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I do not know how should I be optimistic about all these. It's possible, but for how long can I be optimistic? It's still fresh in my mind that few years back, I was the one who's laughing at those who feels sad because of love. And I guess you wouldn't know how it feels until you have to go through it yourself. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't someone you cared about and fell so deep for. I really do not know how to do this. There are several more months to go but I can't even think positively right now. 

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Alright people, brace yourself for a very pathetic post.

Everytime I think of what my friend told me, my heart aches a little. I can't help but to relate to every single heartbreaking scene on the TV.  So he really does like her a lot. And I clearly understand why. His situation reminds me so much of myself. Seeing him go through what I'm going through is heartbreaking.

Sooner or later, he's gonna find someone better..or maybe be with her. And I just can't stop picturing him with her. I really don't want to feel like this. But I needed to let this heartache out.  

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1) My name is Tan Yenn Yi.
2) Not Yen Yee or Yennyi.
3) I'm 18 £ legal this year. 
4) Yes, I've already turned 18 on the 18th of Jan :3 
5) I've passed my driving license on the 5th of July 2013. I'm surprised I still remember the date, though :p 
6) I really love Lee Hom. Nope, do not tell me he's married because it's not like I'm gonna marry him. 
7) I really love John Mayer. 
8) I really love fried rice. 
9) I really love The Click Five.
10) I really love The All American Rejects. 
11) I really love each and everyone of my friends. 
12) I actually miss high school. This period is the period that you can never experience ever again. So, appreciate it :) 
13) I've took up piano since I was 5. 
14) I started learning drums when I was 12. 
15) I learned the guitar through my elder sister's guidance. I can play very, very basic chords only lol. 
16) I learned the ukulele through Jeanny's guidance as well. But I can't play much song on it though :P 
17) I don't really like the songs I hear on the radio. 
18) I prefer some songs of the 2000's where it was way better and also some indie :) 
19) I have to go to John Mayer's concert at least once in my life. 
20) Yes, I would fly to other country to see him. And I think I will cry when he plays 'edge of desire' or 'slow dancing in the burning room' or 'vultures' or...basically everything <3 
21) I don't listen to much Chinese songs but surprisingly every time I turn on the radio, I know most of the songs.. Weird. 
22) The only Chinese songs I listen to are Lee Hom's <3 
23) I speak English to Ze Sexy Chicks. 
24) Ze Sexy Chicks is actually a groupchat we have on whatsapp which consists of Ace, Foong, Chuan and I.
25) Ze Sexy Chicks got closer since the end of last year. Yes, too late but it's better than nothing. :) 
26) I love Ze Sexy Chicks. 
27) I love my girlfriends: Winnis, kahyi, joey, Yuxin, Dian, peiyii, cyan, Diana, 
28) I speak Chinese to my girlfriends. 
29) No one can replace their places in my heart because we've shared way too many memories. And I'm proud to say that we've never quarreled. I meant, life's too short to be playing all these stupid games with your friends. :) 
30) I love my guy friends: Yam, Winson, justin, yeeloong, Yong. 
31) I speak Chinese to my guy friends. Yeap, my buddies that understands every single of my dirty jokes :p 
32) Oh and I speak Cantonese to Yam. Hahaha automatically speak Cantonese when I see yam. 
33) The song 'best I ever had' by Vertical Horizon is a song that'll always remind me of Foong. 
34) because this is the song where we both discovered in the car while we're on our way to tuition. We're like, this song is sexxxx. 
35) after we both downloaded the song, we both didn't like it that much also hahaha. 
36) I think I'm quite good at planning birthday surprises because I've done so many of them. LOL
37) yes, feel free to ask me about it hahaha! 
38) I have a Soundcloud account where I do song covers when I feel like it. :) 
39) I do all my song covers with an instrument because I prefer originality :) 
40) All my performances in high school sucked. 
41) The song 'Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston is Ace, huili, Winson, victor, Winnis and my worst nightmare. 
42) everyone of us refuse to talk about it now because that was our first ever band performance in school and it SUCKED! HAHAH, MEMORIES!
43) I think I've said this before but..I really hope my future boyfriend would play me a song while playing the guitar. 
44) it doesn't have to be a special occasion. If he wants to play for me every day, better still hahaa <3 
45) I never thought prom would be a huge success. 
46) I had the best high school prom with a reasonable price and a friggin nice atmosphere in the hall <3 
47) I always hang with Foong and Acey during late nights hahaha A_A 
48) I dip-dyed my hair red but again, it's not that visible lol. 
49) I love watching Hong Kong dramas. Watched them since I was 3. :3 
50) My favorite Korean drama would be: The Master's Sun.
51) Tbh, The Heirs wasn't as good. It was so cliché :P 
52) I suck at painting my own nails. 
53) I tried painting my nails black once and it was a mess LOL. 
54) Sometimes I think I'm a lil too nice and it's not a good thing. 
55) I love everyone who loves me sincerely. As long as you treat me sincerely, I will too :) 

