugs will start to fly around the pool and some of them will drop into the pool when they die. It's quite disgusting to swim with a bunch of insects in the pool. Plus, i can't really see if there's any inside the pool as i don't have my glasses with me.

Sigh, i know these are all excuses. I will try to overcome these so called 'obstacles', to me. lol.

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Us, eating by the sea. <3
My seafood dinner that night, nom nom :3

I think i don't have to describe the whole trip anymore, since this is not my first time in bali. Lol :P
So, I'll just post these pictures during our dinner at Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant. We ate at the beach while watching the sunset. Sooo, pretty. Awesome restaurant, awesome food, awesome place, awesome beach, awesome view. <3

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So, yesterday I went to this drums workshop with ace and Ryan at one of the churches in PJ. We're going to attend this workshop by John Thomas organized by my music centre. It's my second time attending his. (;

So it started at around 8 and they started with a John Thomas trio, which is him, his friend a bassist and a keyboardist. They play a lot of jazz, which was why I'm interested ;D
The workshop went pretty well. I did grab the chance to ask him a question. I meant, a great drummer's right there and you have the opportunity to ask. Plus, I didn't want the whole workshop to be like quiet, without questions, which will make the whole situation kinda, awkward. So, yeah. (:

And then it was the lucky draw. The grand prize was a Dixon practise pad which costs around 180 bucks I guess. Before they announced the winner I jokingly told ace, come on, gimme this practise pad!! And jokingly prayed. LOL. And while I was fooling around, they actually called my name for the grand prize. Like, WTH? I didn't stand up until they called my name the second time coz I wanna make sure I'm the Yenn Yi they're calling. Lol JK, I was just kinda shocked. And they called John to give out the grand prize. So, I get to take a picture with him! Whee xD

I was standing quite far away coz i was still, kinda shocked (lol) and he was like, ' come here, I wont bite.' LOL. Haha, he was hilarious. He made the whole workshop rocked socks! ;D
Hope to attend another workshop or performance by him again xD

It was a night to remember (:

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Bought this book not long after PMR ended. Took me a few days to read it. Considered fast for me coz im a slow reader. >.< PLUS, it's a chinese novel, and there's a lot of taiwanese language in it, which i gotta pause and reread it for a few times to understand. LOL.

And not long after i finished the book, the movie's out. Wheeeee. I went to check like 3 times to catch the movie in the cinema and i failed all three times.
FINALLY, i downloaded it. lol. Just finished watching it.
Well, it wasn't THAT sad that you have to cry lah honestly. :P
It's just the ending that was not really that predictable, which makes the whole show, sad.
I can just say that this movie's worth a watch, despite some perverted scenes LOLOL. And both the main characters are hot XD
How would i rate this movie? Hmm, 7 out of 10 i guess. :)

P.S. Credits to winnis for the pictures. I was too lazy to go take a picture of my book. :p

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Hey there guys. Just had my drums exam today. Gosh, i think i was too excited and i kinda screw up a lil at some parts. Damn it. But, i'll just pray that i'll get a distinction from now. Pretty, pretty please god? *showing puss in boot's real big cute adorable eyes* :D
Oh and the examiner was an English, her accents were kinda strong but luckily i get it, and, is it just me or i think she looked kinda like adele. Prettayy. AND, her main's vocal. So, who knows she'll sound like Adele too? :P Anyways, she was funny and friendly, of course. xD
And so, i think the exam went okay. :)