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1) My name is Tan Yenn Yi.
2) Not Yen Yee or Yennyi.
3) I'm 18 ¬£ legal this year. 
4) Yes, I've already turned 18 on the 18th of Jan :3 
5) I've passed my driving license on the 5th of July 2013. I'm surprised I still remember the date, though :p 
6) I really love Lee Hom. Nope, do not tell me he's married because it's not like I'm gonna marry him. 
7) I really love John Mayer. 
8) I really love fried rice. 
9) I really love The Click Five.
10) I really love The All American Rejects. 
11) I really love each and everyone of my friends. 
12) I actually miss high school. This period is the period that you can never experience ever again. So, appreciate it :) 
13) I've took up piano since I was 5. 
14) I started learning drums when I was 12. 
15) I learned the guitar through my elder sister's guidance. I can play very, very basic chords only lol. 
16) I learned the ukulele through Jeanny's guidance as well. But I can't play much song on it though :P 
17) I don't really like the songs I hear on the radio. 
18) I prefer some songs of the 2000's where it was way better and also some indie :) 
19) I have to go to John Mayer's concert at least once in my life. 
20) Yes, I would fly to other country to see him. And I think I will cry when he plays 'edge of desire' or 'slow dancing in the burning room' or 'vultures' or...basically everything <3 
21) I don't listen to much Chinese songs but surprisingly every time I turn on the radio, I know most of the songs.. Weird. 
22) The only Chinese songs I listen to are Lee Hom's <3 
23) I speak English to Ze Sexy Chicks. 
24) Ze Sexy Chicks is actually a groupchat we have on whatsapp which consists of Ace, Foong, Chuan and I.
25) Ze Sexy Chicks got closer since the end of last year. Yes, too late but it's better than nothing. :) 
26) I love Ze Sexy Chicks. 
27) I love my girlfriends: Winnis, kahyi, joey, Yuxin, Dian, peiyii, cyan, Diana, 
28) I speak Chinese to my girlfriends. 
29) No one can replace their places in my heart because we've shared way too many memories. And I'm proud to say that we've never quarreled. I meant, life's too short to be playing all these stupid games with your friends. :) 
30) I love my guy friends: Yam, Winson, justin, yeeloong, Yong. 
31) I speak Chinese to my guy friends. Yeap, my buddies that understands every single of my dirty jokes :p 
32) Oh and I speak Cantonese to Yam. Hahaha automatically speak Cantonese when I see yam. 
33) The song 'best I ever had' by Vertical Horizon is a song that'll always remind me of Foong. 
34) because this is the song where we both discovered in the car while we're on our way to tuition. We're like, this song is sexxxx. 
35) after we both downloaded the song, we both didn't like it that much also hahaha. 
36) I think I'm quite good at planning birthday surprises because I've done so many of them. LOL
37) yes, feel free to ask me about it hahaha! 
38) I have a Soundcloud account where I do song covers when I feel like it. :) 
39) I do all my song covers with an instrument because I prefer originality :) 
40) All my performances in high school sucked. 
41) The song 'Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston is Ace, huili, Winson, victor, Winnis and my worst nightmare. 
42) everyone of us refuse to talk about it now because that was our first ever band performance in school and it SUCKED! HAHAH, MEMORIES!
43) I think I've said this before but..I really hope my future boyfriend would play me a song while playing the guitar. 
44) it doesn't have to be a special occasion. If he wants to play for me every day, better still hahaa <3 
45) I never thought prom would be a huge success. 
46) I had the best high school prom with a reasonable price and a friggin nice atmosphere in the hall <3 
47) I always hang with Foong and Acey during late nights hahaha A_A 
48) I dip-dyed my hair red but again, it's not that visible lol. 
49) I love watching Hong Kong dramas. Watched them since I was 3. :3 
50) My favorite Korean drama would be: The Master's Sun.
51) Tbh, The Heirs wasn't as good. It was so clich√© :P 
52) I suck at painting my own nails. 
53) I tried painting my nails black once and it was a mess LOL. 
54) Sometimes I think I'm a lil too nice and it's not a good thing. 
55) I love everyone who loves me sincerely. As long as you treat me sincerely, I will too :) 

P.S. Enqi asked me on ask.fm to do this. Done, dearie! Oh and love ya! ;)