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I finished my SPM earlier than most of my friends because some of them have Chinese and Economics. And for the whole SPM month, I didn't even talk much to my babes. Sad case, but yeah. So, when I came back from Taiwan, I ajak-ed Yuxin, Winnis and Nick out for a date at IKEA. Nick and I have been wanting to eat meatballs since trials. Sooo, we did yesterday like FINALLY. 

Reached there around 12 and hell, the queue for meatballs was long. So, we went for something else instead and went back for meatballs at 5. Watched the movie 'White Storm'. The cinema was kinda empty because it was a Monday afternoon. So, when the movie started, we shifted our places and sat at the couple seat. Well, it was empty anyway.. and we never got to sit there. The ticket for couple seat costs double of the normal seat I think. So, why not? A_A 

Xin and I sat together; Winnis and Nick had one couple seat each to themselves. LOL. They were stretching their legs so comfortably on it since it was spacious. The movie was well, packed with action and comedy. LOL. Okay, maybe it was a comedy for just us. We were laughing all the way through even when they were crying. Pretty cold-blooded, I know, but we couldn't help it :P Not gonna tell you what were we laughing at because I don't want to give any spoilers. :P Pretty good Hong Kong movie. :D

I hope there'll be more dates like this in the future and I'm pretty sure we'll keep in touch. We live less than a mile away anyway :P Love you guys!