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Hellooooooo. Okay, I don't even know what excuse to give for not blogging...Hehe, sorry.

Anyway, I'm back from Taiwan! I have always wanted to visit Taiwan because I personally think this country is a very beautiful, clean country with polite people. Hahahaha jk, actually it's more of Taiwan as a shopping paradise :PP
Indeed, Taiwan's a very beautiful and CLEAN country. They don't have much trash cans around the country. And no, this does not mean that Taiwanese litter around. They keep the rubbish in their bags or pockets until they see a trash can nearby then only they'll throw it away. Not to mention, there is no dog or cat shit lying randomly by the roadside, because they actually provide plastic bags at the parks for the owner of the dogs and cats to dispose their pets' wastes and I'm VERY IMPRESSED by this. :D

I've been changing hotel almost every day because we're always at different states. So, it's tiring but it's a nice thing to experience :) I lived in 4 hotels in 5 days. First thing whenever I enter the hotel room, the toilet will be the first thing I'll check out. If the toilet's clean, the others wouldn't matter :P Most of the hotels here looks small and not-so-nice from the exterior, but surprisingly, the interior is more than my expectation. Thank god. :D

Taiwan is well-known for their snacks and night markets. So, I visited several night markets and tried most of the famous snacks I found on the net. Well, I'd say it's not as nice but it's good to try the local delicacies. But there's one snack that I really cannot bare to try, the Smelly Tofu (臭豆腐). I've never tried it. According to my uncle, the smelly tofu in Taiwan is not as smelly as the ones in China, so it's "not that bad". Are you kidding me? It smells like worn socks, wait no, worse: dirty toilets with unflushed pee and poop. I really couldn't picture myself putting that piece of food into my mouth. So, I did not try, and I DONT REGRET THIS. :P

Other than the food, the night markets in Taiwan is also a shopping paradise. I can get a piece of an exact same clothing in Malaysia for 10 bucks there in Taiwan. The only thing I dislike about shopping here is, the shopkeepers are pretty stuck up. When you enter their shop and don't buy anything, they will be super pissed. But not all of them are like that. There were a few that talked to us about the sensational Korean drama now, 'The Inheritors" a.k.a. "Heirs" because we went to buy their dream catchers. Yes because in the drama, the female leading actor gives the male leading actor a dream catcher and that became a start of their relationship. Yeah something like that. And so, the girls are going head over heels for this dream catcher. :P
As it's winter there in Taiwan, most of their clothing are long sleeves and knitted sweaters. So, I only bought a few crop long sleeve that I can wear here in Malaysia. Oh and the shoes here are so much cheaper. Got 3 pairs of shoes with a price that we'll never get here in Malaysia. And OH, there was this nike running shoe I wanted so badly, it's almost like a hundred bucks cheaper than here in Malaysia but peeps, I DID NOT BUY THAT. This is one of my biggest regrets but well, till we meet again :'(

The places I went to visit had a scenic view. One of my favorite places was Yehliu. It's by the Pacific Ocean. So beautiful but the wind was so strong that I had to wear gloves, my scarf and beanie WITH MY WINTER CLOTHING. Yeap, but the magnificient view there overcame all the coldness :))
Oh and on the last day, we visited the Lover's Bridge, with no lover. LOL. It was a very beautiful place as well. Took jump shots. When I was about to help my sister and cousin take theirs, I stepped on the wet floor and slipped and fell. All the other tourists looked at me. OH GOD. And when I looked at the date on my cellphone that night, it was Friday The 13th. Hmmmmmmm.....

This trip wouldn't be as interesting if our tour guide wasn't good. He gave us a lot of information about Taiwan and his sarcasm, well, was kind of hard to get but when you get it, it's hilarious LOL :P

Sorry about not posting any pictures here in my blog because there are a few hundreds of them and I'll be uploading to Facebook anyway. So, stay tuned! (if you're interested)