P.S. Enqi asked me on ask.fm to do this. Done, dearie! Oh and love ya! ;) 

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I finished my SPM earlier than most of my friends because some of them have Chinese and Economics. And for the whole SPM month, I didn't even talk much to my babes. Sad case, but yeah. So, when I came back from Taiwan, I ajak-ed Yuxin, Winnis and Nick out for a date at IKEA. Nick and I have been wanting to eat meatballs since trials. Sooo, we did yesterday like FINALLY. 

Reached there around 12 and hell, the queue for meatballs was long. So, we went for something else instead and went back for meatballs at 5. Watched the movie 'White Storm'. The cinema was kinda empty because it was a Monday afternoon. So, when the movie started, we shifted our places and sat at the couple seat. Well, it was empty anyway.. and we never got to sit there. The ticket for couple seat costs double of the normal seat I think. So, why not? A_A 

Xin and I sat together; Winnis and Nick had one couple seat each to themselves. LOL. They were stretching their legs so comfortably on it since it was spacious. The movie was well, packed with action and comedy. LOL. Okay, maybe it was a comedy for just us. We were laughing all the way through even when they were crying. Pretty cold-blooded, I know, but we couldn't help it :P Not gonna tell you what were we laughing at because I don't want to give any spoilers. :P Pretty good Hong Kong movie. :D

I hope there'll be more dates like this in the future and I'm pretty sure we'll keep in touch. We live less than a mile away anyway :P Love you guys!

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Hellooooooo. Okay, I don't even know what excuse to give for not blogging...Hehe, sorry.

Anyway, I'm back from Taiwan! I have always wanted to visit Taiwan because I personally think this country is a very beautiful, clean country with polite people. Hahahaha jk, actually it's more of Taiwan as a shopping paradise :PP
Indeed, Taiwan's a very beautiful and CLEAN country. They don't have much trash cans around the country. And no, this does not mean that Taiwanese litter around. They keep the rubbish in their bags or pockets until they see a trash can nearby then only they'll throw it away. Not to mention, there is no dog or cat shit lying randomly by the roadside, because they actually provide plastic bags at the parks for the owner of the dogs and cats to dispose their pets' wastes and I'm VERY IMPRESSED by this. :D

I've been changing hotel almost every day because we're always at different states. So, it's tiring but it's a nice thing to experience :) I lived in 4 hotels in 5 days. First thing whenever I enter the hotel room, the toilet will be the first thing I'll check out. If the toilet's clean, the others wouldn't matter :P Most of the hotels here looks small and not-so-nice from the exterior, but surprisingly, the interior is more than my expectation. Thank god. :D

Taiwan is well-known for their snacks and night markets. So, I visited several night markets and tried most of the famous snacks I found on the net. Well, I'd say it's not as nice but it's good to try the local delicacies. But there's one snack that I really cannot bare to try, the Smelly Tofu (臭豆腐). I've never tried it. According to my uncle, the smelly tofu in Taiwan is not as smelly as the ones in China, so it's "not that bad". Are you kidding me? It smells like worn socks, wait no, worse: dirty toilets with unflushed pee and poop. I really couldn't picture myself putting that piece of food into my mouth. So, I did not try, and I DONT REGRET THIS. :P

Other than the food, the night markets in Taiwan is also a shopping paradise. I can get a piece of an exact same clothing in Malaysia for 10 bucks there in Taiwan. The only thing I dislike about shopping here is, the shopkeepers are pretty stuck up. When you enter their shop and don't buy anything, they will be super pissed. But not all of them are like that. There were a few that talked to us about the sensational Korean drama now, 'The Inheritors" a.k.a. "Heirs" because we went to buy their dream catchers. Yes because in the drama, the female leading actor gives the male leading actor a dream catcher and that became a start of their relationship. Yeah something like that. And so, the girls are going head over heels for this dream catcher. :P
As it's winter there in Taiwan, most of their clothing are long sleeves and knitted sweaters. So, I only bought a few crop long sleeve that I can wear here in Malaysia. Oh and the shoes here are so much cheaper. Got 3 pairs of shoes with a price that we'll never get here in Malaysia. And OH, there was this nike running shoe I wanted so badly, it's almost like a hundred bucks cheaper than here in Malaysia but peeps, I DID NOT BUY THAT. This is one of my biggest regrets but well, till we meet again :'(

