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There's a reason people equate girls to dramatic and emotional. Because like it or not, we cannot deny that we've all been dramatic and emotional at least ONCE in our life. We sulk when our crush missed out a wink or a smiley at the back of their messages. We make up a big fuss out of a small matter. Basically, we tend to be emotional when things don't go in our way and start creating dramas. But we're actually just expressing our feelings through emotions, no? Guys can go boxing or workout or football if they wanna let it out. But we girls? We might get hurt the moment we start hitting the sack or touch the dumb bells or while kicking a football. So in case if any of you girls out there are afraid to express your emotions because you're scared of the impression of other people towards you, don't. The more you keep it inside, the more you have to suffer. And so what if people say we're emotional? There's a reason we're categorised as 'girls' because IT'S IN US. What do you expect us to do other than following our nature? But I'm not saying you guys can be emotional all the time. Just once or twice, we're all humans. We have feelings. We need to let them out at times. So, go girls. ;)