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Hello! Due to some request, I'm finally here to update my blog hahaha! HELLOOOOOO, again. and omg I look so retarded. But, it's my blog anyways. :P So, this will be a post about throwbacks and updates, as well. ;) 

So let's start off with.. The last day of school for us in SMKBRP. I never regretted a day here, actually. I've been from the days when we were super obedient kids to rebellious kids who climbed out from the fence :p Bittersweet memories that will always, always be in my heart. :) and also, my class. We're no ordinary first class kids. We don't study, we party hahaha! And pictures....

Look at those guys' fingers, even more feminine than mine OMG. And nope, I don't know what am I posing. 

And the people that made my life complete :) 

Few weeks ago, we threw caiyan a surprise birthday party. I know she tried hard to act as surprised as she can because she already expected that. Hahahah. Failed but I know you still love us :3 

Oh you have no idea how much time we spent on doing this. So basically the top part are all separate pictures and we made it seem like they're all putting their hands on each other's shoulder. Yeah, cool huh :p and same goes to the bottom part where we made it seem like we're holding hands. Yes, they're all seperate pictures. :3 

Took my phone to camwhore but bojio! :( 

Hahahhaa omg let.me.breathe. 

Me feeding caiyan the chocolate that has her name written on it :3 

And then it's throwbacks! 

Cameron highlands. One of the best trips with the friends. I know some of them still have videos of me while we were on the bus. I can't even look at myself in those videos. I was like... another person. lol. 


Just a week ago(or was it two?) Winnis and I went to acey's church for some event. And we finally know who are the 'handsign ones' that she was talking about. We also knew one cute friend of hers :3 had a nice time there :) 

And then it was a random schooling day that peiyii randomly brought her camera to school. Hahah, I remember how reluctant he was for me to take this picture. Gonna miss this fella :3

Kuih Bazaar 2013. 
Took a lot of pictures but this is one of my favorites. Everyone was like :DDD

Oh! Winnis, Ace and I went for leehom's 'My Lucky Star' movie and WOOOOOOO

Winson's promposal to Joey. Of course, she said yes. I meant, look at those helium balloons. Who wouldn't? 

Went back to primary school to help my teacher conduct a camp. I ALWAYS loved kids. This is my group. They got the 2nd place, so touched :') some boys were missing, though. :(

Yeap, and these were the highlights of my life lately. :)