The places I went to visit had a scenic view. One of my favorite places was Yehliu. It's by the Pacific Ocean. So beautiful but the wind was so strong that I had to wear gloves, my scarf and beanie WITH MY WINTER CLOTHING. Yeap, but the magnificient view there overcame all the coldness :))
Oh and on the last day, we visited the Lover's Bridge, with no lover. LOL. It was a very beautiful place as well. Took jump shots. When I was about to help my sister and cousin take theirs, I stepped on the wet floor and slipped and fell. All the other tourists looked at me. OH GOD. And when I looked at the date on my cellphone that night, it was Friday The 13th. Hmmmmmmm.....

This trip wouldn't be as interesting if our tour guide wasn't good. He gave us a lot of information about Taiwan and his sarcasm, well, was kind of hard to get but when you get it, it's hilarious LOL :P

Sorry about not posting any pictures here in my blog because there are a few hundreds of them and I'll be uploading to Facebook anyway. So, stay tuned! (if you're interested)


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There's a reason people equate girls to dramatic and emotional. Because like it or not, we cannot deny that we've all been dramatic and emotional at least ONCE in our life. We sulk when our crush missed out a wink or a smiley at the back of their messages. We make up a big fuss out of a small matter. Basically, we tend to be emotional when things don't go in our way and start creating dramas. But we're actually just expressing our feelings through emotions, no? Guys can go boxing or workout or football if they wanna let it out. But we girls? We might get hurt the moment we start hitting the sack or touch the dumb bells or while kicking a football. So in case if any of you girls out there are afraid to express your emotions because you're scared of the impression of other people towards you, don't. The more you keep it inside, the more you have to suffer. And so what if people say we're emotional? There's a reason we're categorised as 'girls' because IT'S IN US. What do you expect us to do other than following our nature? But I'm not saying you guys can be emotional all the time. Just once or twice, we're all humans. We have feelings. We need to let them out at times. So, go girls. ;)

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Hello! Due to some request, I'm finally here to update my blog hahaha! HELLOOOOOO, again. and omg I look so retarded. But, it's my blog anyways. :P So, this will be a post about throwbacks and updates, as well. ;) 

So let's start off with.. The last day of school for us in SMKBRP. I never regretted a day here, actually. I've been from the days when we were super obedient kids to rebellious kids who climbed out from the fence :p Bittersweet memories that will always, always be in my heart. :) and also, my class. We're no ordinary first class kids. We don't study, we party hahaha! And pictures....

Look at those guys' fingers, even more feminine than mine OMG. And nope, I don't know what am I posing. 

And the people that made my life complete :) 

Few weeks ago, we threw caiyan a surprise birthday party. I know she tried hard to act as surprised as she can because she already expected that. Hahahah. Failed but I know you still love us :3 

Oh you have no idea how much time we spent on doing this. So basically the top part are all separate pictures and we made it seem like they're all putting their hands on each other's shoulder. Yeah, cool huh :p and same goes to the bottom part where we made it seem like we're holding hands. Yes, they're all seperate pictures. :3 

Took my phone to camwhore but bojio! :( 

Hahahhaa omg let.me.breathe. 

Me feeding caiyan the chocolate that has her name written on it :3 

And then it's throwbacks! 

Cameron highlands. One of the best trips with the friends. I know some of them still have videos of me while we were on the bus. I can't even look at myself in those videos. I was like... another person. lol. 


Just a week ago(or was it two?) Winnis and I went to acey's church for some event. And we finally know who are the 'handsign ones' that she was talking about. We also knew one cute friend of hers :3 had a nice time there :) 

And then it was a random schooling day that peiyii randomly brought her camera to school. Hahah, I remember how reluctant he was for me to take this picture. Gonna miss this fella :3

Kuih Bazaar 2013. 
Took a lot of pictures but this is one of my favorites. Everyone was like :DDD

Oh! Winnis, Ace and I went for leehom's 'My Lucky Star' movie and WOOOOOOO

Winson's promposal to Joey. Of course, she said yes. I meant, look at those helium balloons. Who wouldn't? 

Went back to primary school to help my teacher conduct a camp. I ALWAYS loved kids. This is my group. They got the 2nd place, so touched :') some boys were missing, though. :(

Yeap, and these were the highlights of my life lately. :)